Dual Cultivation

Chapter 497 Definitely Going to Get Pregnan

Chapter 497 Definitely Going to Get Pregnan

After their cultivation, Liu Lanzhi asked Su Yang in a serious voice, "Su Yang… I have one last question for you. Of course, if you don't want to answer this one, I won't complain."

Su Yang looked at her serious yet nervous gaze. He could guess what she was going to ask him.

"Go ahead," he said.

"You… just who are you, really?" Liu Lanzhi finally asked him this question that has been on her mind for many months now.

"I know that you are from the Su Family, but even the Su Family cannot produce a genius like you. Your knowledge and experience are simply too vast. For lack of better words, it's out of this world. And is it true that you have a Master from the Holy Central Continent?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "I can give you the answers you seek, but you should get yourself cleaned up first, as it might be a long conversation."

He pointed at her body that was covered in his Yang Qi.

Liu Lanzhi nodded and quickly went to clean her body and change the bedsheets.

After she was feeling completely refreshed, the both of them sat down with a cup of tea in their hands.

"Let's start with your second question — do I have a Master in the Holy Central Continent?" Su Yang spoke after sipping the tea, "No, I do not. I have never accepted a Master in this world. Most of my knowledge and experience came from personal experiences."

"What…? How is it possible that you have no master? Then how is your knowledge so profound? And your experience… it's not something you can learn in just a few years."

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Don't be impatient, I have yet to answer your first question, which should clear your doubts."

"Who am I, really…?"

Su Yang looked straight into her eyes and spoke in a calm yet profound voice, "I am someone who has memories of his previous life."


Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened with shock after hearing his words. Countless questions appeared in her mind at this moment, but she remained speechless, almost as though she lost her ability to speak.

"In my previous life, I was an Immortal who had lived for thousands and thousands of years — someone who has countless experience and knowledge. Furthermore, I lived in a world that is extremely far away from this one."

"However, after a certain incident, I was reincarnated into this world with memories of my previous life intact. Of course, I didn't immediately have these memories the moment I was born. It was only after a dramatic experience that nearly cost me my life that allowed me to remember my past."

Su Yang looked at Liu Lanzhi's dazed expression and smiled, "I know it's a lot to take in, so I will give you some time to gather your thoughts."

He then continued sipping tea with a relaxed expression.

Sometime later, Liu Lanzhi spoke, "So reincarnation is real, huh? Perhaps I am also living my second… or third life, but I just can't remember my previous lives like you."

"What kind of place did you live in? How does it differ from this one?" she then asked him, seemingly interested in his original background.

"Besides being many, many times larger than this world, and many years older, almost everything is the same. Furthermore, the average cultivation level in that world is much higher than this one. If you think being at the Heavenly Spirit Realm is a big achievement, then you are in for a world of surprises, as they are considered nothing more than an insignificant ant in that world. The amount of Heavenly Spirit Realm experts over there is akin to the amount of people at the Profound Spirit Realm here."

"The difference is that big?" Liu Lanzhi covered her mouth in shock. She cannot imagine what a world with Heavenly Spirit Realm experts being as common as Cultivators at the Profound Spirit Realm would be like.

"Do you… miss that world?" she asked him.

"Of course, I do, which is why I will be going back there soon."

"W-Wait a moment…" Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened, and she spoke in a trembling voice, "Y-You can go b-back? How?"

"I have recently found a teleporter that might take me back," he said.

"Might? So you are not even sure if it will?"

"That's right."

Liu Lanzhi became silent. To take such a risk, there must be something or someone important in that world that he cannot afford to lose even at the cost of his life.

"When? When are you going to leave?" she then asked him.

"Right now, I plan on leaving in two years."

"Two years, huh… Will you be coming back in the future?"

"I don't know."

"I see…"

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi sighed, "Although I would love to come with you to see that world, I cannot abandon the Profound Blossom Sect. Once you are gone, I will have to work twice… many times harder."

Su yang smiled and said, "Don't worry, I will make it easier for you in the future while I am still here."

"By the way, who else knows about this, Su Yang?"

"Sun Jingjing and Lan Liqing," he said.

"And just so you know ahead of time, they will be coming with me."

"You can relax. I won't make it hard for them. Even if all of the current disciples decide to leave with you, I will not utter a single complaint."

"But do you plan on telling the other disciples about leaving? If you just up and disappear without a single word…"

"Do you think I am a heartless person? I will be sure to let them know the truth later. But for now, I have to focus on the disciples' examination," he said.

"I also have to greet the guests…" Liu Lanzhi sighed.

However, Su Yang suddenly said with a grin on his face, "Guests? Have you forgotten about our little game? Since I have won, I will do whatever I want to your body for the next two days."

"You…" Liu Lanzhi was speechless, but she had planned on staying in this room for three days since the beginning, so it didn't matter to her.

"Within two years, before I leave, I am going to make you into a peak expert — I am going to help you reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm!"

"Heavenly Spirit Realm within two years?! Is that even possible for someone like me? Despite my appearances, I am already way past my prime." Liu Lanzhi said with a suspicious look.

"Do you think I became an Immortal in my previous life because of luck or something? If I say you can reach it, then you will definitely reach it!"

"However, it's definitely not going to be an easy task, as the Profound Qi in this world is lacking. Therefore, I am going to make sure that your body contains my Yang Qi every second of the day without any exception."

"I am going to have your Yang Qi in my body at all times?!" Liu Lanzhi's jaw dropped after hearing this. "I am definitely going to get pregnant with that!"

"If that's what you are worried about, then I have a method that will allow me to fill your stomach with Yang Qi without getting you pregnant."

"R-Really? Such a method exists?" she looked at him with wide eyes.

"Perhaps not in this world, but it definitely exists in my world."

"T-Then I will be counting on you, Su Yang…" Liu Lanzhi nodded with a slightly red face.

Although she has experienced carrying Yang Qi around in her body, they were always for a short amount of time. This will be her first time doing it for an extended amount of time — two years, no less.

And while it sounded like she was worried about getting pregnant, Liu Lanzhi didn't actually mind getting pregnant. In fact, she was actually feeling excited to conceive Su Yang's child.

Whether it be this world or the Divine Heavens, most female Cultivators believe it's their responsibility to give birth to a strong child. After all, what kind of mother wouldn't want their own child to grow up as a genius and become successful in life?

Shortly after their conversation ended, the two of them returned to the bed, and Su Yang continued to shoot his Yang Qi into Liu Lanzhi's womb for the next two days.

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