Dual Cultivation

Chapter 498 Legacy Disciples

Chapter 498 Legacy Disciples

Two days later, Su Yang left the Yin Yang Pavilion while Liu Lanzhi was deep asleep from exhaustion.

But before leaving, he left behind a cultivation technique that was at the Immortal-grade without revealing the technique's grade to her. No matter how talented she may be, without an Immortal-grade technique, it was near impossible to reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm in this world due to the lack of Profound Qi.

Once he left the Yin Yang Pavilion, Su Yang went to the Burning Lotus Sect for one day to lecture Wang Shuren again.

"I must say… the results are quite shocking," said Wang Shuren. "It hasn't even been a month and my skills have already increased by leaps and bounds."

"You still have a long way to go, Shuren. Although your skills have definitely improved significantly compared to when you first started, it's still nowhere near the level I want you to be." Su Yang said to her.

"By the way, the Profound Blossom Sect will start recruiting new disciples in a few days, right? Nearly the entire continent is waiting in anticipation. Not even the Divine Sword Sect can make people this excited for a mere disciple recruitment. Maybe I should go to the Profound Blossom Sect and watch the spectacle. I have been training nonstop every day, so I can use a small break."

"Do whatever you want."

After his lecture with Wang Shuren was finished, Su Yang returned to the Profound Blossom Sect to prepare for the disciple examination.

As he approached the Profound Blossom Sect, he noticed that people were already gathering near the examination area, where he will be conducting the disciple examination, and there were already thousands of people gathered.

There were people of all ages, even people that clearly did not meet the age requirement. Though, they are probably there not as a participant but a spectator instead.

After returning to the Profound Blossom Sect, Su Yang asked Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan to help him during the disciple examination, and they quickly agreed.

A few days later, on the day of the examination, all of the current disciples gathered at Meeting Hall.

"Su Yang, are you sure that you want to handle this by yourself? When I took a peek outside yesterday, there were already tens of thousands of people waiting! Who knows how much that number has increased now!" Liu Lanzhi said to him.

"Don't worry, I have Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan helping me," he said with a relaxed expression.

"Though, if you are that worried, you can come watch the examination yourself."

He then turned to look at the other disciples and spoke, "Thank you for staying with the Profound Blossom Sect all this time. Although things within the Sect will change starting today, you can rest assured that I will not change the way I treat you guys."

"Thus, starting today, I am giving you all the title Legacy Disciple."

"Legacy Disciple? What is that?"

Forget about the disciples, not even the Sect Elders and Liu Lanzhi have heard such a term before.

"It's a title usually given to disciples that have existed before a major change within a Sect or before a new era. In our case, the Profound Blossom Sect will now enter a new era, so those who were here before this new era are known as Legacy Disciples."

"Of course, whether Legacy Disciples is a thing or not depends entirely on the Sect Master, and I want to make it a thing within the Profound Blossom Sect. Are you okay with that?" Su Yang turned to look at Liu Lanzhi.

Liu Lanzhi nodded after hearing his words, and she spoke, "I don't mind, but what's the difference between a Legacy Disciple and other disciples?"

"Being a Legacy Disciple is more than just a position — it's a status that is akin to nobles. For example, even if one is an Outer Court Disciple, they can still be a Legacy Disciple. Furthermore, the benefits as a Legacy Disciple is dependent on the Sect Master, and at this moment, I am giving all Legacy Disciples the privilege equal to a Core Disciple. Therefore, even though they are Junior Disciples, they can still enjoy all of the benefits that a Core Disciple would have."

"Of course, there are more benefits as a Legacy Disciple than just having similar privilege to Core Disciples, but I will explain more of that later."

Su Yang then waved his sleeves, sending many badges made of jade to everyone in the room.

This badge emitted a mysterious yet profound power, causing the disciples to tremble upon touching it.

"That will be your identification as a Legacy Disciple. Although there's really no use for it now, you will require it in the future."

After talking with the disciples for a few more minutes, Su Yang left the Meeting Hall to head to the Examination Hall with Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan.

Of course, the rest of the disciples were also interested in the exam, so they followed him from behind.

Sometime later, they arrived at the Examination Hall.

"Oh my god… there's so many people here…" The disciples were baffled by the ocean of people gathered in front of the Examination Hall.

"Thankfully we'd increased the capacity for the Examination Hall ahead of time. But even with the increased capacity, it'll still get very crowded very fast." Fang Zhelan said with a slightly dazed face, as even she did not expect so many people to show up for the examination.

"Look! It's the Profound Blossom Sect! They are here!"

"I can see Fairy Sun and Fairy Fang!"

"The number one genius, Su Yang, is also with them!"

When the people gathered outside noticed the Profound Blossom Sect disciples' approaching them, the rowdy place became even noisier.

"Ahem!" Su Yang suddenly cleared his throat, causing a profound ripple to spread throughout the area and sending chills down everyone's spine.

The place turned completely silent within seconds.

"Thank you all for coming here today. The Profound Blossom Sect's Disciple Examination for new disciples will begin shortly after I say a few words."

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