Dual Cultivation

Chapter 496 Might Conceive by Acciden

Chapter 496 Might Conceive by Acciden

Five hours have passed since Liu Lanzhi and Su Yang began their little game to see whether or not he can release his Yang Qi 100 times in a single day.

"Ahhh~! It's gushing into me again!" Liu Lanzhi moaned loudly as another flow of Yang Qi entered her body.

"This is the 30th time," said Su Yang in a relaxed manner, looking like he was only taking a stroll in the park.

"H-How is this possible? How can your body possibly create so much Yang Qi?" Liu Lanzhi asked him with a shocked face.

Ordinary mortals are only able to ejaculate once or twice every few hours, whilst dual cultivators can do it two to three times more, and even an experienced dual cultivator would not be able to release Yang Qi continuously for five hours without needing time to recover his exhausted Yang Qi.

However, Su Yang was able to do just that — releasing his Yang Qi almost every ten minutes for the past five hours. Even more shocking to Liu Lanzhi was the volume of his Yang Qi. Normally, after one ejaculates, their second time would not release as much as the first time, as it requires time to restore his Yang Qi.

But that was not the case for Su Yang, who was able to release the same volume of Yang Qi every single time despite doing it so often. It was almost like his body contained an unlimited amount of Yang Qi.

"I guess it's because I have a healthy body," he joked with a smile.

Thanks to the Pure Yang Flower and the Root of Vitality that he'd consumed, his Yang Qi recovery rate is far superior to even the most experienced dual cultivators in this world. Furthermore, his cultivation technique, Celestial body Refining Scripture, allows one to consume the surrounding spiritual energy and restore his own at an extremely fast rate, which included his Yang Qi, increasing that recovery rate even further.

In other words, as long as his surroundings do not lack Profound Qi, Su Yang essentially has an unlimited supply of Yang Qi.

However, the most important thing about all of this was Su Yang's own experience. Even if he has an unlimited supply of Yang Qi, if he does not have the ability to get hard or release his Yang Qi continuously, such a god-sent ability would be wasted.

"Here comes another load," Su Yang suddenly said as another wave of Yang Qi flows into Liu Lanzhi's already filled cave.

"Ahhhhh~! I cannot cultivate so much Yang Qi at once, Su Yang! The Yang Qi is going to be wasted!" Liu Lanzhi exclaimed with regret when she could no longer hold any more Yang Qi in her body.

"Don't worry, each time I release my Yang Qi, it will be like taking a cup of water from the vast sea, so you can afford to be wasteful," he said.

They continued to cultivate for another five hours.

At the ten-hour mark, Su Yang has released his Yang Qi a total of 55 times, so he only needed to release his Yang Qi 45 more times to win their little game. However, because they began cultivating near the afternoon and Su Yang said that he'd do it 100 times by the end of the day, he was only left with a few hours to release those last 45 loads.

"It looks like I will be winning this time, Su Yang." Liu Lanzhi said to him with a prideful smile on her face. After losing many times to him before, this will be her first victory.

"If I am correct, you can only release your Yang Qi once every ten minutes, but there's only 4 more hours until midnight, so the maximum of times you can ejaculate before your time limit runs out is 24 times. Unless you can somehow double that number by releasing your Yang Qi every once every five minutes, I will be taking this victory!"

However, Su Yang merely chuckled and said, "Just because I have only been releasing my Yang Qi once every ten minutes does not mean that is my limit. If I win this game too fast and without any difficulty, it wouldn't be very fun, right?"

"W-What are you trying to say, Su Yang…?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with an ominous feeling in her heart.

"This is what I am talking about—" Su Yang suddenly began shaking his hips.

A mere minute later, Liu Lanzhi could feel a gush of hot Yang Qi flowing into her body.

"What?! How is this possible?! You already came once three minutes ago!" Liu Lanzhi expressed her shock.

However, Su Yang ignored it and continued to thrust his hard rod into her body.

After another minute had passed, another load of Yang Qi was injected into her body.

"Another load so fast?!" Liu Lanzhi's body trembled intensively as her inner body was overwhelmed by his Yang Qi.

"If I wanted to, I could've ended our little game in less than 2 hours." Su Yang suddenly said to her with a smile.

Liu Lanzhi stared at him with wide eyes filled with disbelief after hearing his words. He could ejaculate once every minute? Just what kind of Yang Qi monster is he? Does he really have an unlimited supply of Yang Qi?

If that was true, Su Yang is without a doubt a peerless treasure! And fortunately for him, there was nobody in this world that could threaten him, or else countless female dual cultivators would kill just to get their hands on him.

In a way, Su Yang's existence is both a blessing and a disaster.

Three hours later, Su Yang released his Yang Qi inside Liu Lanzhi for the 100th time, winning their little game.

"There is so much Yang Qi in my body that I just might conceive by accident, Su Yang." Liu Lanzhi said to him afterward in a joking tone. "What would you name the child if that were to happen?"

Su Yang merely smiled and said, "I'm not good with that kind of stuff so I would leave it up to you."


Liu Lanzhi became speechless and stared at him with a dazed face, as she did not expect him to answer so seriously.

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