Dual Cultivation

Chapter 488 Sun Family's Scandal

Chapter 488 Sun Family's Scandal

"Dating?! Are you seriously telling me that you are going on a date with Su Yang right after accepting the Mu Family marriage proposal?!?" Sun Ren spoke with a frown on her face.

"That's right." Sun Jingjing nodded with a calm expression.

"What exactly are you trying to achieve by doing this public stunt, Jingjing?" Sun Quan suddenly spoke, "If the public sees you going on dates with another man that's not Mu Shun despite being engaged to the Mu Family, you will be condemned by everyone and so will the entire Sun Family."

"That may be the case if that man was just any ordinary man." Sun Jingjing spoke with a smile, and she continued, "You may not understand it since you are not Cultivators, but you are underestimating Su Yang's worth and presence."

"Well, you will understand it sooner or later, and it will be better to experience it for yourself instead of having me explain it."

Her parents exchanged dumbfounded glances. They simply couldn't comprehend what was on in Sun Jingjing's mind at all.

"A-Anyway, breakfast will be done in a few minutes." Sun Ren said a moment later, "Jingjing, go prepare the silverware."

Sun Jingjing nodded and happily went to prepare the table for breakfast.

At the table, Sun Jingjing expressed surprise upon seeing spiritual meat on the table.

"When did you two start eating such luxurious food for breakfast? Although we may be rich, this is still a little too much for breakfast."

"Hahaha… you think we eat spiritual meat every day for breakfast? This is only a special occasion because of Su Yang. I doubt he would be satisfied with common meals meant for mortals." Sun Quan laughed.

However, Su Yang shook his head and spoke, "Actually, I would rather eat common meals than spiritual meat during such occasions, since I rarely get to enjoy mortal food."

"Then it appears that we have done something unnecessary. Don't worry, I will change it back for dinner." Sun Ren said.

"Thank you." Su Yang smiled at her, causing her already captured heart to tremble.

When Sun Jingjing noticed her mother acting fidgety, she whispered to Su Yang, "Hey, don't go seducing my mother by accident now, Su Yang. I don't think I can handle seeing you with my mother, after all."

Su Yang showed a bitter smile while shrugging, "I can't help it."

Sometime later, after their breakfast, Sun Jingjing and Su Yang prepared to head outside.

"We will be back before dinner," said Sun Jingjing.

"Don't cause too much trouble for your family when you go outside— if that is even possible!" Sun Ren said to them.

"By the way, Mother. If the Mu Family comes to ask questions, just say it's a misunderstanding and give them some excuse." Sun Jingjing said to her.

"H-Huh? What do you mean by that?" Sun Ren raised her eyebrows.

"You will understand when the time comes," she replied.

Before they left the Sun Family, Su Yang retrieved a black mask that covered the upper half of his face and wore it, giving his aura a mysterious yet noble feeling.

"How do I look?" He asked Sun Jingjing.

"Even with a mask covering half of your face, it does not decrease your charm one bit. If I'm being honest, you look even cooler now with that mysterious aura around you." Sun Jingjing looked at him with hearts in her eyes, clearly charmed by his new appearance.

"But nobody should recognize you as Su Yang from the Profound Blossom Sect now — just some unknown Young Master."

"Good. Then let's have some fun."

Once they left the Sun Family and began wandering around the city with their hands connected, their presence immediately caught the attention of everyone in their sight.

"H-Hey! Look at those two! Isn't that Sun Jingjing from the Sun Family?!"

"You are right! And she looks absolutely dazzling in those clothes!"

"But who's that man beside her? That can't be Mu Shun from the Mu Family, right?"

"Are you seriously asking that? Even a blind man can tell that he's not Mu Shun! His frame is tall and domineering, yet there's this gentle feeling from him! Even if there's a mask covering half of his face, I can bet my entire house that he's actually very handsome behind the mask! He's literally the complete opposite of that Mu Shun!"

"Judging from his appearance and noble aura, I bet he's a rich Young Master from some very powerful family."

"But what's Sun Jingjing doing with some mysterious man in public, even acting so intimate with each other no less? Isn't she already engaged to Mu Shun?"

"I don't know, but the way she's handling herself right now, acting all happy and blissful, if the Mu Family didn't announce her engagement with Mu Shun, I would've believed that these two are already married with each other."

"Then what the hell is going on? I doubt the Sun Family is stupid enough to allow their own daughter to act so intimately with another man while being engaged to the Mu Family! That would be a scandal that could spell disaster for their entire family!"

"This is clearly a scandal! Once the Mu Family hears of this, who knows how they will react!"

As Sun Jingjing and Su Yang casually strolled the city without a single care in the world, the news of their scandals spread throughout the entire city, reaching the Mu Family within an hour.

"What the fuck is the meaning of this?! Why is my fiance — my woman holding hands with another man?! And in public, no less!" Mu Shun smashed the table before him in half in anger after hearing about the scandal from his servants.

"Somebody send a messenger to the Sun Family and demand for immediate answers right fucking now!" Mu Lan, his father, roared with his face fuming with rage, feeling as though his entire face had just been slapped a thousand times by this scandal.

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