Dual Cultivation

Chapter 489 Demanding for Answers

Chapter 489 Demanding for Answers

After hearing of the scandal regarding Sun Jingjing strolling the streets intimately with another man while being engaged to Mu Shun, the Mu Family immediately sent messengers to the Sun Family demanding for answers.

When Sun Ren received Mu Family's message that was filled with anger, she casually shrugged and responded with a load of bullshit, "There has been a misunderstanding. That young man with the mask is actually a distant cousin of the Sun Family, who had injured his face during an unfortunate accident, hence the mask. He's also a very close friend of our daughter, so I don't blame anyone for mistaking their relationship as an intimate one. However, they are definitely not in that kind of relationship, so the Mu Family should calm down."

Once the Mu Family heard Sun Ren's response, their anger quickly subsided.

"Hahaha… so that man was her cousin! Fucking bastard gave me a heartache for a good minute!" Mu Shun laughed in relief after hearing the news.

"By the way, when will our wedding be held, Father?" Mu Shun asked him. "I want to seal our fate together as soon as possible."

"Even if we start preparing for the wedding today, it will take at least a week to hold the ceremony."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's start the preparations now!"

"Un. Then I shall let the Sun Family know of this."

By the time Su Yang and Sun Jingjing returned to the Sun Family, it was already dark outside.

"I can't wait to do this again tomorrow, Su Yang." Sun Jingjing spoke with a satisfied face. This is the first time she's ever had so much fun outside, it was almost like she'd turned into an ordinary young lady having fun with her lover.

"Jingjing, what the hell was that about today?" Sun Ren immediately stood before her after her return.

"What do you mean? We just walked around the city eating delicious food and shopping for useless things." Sun Jingjing responded with a puzzled face.

"That's exactly what I mean! The Mu Family thought it was a scandal and demanded for answers earlier today!" Sun Ren spoke with a frown.

"What did you tell them?"

"That it was all a misunderstanding and you were only hanging out with a distant cousin…" Sun Ren sighed.

Sun Jingjing chuckled after hearing such an excuse, "As expected of you to give such a perfect excuse, Mother."

"This is not a laughing matter, Jingjing! Furthermore, the Mu Family has notified me just an hour ago that your wedding with Mu Shun will be held in 10 days!"

"10 days? They sure move fast." Sun Jingjing raised her eyebrows in a calm manner.

"What do you think, Su Yang?" she turned to look at him for a response.

"That's more than enough time for us," he said.

"Then there's nothing to worry about, Mother." Sun Jingjing said to her.

"I don't know how you can act so carefree during such times." Her mother sighed in defeat.

"Anyway, dinner's already prepared. Let's eat before it goes cold."

Sometime later after dinner, Sun Ren asked them, "What will you be doing tomorrow?"

"We are going to play outside again," said Sun Jingjing.

"Again?" Sun Ren raised her eyebrows.

"The Mu Family might come demanding for answers again tomorrow, so I will leave them in your hands, Mother."

"What?!" Sun Ren looked at her with a baffled expression.

However, she decided not to waste her breath by asking questions, as she was confident that Sun Jingjing would not explain anything even if she got on the floor and begged.

The following morning, Su Yang and Sun Jingjing went outside to stroll around the city again. But unlike the previous day, where they only held hands, Sun Jingjing embraced Su Yang's arm close to her body, appearing even more intimate with him, almost like they were real couples.

"Look over there! It's Sun Jingjing and her cousin! And they are playing outside today again!"

"Heavens, they are looking even more intimate with each other today!"

"Even if he's her distant cousin, are you sure there's nothing between them? Because the way I'm seeing it, they are definitely in some kind of intimate relationship with each other!"

"The Mu Family definitely isn't going to like this…"

As one would have expected from Sun Jingjing and Su Yang's performance, they quickly attracted attention and made people there doubt their relationship.

It did not take long before the Mu Family learned of this, and they quickly sent another Messenger to the Sun Family demanding for answers, questioning whether or not they were really just cousins.

Of course, the Sun Family denied any intimate relationship between Sun Jingjing and her 'cousin'.

"The two of them are essentially siblings, and that is the extent of their relationship with each other!" Sun Ren responded to the allegations made by the Mu Family with sternness.

Although the Mu Family was still doubtful, they had no concrete proof that Sun Jingjing and this mysterious cousin are in any intimate relationship besides for their performance in the streets, which is very common between siblings that are very close with each other.

"I want our people watching every single movement made by those two troublemakers every second of the day starting tomorrow!" Mu Lan commanded his people to spy on Sun Jingjing and Su Yang starting the next day.

"If they do anything suspicious, you will immediately report back to me, and I will have the entire Sun Family pay for screwing with my Mu Family!" He roared.

The following day, Su Yang and Sun Jingjing returned to the streets to enjoy themselves. Of course, they were acting as intimate as ever if not even more intimate than the previous day. However, they did not do anything that crossed the line, merely strolling by the borders and teasing peoples' imaginations.

This continued for an entire week, which caused the Mu Family to pull on their hair from stress, especially Mu Shun, who was nearly going crazy from his own imaginations.

"That bitch Sun Jingjing is definitely playing with me and trying to force my hands into doing something rash, risking our engagement! However, I will not fall for your tricks! In three days, you will be mine!" Mu Shun's eyes flickered with a vicious glint.

But alas, on the day right before their wedding is supposed to happen, Sun Jingjing and Su Yang boldly shared saliva with each other in public, shocking everybody that witnessed it.

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