Dual Cultivation

Chapter 487 A Cat's Curiosity

Chapter 487 A Cat's Curiosity

After 'cleaning' up, Su Yang and Sun Jingjing went to sleep on the same bed while cuddling each other. Meanwhile, Xiao Rong also slept on the same bed, sleeping right beside Su Yang.

Fortunately for Sun Jingjing, her bed was large enough to fit all three of them and still have plenty of room.

But unfortunately for Xiao Rong, she was unable to fall asleep even after many minutes.

The taste of Su Yang's Yang Qi was simply too delicious to ignore, so she spent the majority of the night reminiscing of its taste.

'What's the warm feeling in my body…?' Xiao Rong realized that her body was getting hotter. It felt similar to that time when Su Yang licked her arm, causing her body to tingle all over.

Sometime later, her hands instinctively moved towards her lower body, touching the slightly wet slit between her legs.

'Oh… this feels very good…' Xiao Rong thought to herself as she unknowingly began to pleasure herself throughout the night, and she began to slowly understand why Sun Jingjing and Su Yang were doing those acts.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Xiao Rong fell asleep from pleasuring herself.

Early in the morning, Su Yang woke up to being sandwiched by two beauties.

"Why is this room filled with such thick Yin Qi…?" Su Yang was dumbfounded when he realized the room was filled with Yin Qi, as it was not there last night before he fell asleep.

He then turned around to look at Xiao Rong, who was sleeping peacefully beside him.

His gaze lowered from her beautiful face to her legs, where Xiao Rong's hands were still inside her pants.

Once he realized the reason for the Yin Qi in the room, he pondered inwardly, 'She's slowly awakening her true nature… let's just hope that she's mature enough by the time her nature fully awakens...'

Although Xiao Rong is the first Phantom Cat he's ever encountered, he has seen a few Ghost Cats in his previous life, and since the Phantom Cats are basically the ancestors of Ghost Cats, it's safe to assume that they would have similar natures.

While Ghost Cats are born without the feeling of lust or desire and usually live their whole life without such feelings, it was not as though they cannot learn to feel lust or desire. In fact, if a Ghost Cat ever learns of such feelings, they turn into incredibly lustful creatures that would go out of their way to violate any men that suit their taste, and they would violate these men until their last breath.

'Because of their hidden nature that could end up as a calamity, she gathered most of the Ghost Cats in the world and taught them how to control their lustful desires.' Su Yang recalled his friend that had managed to tame many Ghost Cats.

Of course, he was not afraid of Xiao Rong awakening her lustful nature, as he has received the method to help her control her lustful desires if they are ever awakened from his friend that trains Ghost Cats for living.

Su Yang suddenly sighed in a low voice, "Haaaa�� what a damn waste of Yin Qi. This room is abundant with Yin Qi that came from a maiden at the Ancient Realm, but I cannot cultivate any of it! This is akin to giving a delicious but poisoned meal that would kill anyone that ate it to a starving homeless man! It is simply torture for someone like me!"


Su Yang's mumbling had woken Xiao Rong from her sleep.

"Master, last night, Xiao Rong…" she looked at the spot between her legs with a puzzled face, as she was unable to describe to him what she had experienced last night.

Su Yang merely smiled and said, "Although you may not be aware, but you have matured slightly."

"Really? Xiao Rong has matured? Then can I taste the delicious white stuff now?" she looked at him with excited eyes.

Su Yang chuckled lightly at her enthusiasm and spoke, "Just because you have matured slightly doesn't make you mature, Xiao Rong. You still have a long way to mature before I can do that kind of thing with you."

"Oh…" Xiao Rong lowered her head in a dejected manner after hearing Su Yang's words.

While one of Su Yang's reasons for not cultivating with Xiao Rong is because of her childish mentality, the truth was that he was not prepared to help her control her lustful desire, so he could only delay it with her until he was fully prepared.

"Don't worry, it won't be very long until you can taste that white stuff, again." Su Yang suddenly said to her.

"Really?" Xiao Rong quickly lifted her head and looked at him with innocent eyes.

Su Yang nodded with a smile.

Sometime later, Sun Jingjing also woke up from her sleep, and they prepared for the day.

"Good morning, Mother, Father." Sun Jingjing greeted them in the living room after washing her face and fixing her hair.

"O-Oh… Good morning, Jingjing…"

The parents greeted her with an awkward and tired smile. Despite trying to forget about yesterday, it was much easier said than done, especially Sun Ren, who couldn't help but imagine her daughter cultivating with Su Yang for the entire night.

"You seem tired, Mother. Did you not get enough sleep last night?" Sun Jingjing noticed the black bags under her eyes and spoke in a worried tone.

"S-Something like that. What about you? How was your night?" Sun Ren asked her.

"I had plenty of rest," she responded with a smile.

A few moments later, Su Yang entered the room with Xiao Rong in her cat form riding on his shoulders.

"G-Good morning, Su Yang…"

"Good morning, Madam Sun." Sun Yang greeted her with a handsome and bright smile, causing her to blush slightly.

"A-Anyway, what's with your clothes? Are you going out today?" Sun Ren cleared her throat and pointed at their new clothes.

Sun Jingjing was wearing elegant red robes that enhanced her charm and beauty to another level, whilst Su Yang luxurious black robes that made his handsome face even more dreamy.

"Yes, we are going out on a date later!" Sun Jingjing replied with a happy smile.

"A d-date, you say…?" Sun Ren looked at her with a dumbfounded face.

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