Dual Cultivation

Chapter 486 Xiao Rong Wants to Taste More of That Sticky White Stuff

Chapter 486 Xiao Rong Wants to Taste More of That Sticky White Stuff

Somewhere in Sun Jingjing's room, Xiao Rong was blended in the darkness, her gaze staring at the bed without blinking, silently watching Sun Jingjing and Su Yang cultivate with interest.

As a Phantom Cat, Xiao Rong had the ability to conceal her presence perfectly as easily as breathing, almost like a second nature, making it impossible for even powerful Immortals to find them without special treasures, or divine techniques.

'What are they doing…?' Xiao Rong pondered to herself as she watched Su Yang shake his hips, inserting the long and thick rod between his legs into Sun Jingjing's body.

Most beasts understand the nature of breeding naturally and without needing to be taught by others, but as she belonged to a unique species that did not require breeding, Xiao Rong did not know what it means to breed with others.

'It looks fun…' Xiao Rong thought to herself after seeing the thrill on Sun Jingjing's face. Even if she did not understand the emotion that is 'passion' or 'lust', she could still sense the feeling of 'fun' and 'excitement' coming from Sun Jingjing's expressions.

After staring at Sun Jingjing's lustful face for a few minutes, she turned to attention to the thick scent in the air.

'Smells tasty…'

Xiao Rong thought to herself. Although this is not her first time smelling this scent coming from Su Yang's body, she still has no clue as to what created this sweet smell.

Sometime later, when Su Yang released his Yang Qi into Sun Jingjing's body, the sweet scent in the air grew stronger and thicker, causing Xiao Rong's nose to tremble.

"I think I can fall asleep with ease now, Su Yang…" Sun Jingjing said to him with a smile as her body collapsed on the bed.

Su Yang merely smiled and unplugged his rod from Sun Jingjing's cave.

"Here, let me clean it up for you…" Sun Jingjing opened her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out erotically.

However, before her tongue could reach Su Yang's rod, another tongue appeared right beside her and began licking the Yang Qi on Su Yang's rod.

"W-What?! Y-You are!" Sun Jingjing exclaimed with a shocked face when Xiao Rong appeared out of thin air in her human form and started licking Su Yang's rod elegantly and gently, almost like a cat licking its owner's face.

"Ah? Where did you come from?" Even Su Yang was surprised by Xiao Rong's sudden intrusion, causing him to fall on his buttocks.

"Delicious…" Xiao Rong innocently licked her lips after tasting his Yang Qi.

"Master, give me more. Xiao Rong wants to taste more of that sticky white stuff," said Xiao Rong as she began crawling towards Su Yang's rod again.

"W-Wait a moment!" Sun Jingjing quickly grabbed Xiao Rong with both her arms just to hold her back.

"What is it?" Xiao Rong turned around and asked with an innocent expression.

"I… Uh…" Sun Jingjing did not know what to say and turned to look at Su Yang for help.

Su Yang cleared his throat and spoke, "You want some spiritual energy, right? I will feed you with my Profound Qi later…"

Since Su Yang is her Master, Xiao Rong mostly relies on his spiritual energy to grow stronger. But since she was at the Ancient Realm whilst Su Yang was only at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, even if she consumed every last bit of Profound Qi in his body, it would not benefit her slightly, so she mostly consumes his Profound Qi as a form of snack.

However, Xiao Rong quickly shook her head and spoke, "I don't want Profound Qi. I want to eat that thick white liquid."

She said while pointing to his rod.

"C-Can you even feed your spiritual beast Yang Qi? I have never heard of that before!" Sun Jingjing said.

"While it is definitely not common amongst normal Cultivators, this is how some Dual Cultivators with a spiritual beast strengthen their spiritual beast. It's also not uncommon for Dual Cultivators to cultivate with spiritual beasts that can transform themselves into humans, as there is essentially no difference between humans and spiritual beasts once they transform themselves. If they are strong enough, spiritual beasts are even able to conceive with humans." Su Yang explained to her.

"Even in my previous life, I have cultivated with countless spiritual beasts in their human transformation. However, I have been avoiding that with Xiao Rong, as she is someone of an odd entity."

"What do you mean by that?" Sun Jingjing asked.

"Well, for starters, her cultivation base is simply much higher than myself. If I even attempt to cultivate her Yin Qi, I will definitely die instantly. Furthermore, even if she has existed for hundreds of years, her mind is quite childish and innocent, so it won't feel right to cultivate with her."

"Now that you mention it, she behaves like an innocent child…" Sun Jingjing mumbled.

"Therefore…" Su Yang then patted Xiao Rong on the head and spoke, "If you become a bit more mature, I will let you eat as much Yang Qi as you want."

"How do I become more mature?" she asked him with a puzzled face.

"That is not something I can answer for you. If you want to be mature, you should at least understand what it means to be mature." Su Yang said.

"Don't worry, you'll naturally become mature as you spend more time in this world. After all, you have spent the majority of your life inside the Spatial Device — at least that's what you remember."

"Okay…" Xiao Rong nodded, yet her eyes remained staring at the white substance around Su Yang's rod.

"With that being said, allow me to clean it up…" Sun Jingjing released her hold on Xiao Rong and proceeded to clean Su Yang's little brother with her mouth like an expert.


Xiao Rong watched Sun Jingjing eat all of his Yang Qi with an envious gaze.

'Mature… Xiao Rong must become mature in order to taste that delicious stuff again!' she thought to herself with her eyes flickering with determination.

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