Dual Cultivation

Chapter 476 Wang Shuren Returns

Chapter 476 Wang Shuren Returns

"Sect Master Huo! Something must be done about the female disciples! After Su Yang arrived here since yesterday, they have been going crazy!"

The following morning, multiple Sect Elders approached Huo Yuanjia with complaints regarding the situation.

Huo Yuanjia looked at the angry yet exhausted faces before him with a bitter smile. Even if they wanted his help, there was nothing he could really do besides waiting for Wang Shuren to return. It was not as though they could kick Su Yang out of the sect for being too popular with the ladies, either.

"You will have to tolerate it for now. He'll leave in a few days at most." Huo Yuanjia said to the dissatisfied Sect Elders.

"I can't deal with this for another hour, much less a few more days!"

"Why don't we just allow these disciples to meet Su Yang? It'll make our lives much easier."

"And ignore the sect rules?! Only those who are worthy are allowed inside the Center Court, and it has been like that for hundreds of years! Outrageous!"

"Rules can be changed! Furthermore, there are special occasions when an ordinary disciple is allowed into the Center Court! We can just make it so our current situation is a special case!"

"Sect Master, what do you think we should do? Should we make this a special occasion or not?"

In the end, the Sect Elders turned to look at Huo Yuanjia for an answer.

"There are 11 of you here. Why don't you vote anonymously on it?" He suggested.

The Sect Elders nodded and decided to vote on the matter anonymously.

"Then we will vote for whether we should allow these disciples to meet Su Yang or not!"

A few minutes later, the results were in.

5 people voted against that decision whilst 6 people voted for the decision.

"It's decided. We will allow the disciples to enter the Center Court to meet with Su Yang. However, if they wander around, we will immediately punish them."

Once the decision was made, the Sect Elders announced the news to the disciple.

Upon hearing this news, hundreds of female disciples quickly rushed to Su Yang's living quarters, dumbfounding the entire sect.

"W-What on earth is going on here?!" Lin Shao Shang cried out loud when she saw the scene outside the window early in the morning.

There was an endless line of disciples queuing up before Su Yang's doors, and all of them were either Inner Court disciples or Outer Court disciples.

"What happened to Core Disciples and Sect Elders being the only ones allowed inside the Center Court?!"

Sometime later, Disciple Yue showed up to her house and explained the situation to her.

"The Sect Elders have agreed to let the disciples meet Su Yang?!"

Lin Shao Shang mumbled with a dazed expression.

"This is an unprecedented situation." Disciple Yue sighed. "I'm glad that I got to meet with Su Yang last night."


Lin Shao Shang was speechless, as she did not know how to respond to such words.

Meanwhile, outside her house, Su Yang was busy signing autographs for the disciples.

"Can you also shake my hands, Senior Brother Su Yang?" One of the disciples asked him with pleading eyes.

Su Yang nodded and extended his hands, feeling the disciple's soft skin a moment later.

And albeit very few, there were also a few male disciples in the line. They figured that if they got Su Yang's autograph, they could use it to court other girls in the future.

"Senior Brother Su Yang, can you sign your name here?" One of the female disciples suddenly lifted her robes and pointed at her white underwear, dumbfounding the disciples behind her.

Seeing this, Su Yang remained smiling and nodded.

The young disciple then pointed her buttocks towards him and bent her body.

Su Yang, without hesitation, lowered his body and grabbed her buttocks with his bare hands, causing the disciple to release a surprised cry, before he began to write his name on the disciple's underwear.

"T-Thank you, Senior Brother Su Yang! I will never wash this pair of underwear ever again!" The young disciple thanked him with a blushing face before quickly running away, leaving the place speechless.

Once Su Yang completed the first questionable request from a disciple, the other disciples began asking him to sign places that were not their handkerchiefs or paper.

However, as more and more disciples appeared, the requests also became more outrageous, even borderline crazy.

"Senior Brother Su Yang, can you sign here, please?"

One of the disciples suddenly pulled down the right side of her robes, revealing half of her breast and the red bra that supported it.

"Of course." Su Yang signed it with a calm smile on his face, almost as though he'd done it many times before.

Many hours have passed since Su Yang began signing autographs for his female fans, yet the line outside his house showed no sign of slowing down. Fortunately for him, there is nothing else to do until Wang Shuren returns, so he went ahead and wasted time by making these Burning Lotus Sect disciples happy.

"I can't believe it. It's almost like a circus had been built outside my house!" Lin Shao Shang tried countless times to find peace and cultivate, but she soon realized that it was impossible to cultivate with the commotion outside, so she gave up cultivating all together and simply stared out the window with a dazed face, silently wondering to herself when all of this would end.

Two days later, Wang Shuren finally returned to the sect, and she was immediately greeted by Huo Yuanjia and many other Sect Elders.

"What happened? Why do all of you look so exhausted?" Wang Shuren asked them with a puzzled face.

The Sect Elders proceeded to explain to Wang Shuren the situation, but upon learning that Su Yang had been waiting for her return for the past few days, her face turned pale.

"Why didn't you call me back sooner?!" she quickly yelled at them.

"B-But you instructed us very strictly to not contact you unless it's an emergency…" One of the Sect Elders said with a dumbfounded face.

"If Su Yang came all the way here to look for me, then it is an emergency! Damn it!" Wang Shuren no longer cared about them and quickly made her way to the Center Court, where Su Yang was waiting.

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