Dual Cultivation

Chapter 477 Heaven Transcendent Pill

Chapter 477 Heaven Transcendent Pill

After returning to the sect and learning that Su Yang was waiting for her, Wang Shuren quickly made her way to the Center Court.

However, when she got there, she was baffled by the scene before her eyes.

There were dozens — hundreds of disciples standing outside Su Yang's living quarters, all seemingly waiting to meet with him.

"What is going on here?!"

When the disciples noticed Wang Shuren's figure approaching them, all of them lowered their heads and greeted her.

"This disciple greets Senior Wang!"

"Senior Wang!"

"Welcome back, Senior Wang!"

A few moments later, when Wang Shuren arrived at the front, Su Yang looked at her and smiled, "It's been a while, Shuren. I have been waiting for your return, you know?"

"S-Su Yang, I—"

Before she could speak, Su Yang shook his head and said, "Let us talk inside."

Wang Shuren nodded and entered the building some moments later.

"I'm sorry, but I will be back later." Su Yang said to the disciples waiting outside before closing the door on them.

"I am so sorry for making you wait for me, Su Yang! If you'd told me in advance, I would've delayed all of my business—"

"It's fine, I came here unannounced, after all." He interrupted her again. "Why don't we sit down and talk about our plans."

"R-Right! That is the reason why I left the sect for a few days. Ever since the Earth Advancement Pill's discovery, I have been contacted by nearly every family with power in the Eastern Region." Wang Shuren explained.

"A few of them wanted to hire me as their Alchemist, but most of them just wanted to buy some Earth Advancement Pills. Of course, I have told them about the meeting, and all of them have agreed to it."

"At this moment, we have 69 sects and 121 families that will be participating in that meeting you wanted me to set up. I have already secured a place, so we just need to know when this meeting will occur."

"Next month." Su Yang suddenly spoke, "This meeting will happen one month from today."

"N-Next month? Then I will immediately notify the participating sects and families of this news!" Although she did not expect the meeting to happen so soon, Wang Shuren reacted with delight regardless.

Su Yang then continued to speak, "It will happen after the Profound Blossom Sect's recruitment. However, we won't just be talking about the Earth Advancement Pills."

"What do you mean by that, Su Yang? The only reason people are interested is because of the Earth Advancement Pills. Unless we have something even more shocking than those pills to show them, they won't care about it."

Su Yang did not immediately respond and merely retrieved his storage ring.

A few seconds later, many scrolls were placed onto the table before them.

"What are these?" Wang Shuren looked at the scrolls with interest.

"Pill Recipes. To be precise, they are pills that currently do not exist in this world."

Wang Shuren stared at him with wide eyes after hearing such words, and she couldn't help but ask, "Just who are you, really, Su Yang?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "You have been very loyal to me over the past few months, so I will tell you a little about myself as a form of gratitude."

"My name is Su Yang — but you already know that. However, what you don't know is that I am currently living my second life and that I have memories of my previous life."

"W-What…? Memories of your past life?" Wang Shuren stared at him with a blank expression, her eyes filled with disbelief.

"I was an Immortal in my past life, and I lived somewhere very far away from this place. But alas, due to circumstances, I was reborn into this world."

"You may not believe my words right now, but once you see those pill recipes, you will know that I am telling the truth." Su Yang said with a smile, looking as though he could read her mind.

After hearing his words, Wang Shuren wasted no time looking through the scrolls on the table.

"Heaven-grade Pill: Profound Qi Gathering Pill… Consuming the pill will double your efficiency when cultivating for 12 hours. Only effective to those below the Heavenly Spirit Realm."

"Heaven-grade Pill: Hundred Days Pill: Upon consuming this pill, your cultivation will increase as though you have cultivated for 100 days. Can only be consumed once every four years."

"Heaven-grade Pill: Heaven and Earth Restoration Pill… Consuming the pill will instantly recover even a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert all of their depleted Profound Qi."

"Sovereign-grade Pill: Heaven Transcendent Pill… As long as someone at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm consumes this pill, they will have a 100% to breakthrough to the Heavenly Spirit Realm."

"S-Su Yang… these pill recipes are…"

Wang Shuren read the recipes with trembling hands, her shock increasing with each scroll she picked up.

"These are just a few pills that don't exist in this world but are actually very common in the place I come from." Su Yang said to her with a calm face.

"W-Why are you showing me these pills recipes, Su Yang…? I would've believed you even if you didn't show it to me! Do you have any idea how valuable they are…?" Wang Shuren looked at him with wide eyes, looking very puzzled by his actions.

"Although they may seem priceless in your eyes, they are nothing of significance in my eyes. If not for the fact that you cannot concoct stronger pills, I would've given you even more pill recipes." He said.

"As for why I am showing you these pill recipes — it's simply because I want you to have them. It's a gift from me before I leave this world and return to my own."

"W-Wait a moment… you are leaving this place? When are you leaving? And how far away is this place, really?"

"I will be leaving in two years, but even I do not know how far away it is." Su Yang replied with a smile. "And when I leave, I want you to protect the Profound Blossom Sect in my stead in case it's required."


Wang Shuren was speechless, and she took the next few minutes to digest all of this new information silently.

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