Dual Cultivation

Chapter 475 Mayhem at the Burning Lotus Sect Once Again

Chapter 475 Mayhem at the Burning Lotus Sect Once Again

"I will see you later, Su Yang!"

An elegant young lady wearing Core Disciple robes happily walked out of Su Yang's house with glossy skins and a satisfied expression.

"Bye." Su Yang waved her goodbye with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, Lin Shao Shang looked at them through the window with an annoyed expression.

'T-This is already the ninth Core Disciple that has visited him today! Just how is he making these women approach him without even leaving the building?! This is outrageous!' she cried inwardly.

Ever since Su Yang returned to his living quarter for the first time, he hasn't stepped out of the doors again, yet he was able to attract these Core Disciples into his house, and this has stumped Lin Shao Shang, who couldn't cultivate peacefully because of them.

A few hours later, when the moon had long appeared in the sky, another female disciple could be seen walking towards Su Yang's living quarters.


When Lin Shao Shang saw this approaching figure, she immediately opened her windows and called out to her, "Junior sister Yue! Where are you going this late at night?"

"Senior sister Lin! I… I have an appointment with Su Yang. He has promised to teach me a few techniques with the sword!" This disciple responded with a nervous smile on her face.

'Even she's lying to my face?!' Lin Shao Shang cried inwardly.

This Disciple Yue was not just any Core Disciple. She had entered the Burning Lotus Sect at the same time as Lin Shao Shang, and the two of them had overcome many obstacles together ever since they were mere Outer Court disciples, becoming a Core Disciple at nearly the same time.

The two of them were more than just friends — they were essentially sisters.

And to think this sister of hers would lie straight to her face, it greatly shocked Lin Shao Shang.

"Don't lie to me, Junior sister Yue! There's absolutely no way that you would be here so late at night just to learn sword techniques from Su Yang!" Lin Shao Shang could no longer force herself to accept these lies and said to her.

In response to her words, Disciple Yue showed a bashful expression and said, "If you already know why I am here, then why did you even ask me, Senior sister Lin? Are you teasing me?"

"N-No! I just want to know why you would want someone like him to defy your pure body! Aren't you still a maiden?!"

Disciple Yue nodded, "Indeed, I have not experienced that yet. However, Su Yang is the number genius of the Eastern Continent, not to mention his dreamy appearances! If anybody is going to be my first partner, it should be him! Do you have any idea how many disciples want to throw themselves at him even at this moment? The only thing restricting their movements is the location! If he were staying at the Outer Court, even the Inner Court, there would be a line of girls waiting to knock on his door!"

"What?" Lin Shao Shang's eyes widened with shock after hearing such words. It appears that she has greatly underestimated Su Yang's popularity with women.

Seeing her dumbfounded face, Disciple Yue continued, "Have you gone outside recently, Senior sister Lin? Do you have any idea how chaotic things are right now in the other courts? There are dozens of disciples trying to sneak into this place just to speak with Su Yang even as we speak!"

"What?!" Lin Shao Shang's jaw dropped to the ground. She didn't think that Su Yang's presence would create such mayhem within their sect!

"I am not lying to you this time, Senior sister Lin! If you go to the gates that separate each court now, you can find many disciples there trying to get past the Sect Elders!"

"A-Anyway, I do not have much time here! I will talk to you later, Senior sister Lin!" Disciple Yue said to her before quickly making her way to Su Yang's front door and knocking on it.

A few moments later, Su Yang opened the door and welcomed her inside with a smile.

However, before he closed the door, Lin Shao Shang swore that Su Yang had glanced at her for a very brief second.


Lin Shao Shang stood by the window with a dazed expression and refused to blink her eyes even after many minutes, almost like she'd turned into a stone statue.

Suddenly, she jumped out of the window and made her way towards the gates that Disciple Yue had mentioned.

Just like the Profound Blossom Sect and most sects out there, the Burning Lotus Sect consists of three sections — the Outer Court, Inner Court, and the Center Court.

Each of these courts were separated by a thin wall, and the only way to travel between each court was to go through a gate in the wall. However, there are usually disciples posted at these gates to keep guard, so that only those who were authorized inside could enter.

But because of the large commotion, the people guarding these gates at this moment were all Sect Elders.

Once Lin Shao Shang arrived at the gate that separated the Center Court and the Inner Court, she was able to witness over 50 female disciples arguing with the Sect Elders there.

"Elders, why can't you just let us pass? We have already promised you that we wouldn't wander around the Center Court! Our only purpose is to meet with Senior Brother Su Yang!"

"That's right! We only want Senior Brother Su Yang's autograph! Why must you make things so difficult for us?!"

The disciples complained to the Sect Elders.

"Hmph! Only Core Disciples and Sect Elders are allowed inside the Center Court under normal circumstances! This has been a rule of the sect ever since its establishment! If you want to pass, then become a Core Disciple or a Sect Elder!" said one of the Sect Elders there, who felt very envious of Su Yang's popularity, which is one of the few reasons why he was acting so stubborn.

"I just became an Inner Court disciple last year! It'll take at least another ten years before I can even qualify to take the exam for a Core Disciple, and it'll be far too late by then!"

"Y-You stubborn old geezers! You are just jealous of Senior Brother Su Yang's popularity with the girls, so you are taking it out on us!"

"That's right! I bet you weren't very popular with the girls when you were a disciple!"

The disciples began cursing at the Sect Elders, dumbfounding them.

"W-Who said that just now?! I dare you to come out and say it again!" The Sect Elders were fuming.

'T-This is a disaster…' Lin Shao Shang thought to herself after witnessing the chaotic scene.

If the disciples are still acting this frenzied during this late at night, she couldn't imagine what the scene would be like if she was there earlier in the morning.

A few moments later, she turned around and quickly made her way back to her room, her back soaked by cold sweat by the time she returned.

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