Dual Cultivation

Chapter 474 Lying Before Her Face

Chapter 474 Lying Before Her Face

After talking with each other for many minutes, Zhang Xiu Ying stood up and walked to the room a few feet away and opened the door.

A sweet fragrance escaped from the room, a smell that was also present on Zhang Xiu Ying's body. It was obviously her bedroom.

"Su Yang, you didn't come here just to have casual conversations with me, right?"

However, Su Yang shrugged with a smile on his face and said, "Who knows. Maybe I am here just to talk."


Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with a surprised face.

A moment later, Su Yang chuckled, "I'm just joking. But let's do it here instead."

He suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her to him, before laying her on the table.

"Ah!? You want to do it here?!" Zhang Xiu Ying exclaimed in a startled voice.

"You don't want to?" Su Yang whispered in her ears while his fingers caressed her thighs.

Zhang Xiu Ying trembled upon feeling his gentle breath in her ears and the tingling sensation crawling up her legs.

A few seconds later, when Su Yang's fingers reached the silky fabric that covered Zhang Xiu Ying's flowers, he smiled and said, "Oh? When did your taste change?"

"A-A few days ago," she responded with her face blooming with redness.

Su Yang used two of his fingers to pull the string near her waist, causing the whole piece to loosen and fall off.

"Su Yang…"

Zhang Xiu Ying mumbled his name as her hands slowly moved the lower part of her robes to the side, revealing her wet flowers to him.

Su Yang also loosened his robes, causing the snake hidden inside his pants to emerge.

A few moments later, the snake transcended into a dragon, before diving into the wet cave between Zhang Xiu Ying's legs.

"Ahhh~" Zhang Xiu Ying moaned passionately as Su Yang shook his hips.

Meanwhile, Lin Shao Shang was covering her mouth from shock outside after witnessing their dual cultivation.

'Good Heavens! They are actually doing it in the living room!' Lin Shao Shang cried inwardly, her eyes wide as saucers as she stared at the two of them cultivating through the window.

Although she wanted to stop looking, there was an invisible force that did not allow her to turn or close her eyes, almost as though she was being forced to watch.

Of course, nobody was actually forcing her to watch. The scene was just incredibly mesmerizing and Lin Shao Shang did not have the willpower to stop looking.

Fortunately for her, their area is usually void of people, so Lin Shao Shang was not really worried that someone might accidentally see her shameless actions.

Sometime later, Su Yang picked up Zhang Xiu Ying and led her to the bedroom, before closing the door.

Once they were gone, Lin Shao Shang was finally able to blink her eyes and breath properly.

After catching her breath, she returned to her own living quarter, where she would continue to stare out the window. However, she was no longer staring outside with a blank expression, and her mind was filled with scenes of Su Yang and Zhang Xiu Ying's dual cultivation.

"If I also approach him, would he do the same thing to me?" she mumbled with a low sigh.

A few hours later, she noticed Su Yang returning from Zhang Xiu Ying's place.

'He's returning already? Have they been doing it this entire time?' Lin Shao Shang pondered to herself. She expected that he'd stay the night at Zhang Xiu Ying's place, after all.

"Hm? Have you been sitting there the entire time? Don't you get bored staring at the clouds all day?" Su Yang suddenly asked her.

"W-Why do you care? It's none of your business what I do!"

A mysterious smile appeared on Su Yang's face as he shrugged, "If you are that bored, you can always knock on my door. I have plenty of ways to entertain you, after all."

"In your dreams, Su Yang!"

Lin Shao Shang spoke loudly before closing the windows and the curtains, and then she proceeded to try and cultivate.

Su Yang merely shook his head and entered his living quarter shortly after.

A few hours later, Lin Shao Shang could hear someone laughing outside her building, which was disturbing her cultivation, so she decided to peek through the curtains.

"Thank you, Su Yang, for the wonderful experience."

A pretty young girl said to him as she walked out of his building with unstable movements.

"Junior apprentice-sister Min?!"

Lin Shao Shang was baffled to see a fellow disciple, who was also a Core Disciple, leave Su Yang's building.

When did she enter Su Yang's living quarters and how long did she stay inside? And most importantly, what was she doing inside in the first place?

Once Su Yang went back inside the building, Lin Shao Shang opened the window and called for this Disciple Min.

"Junior apprentice-sister Min! What were you doing inside that man's building?!" She asked her.

"Senior apprentice-sister Lin…!" Disciple Min hastily greeted her before speaking in a slightly nervous tone, "S-Su Yang… he was kind enough to give me some guidance in cultivation…!"


Lin Shao Shang looked at her with eyes filled with disbelief.

'I dare you to look at me in the eyes and repeat those words!' she cried inwardly.

This Disciple Min was clearly lying right in front of her face.

One could easily imagine what had occurred inside the house when a woman comes out of it while acting all fidgety and nervous, especially if Su Yang resided inside that house.

"I-Is that so…? I hope you'd learned something from him. He's a genius at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, after all." Lin Shao Shang spoke with a forced smile on her face, acting as though she did not know anything.

The disciple left shortly later, and Lin Shao Shang sighed, hoping that she does not have to experience anything like this again.

But alas, as though the Heavens wanted to tease her, Core Disciples would continue to show up later to visit Su Yang's residence and disturb her cultivation in the process.

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