Dual Cultivation

Chapter 473 Untouchable Princess

Chapter 473 Untouchable Princess

"That disciple looked very familiar…" Lin Shao Shang pondered to herself after Su Yang entered the building.

A few minutes later, she finally recalled the disciple named Zhang Xiu Ying.

"That's right! She's the Untouchable Princess, Zhang Xiu Ying!"

After the incident with Su Yang, where he trashed many disciples at the Burning Lotus Sect and even threatened the Sect Master, Huo Yuanjia, he'd warned them that Zhang Xiu Ying was his friend and that if she was ever to be harmed that he'd return for revenge. 

Ever since that incident and Su Yang's warnings, the disciples and sect elders alike treated Zhang Xiu Ying as though she was a princess, not even daring to glance at her, hence her nickname, the Untouchable Princess.

Furthermore, her cultivation base had increased significantly since the incident, becoming a Core Disciple a few months later.

At this moment, Zhang Xiu Ying is akin to a Goddess within the Burning Lotus Sect — an entity that lived in a different world from them. This is especially true after Su Yang defeated Hong Yu'er and became the number one genius of the Eastern Continent. The more people feared Su Yang, the more the disciples in this place feared Zhang Xiu Ying, as she was directly under Su Yang's protection.

"What is their relationship with each other, anyway?" Lin Shao Shang couldn't help but become interested.

A few moments later, she used another concealing technique to further conceal her aura so that not even a sliver of her presence would be sensed. With her presence and aura completely concealed, it was almost as though Lin Shao Shang had turned into a ghost — an entity that did not exist in this world.

After she was confident that she'd performed her concealment technique perfectly, Lin Shao Shang approached Zhang Xiu Ying's living quarters and spied inside through the windows.

"So why did you really come to the Burning Lotus Sect, Su Yang?" Zhang Xiu Ying asked him after serving him some tea.

"I have some business with Wang Shuren."

"Senior Wang? She's not at the sect right now."

"I know, that's why I will be staying here until she returns."

"Eh?!" Zhang Xiu Ying covered her mouth in surprise after hearing his words. "You are staying here?!"

Su Yang calmly nodded his head after sipping the tea.

"B-But there's only one bedroom in this building, and the bed is only large enough to fit one person!"

Zhang Xiu Ying seems to have misunderstood Su Yang's words when he said that he'd be staying there.

Su Yang chuckled after seeing her reaction and said, "I didn't literally mean that I'd stay here. I meant the sect when I said 'here'. I live about ten minutes away from here."

"O-Oh! I'm sorry for the misunderstanding..." Zhang Xiu Ying blushed deeply.

"You know, even if the bed is small, it should still be enough to fit two people if they sleep close to each other." Su Yang suddenly said to her.

"If I wish to spend the night here, even if it might get a little bit cramped, would you not like it?" he asked her with a teasing smile.

"I-If you don't mind feeling a little bit uncomfortable sleeping with such limited space…" she replied a moment later with her ears burning red.

Even though they have done it with each other many times already, she still couldn't help but feel bashful whenever she's around him, especially when she's being teased.

"Who said anything about sleeping? We can do it all night if you want." Su Yang chuckled.

"Ah!?" Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with a surprised face. Doing it the entire night? Even if her endurance has strengthened since the last time they cultivated, she definitely wouldn't last more than a few hours with him, much less an entire night!

"By the way, how is life as a disciple after that day? Is there anybody that still dares to bother you?" Su Yang suddenly asked her.


Zhang Xiu Ying showed a bittersweet smile and began explaining to him how she basically became a loner afterward.

"Ever since that day, nobody would dare to speak with me, much less bother me. Not even the sect elders are willing to deal with me. I have become somewhat of a loner in this sect, unfortunately. Though it also means I have a very peaceful life, so I don't mind it."

"Eh?" Su Yang's eyes widened with surprise.

He truly didn't expect this outcome. He'd only wanted people to stop bothering her, yet he'd somehow turned her into a loner at the sect?!

After pondering for a few moments, he spoke, "Then would you like to come with me to the Profound Blossom Sect? We can use more disciples now, you know."

"You want me to join the Profound Blossom Sect?" Zhang Xiu Ying stared at him with wide eyes filled with disbelief. She would've never imagined that Su Yang would invite her to his sect.

He nodded and said, "Since everybody here is scared of you, why don't you come to our sect? I'm sure that you'll get along with the other disciples very fast."

"Um… although I would love to come with you… I cannot abandon my master here. She's the only reason why my cultivation base has reached this level in such a short time, and I doubt she'll agree to me leaving the Burning Lotus Sect after spending that many resources on me."

"Your Master… Wang Shuren?" he asked, and she nodded.

"Why don't you talk to her about this matter when she returns? I'm sure she'll be more than happy to let you come with me. I'll even go with you."

"Really? You think Senior Wang will allow me to go to the Profound Blossom Sect?" Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"I'm certain." He nodded with a confident smile.

Meanwhile, Lin Shao Shang listened to their conversation with disbelief on her face.

'T-This Su Yang! He's actually poaching our disciples! And she's even a Core Disciple! How shameless!' she cried inwardly.

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