Dual Cultivation

Chapter 472 Are You Stalking Me?!

Chapter 472 Are You Stalking Me?!

After Su Yang left their training ground, Lin Shao Shang stood up and said to Huo Yuanjia, "I am sorry, Sect Master, but please excuse me for the rest of the day. My peace has been disturbed, and I am no longer in the mentality to cultivate."

Huo Yuanjia did not blame her and nodded, "Go."

Even if Lin Shao Shang continued to cultivate, it would actually be a risky situation for her, since cultivating with a disturbed mind is incredibly dangerous. One wrong move and her body could be harmed.

After Lin Shao Shang left the training ground, the other disciples also raised their hand and said, "Sect Master, I am also no longer in the mood to cultivate."

"Me, too, Sect Master!"

Huo Yuanjia rubbed his temples and spoke in an exhausted voice, "All of you may leave. I will cut today's lecture short, but I will make it up during our next session."

Even he was not in the mood to lecture after seeing Su Yang's face, especially since his heart is still beating like war drums after meeting Xiao Rong for the first time. He felt like he was living his younger days, where every beauty that walked past him would cause his heart to tremble.

"Junior apprentice-sister Lin! Are you okay?" Diao Zidu approached her afterward and said.

"You should just ignore that man. Nothing good will come out of associating with a person like him."


However, almost as though she couldn't hear him, Lin Shao Shang continued to walk in silence, and on her face was a dazed expression, looking like she had been bewitched.

"Junior apprentice-sister Lin…?" Diao Zidu stopped following her and stared at her with wide eyes.

After leaving the training ground, Lin Shao Shang returned to her living quarter at the center of the sect, where only Core Disciples and Sect Elders dwell.

Once she was in her room, Lin Shao Shang sat by the window and stared at the sky, still with a dazed face.

"What is this I am feeling?" she mumbled to herself.

Her heart was beating irregularly, and her entire body felt warm, almost hot. If her Profound Qi wasn't stable at this moment, she would've thought that she was poisoned.

After sitting by the window for an unknown amount of time, Lin Shao Shang suddenly looked at the building that was directly in front of hers.

According to her knowledge, this place has been unoccupied for a few years now, yet someone was leaving that exact building?

Lin Shao Shang watched as the door to that building opened, and a tall figure came out of the house a moment later.


When Lin Shao Shang realized that it was Su Yang who just came out of that unoccupied, she stood up with surprise.

"W-What are you doing in a building that's meant for Core Disciples?! There are no guest rooms around this area!" Lin Shao Shang shouted at Su Yang from her window.

"D-Don't tell me that you are stalking me?!" Lin Shao Shang trembled when she realized the possibility that she was being stalked by him.

"Hm? You live here?" Su Yang looked at Lin Shao Shang standing at the window with a nonchalant expression and continued, "The Profound Qi in this area appears to be the best in the entire sect, so I asked to stay here for now, and this building happened to be unoccupied, so the Sect Elder agreed to allow me to stay here temporary."

Of course, the only reason the Sect Elder agreed to Su Yang's request was because he wanted to separate from Su Yang as soon as possible, as he could no longer endure Su Yang's intense presence, but the royal guest rooms were still many minutes away.

"I-I don't believe it!" Lin Shao Shang said. There were simply too many coincidences for her to trust his words.

Su Yang shrugged and said, "I will only be here for a day or two at most."

"A few hours is more than enough for you to sneak inside my room and assault me, much less an entire day!"

"There's no need to be so paranoid. Like I'd said many times by now, I won't do anything that will tarnish my pride as a man, and forcing myself into any innocent woman's body is simply a line that I will never cross."

"Anyway, I don't have the time to entertain you right now. If you want to talk more, you know where to find me." Su Yang said in a nonchalant voice before walking away.

'Where is he going after just settling down? How suspicious!' Lin Shao Shang thought to herself.

She was certain that Su Yang had some ulterior motive for coming to the Burning Lotus Sect unannounced!

Thus, Lin Shao Shang decided to follow Su Yang to see where he was going.

Of course, she did not follow him in the open and remained many meters behind him, even hiding in the shadows and whatnot, acting like a real stalker.

Sometime later, Lin Shao Shang followed Su Yang to a building that was not too far away from their own living quarters.

After he reached his destination, Su Yang knocked on the door to that building and silently waited outside.

'This building belongs to…' Lin Shao Shang tried to recall who lived in that building.

In the midst of her thoughts a few moments later, the door opened, and a very pretty girl with a nice figure emerged from inside the building.

When Lin Shao Shang saw the face of this figure, her eyes widened with surprise.

At the same time, when the girl that came out saw Su Yang's face, her face brightened with surprise and delight.

"Su Yang! What are you doing here at the Burning Lotus Sect?!" Zhang Xiu Ying covered her mouth and spoke in a pleasantly surprised tone.

"I am here to visit." Su Yang responded with a smile on his face.

"Please! Come inside!" Zhang Xiu Ying quickly welcomed him into the building.

Su Yang nodded and walked inside the next moment, disappearing from Lin Shao Shang's view.

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