Dual Cultivation

Chapter 471 If You Feel Lonely, You Know Where to Find Me

Chapter 471 If You Feel Lonely, You Know Where to Find Me

"I am Diao Zidu, Core Disciple, and the number one disciple of the Burning Lotus Sect!" The handsome young man introduced himself.

Su Yang remained nonchalant after his introduction.

"You are the number one disciple? Then why didn't I see you at the Regional Tournament?" Su Yang asked him in a calm voice.

"That's because I had a misfortunate accident that had bedridden me until very recently!"

Hearing his words, Su Yang couldn't but chuckle, and that made Diao Zidu even more furious.

"What's so funny?!"

However, Su Yang merely ignored him like he was an insect and turned to look at the blushing Lin Shao Shang and spoke with a smile on his face, "I am just joking, little fairy. Even if I could, I wouldn't want any women to enter my bed just because of some bed. If you're going to cultivate with me, I want it to be due to your own accord."

He then looked at the still dazed Huo Yuanjia and continued to speak, "I am here for Wang Shuren. Where is she right now?"

'This fucking bastard…!' Diao Zidu was trembling from sheer anger at this moment.

If he wasn't only at the Earth Spirit Realm whilst Su Yang was at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, he would've already brandished the sword by his side to slice Su Yang into a hundred pieces. This is his first time experiencing such humiliation, and it was in the presence of Lin Shao Shang, his crush, no less.

"Elder Wang? You missed her by three days. She had appointments with a few families, so she left the sect to deal with them. I don't know where she is right now, but she should be back within a day or two."

"I can leave her a message when she comes back for you if needed."

Su Yang shook his head and said, "There's no need for that. I can simply wait in her room until she comes back."

"What? You're going to wait in her room? I don't think that's appropriate…" Huo Yuanjia frowned.

In his mind, Wang Shuren was a woman — a pure one at that — so it would be rude, nearly criminal, for a man to enter her room without permission, much less stay inside.

Even if Su Yang is the number one genius, there's a limit to his shamelessness.

"You don't have to worry about that. I have a feeling that she would be more angry if you make me leave rather than stay in her room." Su Yang said to him with a smile.

"You have a feeling…? That's not how any of this works, you know!" Huo Yuanjia frowned.

Seeing the stubborn and slight anger in his eyes, Su Yang sighed, "Since you are this reluctant, I will settle for a guest room."

A few moments of silence later, Huo Yuanjia nodded, "Fine. I will immediately arrange two rooms for you."

He then turned to look at the Sect Elder in the background and said to him, "Arrange for these esteemed guests two of our royal guest rooms."

However, Su Yang quickly interrupted him and said, "One room is fine."

"One… room?"

Huo Yuanjia looked at him and then at the heavenly beauty beside him with a dazed face. Just what kind of relationship do they have? Whatever it was, it made him and the others there immensely envious!

"By the way, do you mind if I walk around the sect while I am here? It would be too boring to stay in the room the entire time." Su Yang suddenly asked him.

"As long as it does not result in the same situation as last time, do whatever you want." Huo Yuanjia sighed. This is his first time dealing with someone as difficult as Su Yang.

Su Yang nodded, but before he left the place, he turned to look at Lin Shao Shang with a charming smile and said to her, "Whenever you feel lonely, you know where to find me."

"G-Get out of here! Who would want to do that with you?!" Lin Shao Shang responded in an outburst that was filled with embarrassment.

Meanwhile, the other few females there showed an envious expression after witnessing their relationship. They also wanted to be within Su Yang's gaze.

"Hahaha…" When Su Yang noticed this, he chuckled and said out loud, "Of course, if any of you here are feeling lonely or simply need advice in cultivation, you can give me a visit. I have plenty of free time, after all."

After saying those words, Su Yang left the place, leaving Huo Yuanjia and the disciples inside dumbfounded.

Once he left the place, he followed the Sect Elder to a place that was further inside the sect, somewhere near the Core Disciples' living quarters.

Compared to the Profound Blossom Sects' living quarters, the spiritual energy there was rich and abundant, and the atmosphere was also quite nice.

When the other disciples there noticed Su Yang's presence, they all stopped whatever they were doing to stare at him with wide eyes.

The female disciples stared at Su Yang with loose jaws whilst the male disciples stared at Xiao Rong with watery mouths. In their eyes, despite being only a few meters away from them at most, it felt like they were actually living in different worlds.

The unfathomable aura coming from Su Yang and the otherworldly feeling from Xiao Rong made the disciples there feel as insignificant as ants, like they were mere mortals before two supreme beings.

Wherever the two walked, the surroundings would instantly become dead silent and still, almost as though time had stopped for everyone there beside Su Yang and Xiao Rong.

As for the Sect Elder leading them, he was barely able to walk in a straight line because of the pressure behind him. But fortunately for him, he did not have to look at them, so it made it much easier for him to breathe.

'Even escorting real royalties wouldn't be this demanding!' The Sect Elder cried inwardly as they approached their living quarter.


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