Dual Cultivation

Chapter 470 Screaming Internally

Chapter 470 Screaming Internally

After leaving the Profound Blossom Sect with Xiao Rong, Su Yang made his way to the Burning Lotus Sect. However, before going to the Burning Lotus Sect, he stopped somewhere near the borders of the Southern Region briefly.

"There's a strong smell of human blood here, Master." Xiao Rong warned him as they approached a dark cave.

Su Yang did not react to her words and merely continued to enter the cave.

A few moments later, he could see an entrance alongside a broken door near it.

This place used to be the hideout for a notorious group of bandits named the Red Mountain Bandits, but after Su Yang rescued the Junior Disciples, he went ahead and killed every single bandit that was in this hideout, creating a small sea of blood inside, even rescuing the prisoners within.

Once they reached the entrance of the hideout, they were greeted by an entire floor of dried-up blood that was inches thick, and in the middle of this bloody floor, there appeared to be a red-colored plant sprouting there.

"At this rate, it should be fully grown and ready to harvest in four months." Su Yang mumbled to himself, before sealing the entire place with a concealment formation, hiding the entrance to the hideout from plain sight.

Even if one had the ability to see through his concealment formation, they would not be able to enter it without destroying the formation, something that was simply not achievable by the people of this world that has barely grasped even the surface of formations.

"Can I eat that, Master?" Xiao Rong suddenly asked him, as the sprout was emitting an enormous amount of spiritual energy. Although it does not have enough Profound Qi to benefit her current cultivation base even slightly, it would serve as a great snack for her.

"You cannot eat that," he shook his head and said, "That is the Devil Blood Ginseng, a rare flower that only sprouts in blood and requires an enormous amount to grow up, and I will need it to heal someone."

Indeed, that sprout is going to be the Devil Blood Ginseng once it fully grows — an ingredient that is required to heal Xie Xingfang's condition. Of course, he did not plan for this from the beginning and its birth was only a coincidence.

'Fortunately for me, I no longer have to find bandits to slaughter to grow one now.' Su Yang thought to himself.

If the Devil Blood Ginseng did not appear here, he had planned to look for bandits to kill and create a pool of blood with his own hands, as that would be the only method to obtain the Devil Blood Ginseng.

After confirming that the Devil Blood Ginseng was growing, Su Yang went to the Burning Lotus Sect.


Once he arrived at the Burning Lotus Sect, Su Yang used his spiritual sense to search for Wang Shuren in the sect. However, he was unable to sense her presence, meaning that she was not at the sect.

Thus, he went to look for the Sect Master of the Burning Lotus Sect to see where she went.

"S-Sect Master! You have a visitor!"

One of the Sect Elders approached Huo Yuanjia in an urgent manner.

Huo Yuanjia, who was currently training his disciples, looked at the Elder with a frown and spoke in an angry voice, "Did you forget that no one is allowed to disturb me while I am training my disciples? No matter how urgent it is, unless the Sect is at risk, the Sect Elders can handle it! And you dare to disturb me for a mere visitor?! Are you tired of being a Sect Elder?! Because if you are, you can just tell me and I will happily take that position away from you!"

Huo Yuanjia hated more than anything to be disturbed while he trained his disciples, as he feared that it might distract them during crucial moments, hence his outburst of rage.

"T-This disciple is aware of the Sect Master's rule! However, the person that is here to visit you is no one other than—"

The Sect Elder trembled as he spoke, but before he could even finish his sentence, another voice resounded.

"Hey, this is a pretty nice and isolated place. You can do whatever you want here and nobody from the outside would ever find out."

Su Yang's handsome figure approached them from the distance, and walking beside him was an exceedingly beautiful teenager that resembled a real Goddess.

"Su Yang?!" Huo Yuanjia called out his name from surprise.

"What? Su Yang is here?"

When the disciples that had ignored the noise this entire time suddenly stopped their cultivation to open their eyes and turned to look at Su Yang.

Lin Shao Shang was amongst these disciples, and when she saw Su Yang, her mind instantly recalled their bet during the tournament and wondered if he had come all the way here to finally claim his prize — her body!

"What are you doing here, Su Yang? Coming here without any notices, it must be urgent." Huo Yuanjia spoke with a frown, yet his eyes were staring blankly at Xiao Rong, who is, without any doubt, the most beautiful entity he has ever seen in his life besides Qiuyue, who he only managed to glance at before disappearing.

A few seconds later, Su Yang turned to look at Lin Shao Shang and spoke with a mysterious smile, "It's nothing too urgent, but I am here for her. After all, she does owe me something."

"What?!" Huo Yuanjia and the disciples' eyes widened with shock.

Meanwhile, Lin Shao Shang herself was screaming internally after hearing his words.

'Ahhhhhhhh! He's really here to take my body! I am not prepared for this!'

The place became dead silent and remained that way for a good moment.

"Nonsense! Did you really believe that Junior apprentice-sister Lin would give her body to you just because of some bet?!" One of the disciples there suddenly stood up and yelled at Su Yang.

"Although you may have some achievements under your name, don't be too full of yourself!"

Su Yang glanced at the handsome young disciple who just spoke and spoke with a nonchalant expression, "And who are you?"

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