Dual Cultivation

Chapter 469 Vivid Dreams

Chapter 469 Vivid Dreams

As Su Liqing slept, her dream became more and more vivid, and the dream slowly appeared to be more realistic, almost as though they were actually memories and not just a mere dream.

"What's your name, young man?"

"Su Yang."

"Then as promised, since you have defeated me, I shall become your wife, Su Yang."

Inside her dream, Su Liqing saw herself kneeling on the floor with an exhausted look, and standing proudly before her with a sword in his grasp was Su Yang, and it appears that he'd defeated her in some sort of duel.

A few moments later, her dream skipped to another scenario, where they were naked on the bed, and Su Yang was trying his best to pleasure her, but one could tell how poorly his techniques were at glance.

"I'm coming, Meiqi!" Su Yang exclaimed as his body trembled with delight, ejecting his hot liquid into her body.

After his ejaculation, Su Yang passed out on her chest, before sleeping like a baby.

The scenarios changed again, and it appeared to be after their dual cultivation.

"Are you finally awake, Meiqi?" Su Yang asked her.

He then continued in a bashful voice, "I'm sorry if last night sucked. It was my first time."

"I wouldn't know, since it was also my first time." Su Liqing replied.

"I will do better next time to please you, I swear." Su Yang smiled innocently.

The scenarios suddenly changed again.

"You had another breakthrough? It's only been a month since your last one, Su Yang! At this rate, you'll surpass me in just a few more months!" Su Liqing said with a beautiful smile on her face.

And again.

"Su Yang, do you think I will ever be able to bear your child? It's been ten years since we've married, and we do it every day, but I am still unable to..."

"It's fine, Meiqi. I don't care if you can conceive or not. I am content with just having you in my life."

The scenario changed once more.

��I'm sorry, Su Yang, for being such a worthless wife. I wouldn't blame you even if you decide to find another woman to conceive your child. After all, someone as talented as you deserve better than me!" Su Liqing spoke with tears in her eyes.

"When will you stop saying such nonsense, Meiqi? How many times have I told you that even if you cannot conceive my child, I will never leave you alone?" Su Yang wiped her tears with a gentle smile.

"But I am already getting old, and my cultivation has long reached its limits! If I cannot conceive within the next five years, all hope is lost!" Su Liqing cried even harder.

However, Su Yang merely embraced her and mumbled in a low voice, "I didn't marry you so you can conceive my child, Meiqi. I married you because I love you."

"I'm sorry, Su Yang… I am truly sorry…"

It was at this moment Su Liqing's eyes snapped open.

She immediately sat up on the bed and looked at her own hands that were trembling uncontrollably.

"W-What was that realistic dream just now?" she mumbled to herself with her body soaked in sweat, almost like she had a nightmare.

However, the longer she was awake, the more the dream began to slip from her mind, almost as though it was being erased.

After sitting on the bed for many minutes with a confused face, she got off the bed to wash the sweat from her body.

'That was clearly Su Yang, yet there was something vastly different about him. Just what was that dream?' Su Liqing pondered to herself as she gently touched the Family Seal on her body.

Although it was clearly just her dream, it was also too vivid and realistic to be just a dream.

Meanwhile, after he left the Medicine Hall, Su Yang returned to his own living quarter, where Qiuyue and Xiao Rong were waiting for him.

"You are finally back, Master!"

Xiao Rong jumped at him with her arms wide open, acting just like a child after not seeing her parents for a long time.

While 1 month of time is almost nothing for an Ancient Realm entity like Xiao Rong, she found out that time passes by much slower without Su Yang being beside her, and it was an uncomfortable feeling that she could not fully understand.

"Did anything happen while I was gone?" Su Yang asked her while he carried her in his arms.

"A few suspicious humans tried to enter the Sect, so I killed them all." Xiao Rong responded in a nonchalant manner, almost like she was talking about killing bugs.

"What did those humans look like?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows.

"They were clad in all black so I did not see their appearances, but they had a similar smell to the ones I killed before."

"Before?" Su Yang could only recall Xiao Rong killing people from the Million Snakes Sect.

"When did this happen?"

"two weeks ago!"

"While the Regional Tournament was still ongoing, huh."

"Should I go ahead and kill all of them?" Xiao Rong suddenly asked him with an innocent face — one that did not fit the words that just came out of her mouth.

"You don't have to dirty your hands by killing them. I am also interested in what they will do next now that their plan has failed. Either way, they cannot harm us no matter what they do."

Another reason why he didn't want Xiao Rong to exterminate the Million Snakes Sect was because he wanted to be the one to deal with them personally.

"Anyway, I will be making a trip to the Burning Lotus Sect now, so I want you to continue protecting this place."

"I want to go with you this time, Master!" Xiao Rong said to him with pleading eyes.

'When did she learn to make such an expression?' Su Yang thought to himself.

"Qiuyue, can you protect this place in her stead for a bit?" he turned to look at her.

"I don't care, but what if someone comes looking for you?"

"Just tell them where I went."

"Are you sure?" Qiuyue looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"They are already aware of our relationship anyway, and there's no longer any reason for me to hide you any longer, since I am no longer a mere disciple in an unknown world."

Qiuyue nodded.

Sometime later, Su Yang left the Sect with Xiao Rong by his side.

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