Dual Cultivation

Chapter 468 Su Liqing

Chapter 468 Su Liqing



Lan Liqing moaned gently as Su Yang slowly shook his hips.

Although half an hour had passed since they began dual cultivation, Lan Liqing was nowhere near exhausted, almost like Su Yang was going easy on her.

"You are being awfully gentle today, Su Yang." Lan Liqing said with a smile. "Though, it's not like I don't enjoy it. It just feels very different than usual."

Su Yang also smiled and said, "That's because I want the both of us to enjoy it for as long as possible."

There was nothing special about the current dual cultivation session, as Su Yang wasn't deploying any of his techniques and was simply having casual sex with Lan Liqing.

The purpose of this session was not so he could improve his cultivation base or simply to pleasure the girl in his arms but to deepen their connection.

To Lan Liqing, it felt like they were just two ordinary couples who had just gotten married and were connecting their bodies for the first time during their first night together, and it had this indescribable charm to it.

The pace was neither fast nor slow, yet the pleasure she was feeling far exceeded anything she has felt before. Furthermore, despite feeling more stimulated, she was able to control her moaning and breathing with ease.

"I feel blessed to have met you, Su Yang. I am even beginning to think that my incident was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to meet you."

"I am also glad that you accepted my unreasonable request before I consumed the Pure Yang Flower."

The two of them continued to cultivate for many hours, their bodies moving nonstop as though it was hypnotized.

And the longer they cultivated, the clearer Su Yang's Family Seal began to appear on Lan Liqing's body.

By the end of their cultivation session, the Family Seal on her stomach was so realistic that it almost felt alive.

"This is the Family Seal?" she asked him as her fingers gently caressed it.

He nodded and said, "Welcome to the family."

"Does this make me Su Liqing now?" She joked with a smile.

"If you wish to use my surname, you have all the rights to."

Hearing his unexpected answer, Lan Liqing stared at him with a dazed face.

"Then starting today, my name is Su Liqing."

Su Yang looked at her with wide eyes, as he didn't expect her to truly take his surname for herself. Even in the family, very few people decided to change their name.

"My previous surname was given to me by the parents that had abandoned me, at least that was what the previous Sect Master told me when they found me, and I have always despised it."

"By the way, if you don't mind me asking, who was this person that I resemble?"

"She was… my wife. My first wife." He answered after a slight pause.

"Huh?" Su Liqing looked at him with wide eyes.

"You already have a wife?" She sounded more surprised than disappointed.

"I had a wife. But she died countless thousands of years ago."

"Thousands of… years…?" Su Liqing became even more confused.

"Since you are now a part of my family, it's about time I tell you about my real background — the real Su Yang."

Su Yang then popped an Appearance Reforming Pill into his mouth and transferred his immature appearance to that of his mature self, shocking Su Liqing.

"This is my real appearance… the real Su Yang — at least before my reincarnation."

He then proceeded to explain to her his true identity.

"I was born in a place called the four Divine Heavens, where I have already lived a life that far exceeded this one, and it is also the place where we will be going in two years."

"Due to circumstances, I died in that life. However, I was then reincarnated into this world as the same person, and it was not until I entered the Profound Blossom Sect that I recovered the memories of my past life."

Su Liqing stared at the exceedingly handsome man before her with a dazed face, seemingly in disbelief.

Although she found it hard to believe that Su Yang had lived another life and was reincarnated, it explained why he has so much knowledge and his otherworldly talents.

She always thought that Su Yang behaved too mature for his actual age, and to think that her suspicions had been true this entire time. It was simply too shocking.

"What's on your mind?" Su Yang asked her with a calm expression.

"Uh…" After a moment of silence, she spoke with a bashful smile, "You've become very handsome…?"

"Is that so?" Su Yang chuckled.

"So you don't mind my background?"

Su Liqing shook her head and spoke, "It was not your background that I fell in love with, so it doesn't matter where you came from or how you came to be. Just promise me that you will remain the same person I know."

Su Yang nodded, "I promise," he mumbled in a gentle voice.

After talking for a few more minutes, Su Liqing spoke, "How about another round? I feel much better than before for some reason."

Su Yang smiled, and the two returned to dual cultivation for a few more hours.




Sometime later, Su Yang left the Medicine Hall, leaving Su Liqing inside the room to rest.

Once she fell asleep, the Family Seal on Su Liqing's body began to glow a mysterious light, causing her to have a realistic dream.

Inside her dream, she was lying naked on a bed, just like her current situation, and she could feel another presence on the bed right beside her.

"Are you finally awake, Meiqi?" A familiar voice resounded beside her, causing her to turn her head.

"Su Yang…?" Su Liqing mumbled after seeing his handsome face sleeping beside her. Although this person looked exactly like current Su Yang, he felt vastly different and much more innocent.

"I'm sorry if last night sucked. It was my first time," said Su Yang with an embarrassed smile.

"I wouldn't know, since it was also my first time." She unconsciously responded to him with a gentle smile, feeling as though she'd said these exact same words before.

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