Dual Cultivation

Chapter 467 I Want You to Come With Me

Chapter 467 I Want You to Come With Me

After taking Lan Liqing to a private room that is her own room inside the Medicine Hall, Su Yang silently looked at her with a serious expression.

"What's with the serious face? Did something happen? I am always here if you need someone to talk to." Lan Liqing said to him with a comforting smile after many minutes of silence.

A slight smile appeared on his face, and he spoke, "Indeed, I have a few things in my mind. However, it's nothing too significant, so why don't we have some fun first?"

Lan Liqing showed a defeated smile and nodded, "If it'll ease your mind, we can have as much as fun as you need."

A few seconds later, Lan Liqing removed her robes and laid on the bed with her arms spread wide open, enticing him into her embrace with a charming smile on her beautiful face.


However, Su Yang did not move and only remained standing there.

"Su Yang…? Is there something wrong, after all?" Lan Liqing asked him with a worried frown.

"No, you just remind me of someone I knew." He responded with a nostalgic expression. "From your temperament to your gaze… you resemble someone I hold very dear."


Lan Liqing was speechless, as she did not know how to respond to such words.

Su Yang then continued speaking, "Although she always appeared cold and fearless on the outside, once you get to know her, she was extremely caring and gentle, just like you when I first met you."

"But the similarities don't stop there. Not only was she my first partner at that time, you are also my first partner in this life…" Su Yang mumbled in a low voice.

Lan Liqing raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner. Why did it sound like he was speaking of another life in the past?

"If she was reincarnated, you would be what she might be like today."

"This woman you speak of… is she…?" Lan Liqing couldn't help but ask the obvious.

"That's right. She's no longer in this world."

"I'm sorry for your loss…"

A few moments of silence later, Su Yang stared at Lan Liqing in the eyes and spoke with a serious expression, "Although I have not decided yet, there's a very high chance that I will be leaving this place in two years' time."

"W-What?!" Lan Liqing immediately stood up with a shocked face. "T-This is too sudden! Why are you leaving now of all times? The Profound Blossom Sect needs you!"

"I know, that's why I am going to make the Profound Blossom Sect into one of the most powerful forces in the Eastern Continent before I leave in two years so that when I really leave, they will no longer need to rely on me."

"...Do the others know of this?" she asked him, and he gently shook his head.

"Do you plan on telling them?"

"Of course, once everything is sorted out and returns to normal."

"Then I am the only one who knows of this?"

"That's right."

"Why are you telling me this…?"


After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke in a sincere voice, "Because I want to give you some time to decide."

"Decide…?" she raised an eyebrow.

"I want you to come with me when I decide to leave."

Lan Liqing's eyes widened when she heard his words, and she asked, "Where will we be going?"

"Somewhere far away — where I was originally from."

'Where he's originally from?' Lan Liqing repeated his words in her mind. Does this have something to do with his mysterious background?

"Once you leave… are you going to come back?" She continued to ask him.

"It's hard to say, but I will definitely try."

The room turned completely silent after that.

Lan Liqing then laid on the bed with her arms covering her face, almost as though she was in deep thoughts.

"You don't have to decide now. There's plenty of time, after all." Su Yang said with a smile.

"I will leave you in peace now."

Just as Su Yang turned around, Lan Liqing stopped him with a clear voice, "Wait! Are you just going to leave me like this?"

When Su Yang turned around, Lan Liqing was looking at him with a mesmerizing gaze, and her fingers were pointing to her naked body.

Su Yang's eyes widened, but before he could speak, she continued, "You have underestimated me, Su Yang. Two years? That's too long! I don't even need two minutes to decide! I want to follow you!"

"Eh? Are you sure about that? Isn't this your home?" he asked.

"I have already mentioned this to you before, Su Yang. What made this my home was the previous Sect Masters that had adopted me. Now that they are gone, this is no longer my home. In fact, I have a new home now."

She then pointed to him and spoke, "You are my home now, Su Yang. Wherever you go, that place will also be my home."

Hearing her words, Su Yang closed his eyes and took a deep breath and mumbled with a smile, "Really… you are the exact same as her…"

He then approached her and looked her in the eyes and spoke, "Liqing, are you willing to bear my Family Seal?"

"Family Seal? What's that?"

Su Yang then proceeded to explain to her about the Family Seal and the rules that she must abide by when accepting it.

"It feels like we are getting married, Su Yang." Lan Liqing chuckled.

"It's similar, but a Family Seal is more than just a marriage," he replied with a smile.

A moment later, Lan Liqing spoke, "I never thought I'd say this to a man's proposal but… Yes! I am willing!"

The smile on Su Yang's face widened, and he immediately went for her lips, kissing her passionately.

A few moments later, Su Yang also removed his robes, before the two of them began their session of passionate dual cultivation.

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