Dual Cultivation

Chapter 466 New Sect Elders

Chapter 466 New Sect Elders

"Winning the tournament is just but the beginning. Starting today, I will steer the Profound Blossom Sect towards the direction of being the number one sect in the Eastern Continent and it won't just be in name."

Su Yang then looked at Liu Lanzhi and continued, "I will leave the reconstruction and the guests to you and the sect elders. I will handle everything else."

"In one month's time, I will start recruiting new disciples. However, my methods will be completely different than what you are used to."

"I will leave everything to you." Liu Lanzhi nodded.

"Once the recruitment is over, that is when the real fun truly begins. I hope that you will all enjoy it as much I will when that happens." Su Yang said with a mysterious smile.

The disciples exchanged glances, wondering what he was planning on doing. But alas, Su Yang is an unpredictable man unbounded by normal boundaries, so anything was possible when it comes to him.

"Do any of you have any questions?" He asked them.

One of the disciples raised her hands and spoke, "What should we do now that the Regional Tournament is over? Will we continue to cultivate with you?"

All of the disciples there looked at him with a nervous expression. Now that the Regional Tournament is over, there is no longer any reason for him to cultivate with them. Furthermore, they will be receiving new disciples in the near future. These disciples all feared that Su Yang would no longer cultivate with them now that everything is over.

Su Yang closed his eyes for a moment before speaking, "When situations and times change, so does our purpose. I will be extremely busy starting today, and there will be new disciples to fill in the gap that is the lack of male disciples, so I will no longer be able to keep all of you for myself."

When the disciples heard that, they all showed a dejected face. Of course, they already knew that their situation was only temporary and that it would end one day, but when that time finally arrived, they were reluctant to accept it.

"I-I don't mind being your exclusive partner! There will also be new female disciples, after all! Even if we cannot cultivate with you every day, just once in a while will be enough!" One of them said.

Su Yang remained calm and continued, "Despite your young age, all of you are as powerful if not even more powerful than most adults now. Therefore, I plan on making everyone here, except the Junior Disciples, Sect Elders that will become the new pillars of the Profound Blossom Sect. Of course, if you wish to remain as a disciple, that is perfectly fine."

"S-Sect Elders?"

The disciples exchanged gazes with each other again. They didn't expect such an outcome.

"Now that I am the Sect Master, and things will be returning to normal soon, I will no longer be able to cultivate with the disciples. However, if they were Sect Elders, that would be a different story. While it won't be very often, I can make time every once in a while to assist the Sect Elders' cultivation."

When the disciples heard his words, their sad expressions immediately turned into delight with wide smiles on their faces.

"I am willing to become a Sect Elder!"

"Me too! I accept the position of Sect Elder!"

The disciples quickly agreed to become Sect Elders.

Meanwhile, the other Sect Elders were dumbfounded by the situation. In the Sect's entire history, this is the first time they have picked Sect Elders in such a manner. However, it was true that they were lacking Sect Elders, and once the Profound Blossom Sect flourishes with new disciples, they will need Sect Elders to maintain order, and such a thing wouldn't be possible with the amount of Sect Elders they have right now.

"Anyway, this is all I have for you now. I will give more details after the disciple recruitment is over. You can do whatever you want for now until the recruitment begins."

After he was finished talking, the disciples began their conversation with each other.

The disciples that participated in the tournament reminisced their time at Snowfall City and how the tournament progressed. Meanwhile, some of the disciples, mostly the Junior Disciples, surrounded Qin Liangyu and asked her questions regarding her background and the Southern Continent.

"Are you really from the Southern Continent? How did you get to the Eastern Continent when the Jade Sea separates us?"

The Junior Disciples looked at her with eyes of interest.

"Well… Su Yang brought me here on a flying ship…" Qin Liangyu said.

"Wooow! A flying ship! It must be the same one as that time!" The Junior Disciples said, recalling the giant flying ship that picked up Su Yang and Hong Yu'er at the tournament.

"Why did you come to the Eastern Continent?" Another one asked her.

"Su Yang…" she responded in a bashful voice.

The Junior Disciples exchanged glances with each other before bursting out with laughter, "Hahaha! Of course, that's the case! Why else would a beautiful woman like you be around our Senior apprentice-brother?!"

"Tell us about the Southern Continent, please!"

Qin Liangyu nodded and began talking about the Southern Continent as though it was a story to the Junior Disciples.

Meanwhile, after Su Yang's speech, Liu Lanzhi approached him and spoke, "Su Yang, I would love to talk more about our plans for the future but there are thousands of visitors outside the gates."

Su Yang nodded and said, "I understand. You do whatever you have to."

A few moments later, Liu Lanzhi left the place with the Sect Elders to greet the visitors. At this rate, even if they spent their entire day receiving visitors, it will take weeks before peace returns to the place.

After Liu Lanzhi left the place, Su Yang turned to look at Lan Liqing, who was quietly standing in the corner of the room, silently watching him.

When she realized that Su Yang had noticed her, she showed him an embarrassed smile.

He then approached her and said, "Come with me, I have a few things to talk to you about."

Lan Liqing nodded before following him to somewhere private.

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