Dual Cultivation

Chapter 465 Fangirls

Chapter 465 Fangirls

"Everybody here is waiting to visit the Profound Blossom Sect?" Liu Lanzhi was baffled by their sudden rise in popularity. Although it was to be expected, she didn't think it would get out of hand so fast.

A few moments later, she stepped forward and spoke, "I am Liu Lanzhi, Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect, and I am humbled by your enthusiasm to visit our Sect, so once I return to the Sect, I will immediately begin seeing guests. Since there appears to be a large number of people, it will take some time, so please be patient."

"Oh! It's the Sect Master!"

The people there quickly lowered their heads with respect after realizing her identity.

"Please take your time, Sect Master! We will be here even if it takes until next month!"

Liu Lanzhi nodded before returning inside the carriage alongside the Sect Elders.

A few moments later, they began moving again.

Sometime later, once they had returned to the Sect, they were greeted by Elder Zhao, who was standing before the gates, silently watching over the hundreds of people that were waiting outside like some sort of guard.

"Sect Master! You have finally returned!"

Elder Zhao was elevated upon seeing their carriage approach the gates.

"Make way! The Sect Master has returned!"

The visitors there made a path for their carriage to pass without needing to be told.

Once the carriages stopped, all of the disciples and sect elders exited the carriage.

"Look! That's Fairy Fang! She's as beautiful as the rumors describe!"

"There's also Fairy Sun and the rest of the disciples!"

The people there watched with admiration as the disciples came out of the carriages.

When Su Yang finally made his appearance, the people there exploded with noises, especially the females there, who were making fangirling noises.

"Over there! That's Su Yang, the number one genius in the Eastern Continent, reaching the Heavenly Spirit Realm at the age of 17! He's even more handsome than they described!"

"Good heavens, he's so dreamy! How can a man look so beautiful? He's even prettier than most girls out there!"

"Please look over here, Senior Brother Su!"

"Can I have your autograph?!"


Hearing his name being called so many times, Su Yang decided to turn to look at those girls and showed them a handsome smile, causing all of them to scream with excitement.

"Oh my god! He just smiled at me!"

"No, he smiled at me!"

"Are you blind?! His eyes were clearly looking at me!"

The Profound Blossom Sect disciples looked at these fangirls with a perplexed expression on their faces. They had a feeling that they will be encountering these kinds of people very often starting today.

Once the disciples finally entered the Sect, Elder Zhao said to the people waiting outside before closing the gates — "Our Sect Master has just returned, so give us some time before we start accepting guests again."

However, even though the gates were closed, the disciples were still able to hear the noises from outside, especially the fangirls that were being the loudest.

"Let's go somewhere quieter," said Liu Lanzhi.

"The other disciples are currently waiting inside the meeting hall." Elder Zhao spoke.

Liu Lanzhi nodded, and they began making their way towards the meeting hall.

Sometime later, when they entered the building, the disciples that had been waiting inside stood up and immediately rushed to them.

"Senior apprentice-sisters!"

"Senior apprentice-brother!"

The disciples that did not travel to Snowfall City quickly surrounded those that just returned.

"Xiao Bai!"

A large ball of white fluff suddenly pounced at Fang Zhelan when it saw her.

"You have gotten so big in just a month!" Fang Zhelan expressed surprise after seeing that Xiao Bai had nearly doubled in size.

"Su Yang…"

A beautiful woman suddenly approached Su Yang with a gentle smile on her face.

"Liqing." Su Yang returned her gaze with a smile of his own.

"Welcome back." Lan Liqing said to him.

"I'm back." He nodded.

After spending many minutes on their reunion, Liu Lanzhi gathered all of them and spoke, "I'm sure that you've already heard this, but we have done it! The Profound Blossom Sect has become the champion of the Regional Tournament! At this moment, we are the number one sect in the entire Eastern Continent!"

The disciples there immediately cheered with excitement. Some of them were even crying.

"Of course, none of this would've happened without the help of you, especially Su Yang, who was solely responsible for training the disciples that won us this tournament!"

"Although I have already said this in this city, I will repeat this for those of you who were not there — I have appointed Su Yang as the next Sect Master, so you will be treating him as such starting today!"

"S-Sect Master?" Elder Zhao's eyes widened with shock. Even though he's already predicted that Su Yang would be the Sect Master one day, he didn't expect that it would be so soon.

"Su Yang… or should I call you Sect Master now? Congratulations." Lan Linqing said to him.

However, Su Yang shook his head and said to the disciples there, "I don't like formality, so I request that you all continue to address me as Su Yang."

Liu Lanzhi then proceeded to summarize the events that had occurred while they were at Snowfall City, recalling their tournament, their opponents, the Azure Cloud Sect and Hong Yu'er, their Alliance with the Burning Lotus Sect, and the Heavenly Swan Sect, and other things until their departure.

"Heavenly Spirit Realm… I doubted that when I first heard it, but it appears to be true…" Elder Zhao sighed when Liu Lanzhi confirmed his doubts. Although he would rather not admit it, he cannot help but admire Su Yang and his talents.

Afterward, Liu Lanzhi introduced them to Qin Liangyu, a native from the Southern Continent. Of course, her background raised a lot of questions and interest, but they decided to ask her after the meeting.

"Anyway, we have been awarded 10 million spirit stones and many other things, so we will be using these resources to reconstruct and expand our Sect, making it bigger. After all, we will be accepting many disciples very soon." Liu Lanzhi continued. "I have also received a large amount of donations from Su Yang, and I will be distributing them to all of you later."

"One last thing. I have already spoken to a few sect elders about this, but in order to expand further and receive more disciples, the Profound Blossom Sect will no longer just be a Sect that focuses on dual cultivation. We will now have to separate sides — one for those who wish to practice dual cultivation and the other that wishes to practice normally. Do any of you have any objections to this change?"

The disciples there exchanged glances before shaking their heads. As long as they get to continue dual cultivating, nothing else mattered to them.

"This is all I have to say for now. I will now let Su Yang speak." Liu Lanzhi said.

A few moments later, Su Yang walked to the front and stared at the disciples with a calm expression.

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