Dual Cultivation

Chapter 464 Astonishing Endurance 18+

Chapter 464 Astonishing Endurance 18+

The other three girls watched with an astonished face as Sun Jingjing rode Su Yang's stiff rod like she was riding a horse, shaking her hips intensively.

Meanwhile, when Su Yang saw the jiggling breasts before him, he instinctively buried his face between them, before moving his mouth towards the peak of these breasts, sucking on the pink buds.

Sun Jingjing released another loud moan after feeling his soft tongue massage her nipples.

Half an hour later, her body trembled uncontrollably, and a flow of Yin Qi gushed out from below.

"Eh? She's already done?"

Fang Zhelan was dumbfounded to see Sun Jingjing finish so early, as she would normally last hours. Did Su Yang increase the intensity again?

After Sun Jingjing sat down to rest, Liu Lanzhi aggressively approached Su Yang and inserted his stiff rod through her lower body, almost as though her patience was running thin.

"Oh my… even though it appears only slightly larger than before, it feels entirely different inside, almost like it'd doubled in size!" Liu Lanzhi spoke as her sexy body moved up and down, filling the small room with an erotic noise.

A few minutes later, Liu Lanzhi also sat down with an exhausted face.

"I will go next." Fang Zhelan stood up and approached him, before she turned her back to him and sat down on his lap, squeezing his penis with her tight vagina.

Once Fang Zhelan began moving, Su Yang's hands firmly grasped her breasts from behind, feeling its soft and heavenly sensation until he was content, before his fingers gently rubbed the perked points on her breasts.

Fang Zhelan moaned passionately in response, and her hips even began moving faster.

Meanwhile, Qin Liangyu watched them with a mesmerizing gaze. Seeing how their bodies moved with confidence and ease, she realized very quickly that these three girls have already done this multiple times with Su Yang before and were very familiar with his body.

Sometime later, it was finally Qin Liangyu's turn to sit on Su Yang's lap.

However, unlike the experienced disciples, Qin Liangyu slowly approached Su Yang, even taking some time to adjust her body.

"How cute…" Sun Jingjing silently chuckled after seeing her inexperienced movements. It was as clear as day that it hasn't been long since Qin Liangyu stopped being a pure maiden.

However, as Qin Liangyu continued to cultivate with Su Yang, the other three girls became increasingly surprised, until they were filled with shock.

It was obvious that Qin Liangyu was a beginner when it comes to dual cultivation, yet her level of endurance was astonishing to say the least, as she has managed to cultivate without rest for over an hour now.

They thought Su Yang was going easy on her because she was new to this type of thing, but upon closer examination, they realized that Su Yang was actually doing her more intensely than he did with them!

When they realized this fact, their faces expressed admiration and respect for Qin Liangyu, and they also understood why he accepted her as his partner.

A few days later, when all four of them were exhausted and could no longer go on, Su Yang left them to rest while he visited the other carriage, where the other disciples were at to see if they wanted to 'catch up'.

Of course, they all happily agreed.

"You're very impressive, Junior Sister Qin." Liu Lanzhi said to her after their cultivation session. "If you had been a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect before the incident, you would've surely been one of the top disciples."

"Are you sure you are new to this?" Fang Zhelan asked her with a doubtful gaze. Even she didn't have her level of endurance when she first started, and she was not even cultivating with Su Yang at the time.

"Right? Even someone as experienced as myself cannot last a few minutes when I first cultivated with him, yet you managed to accumulate more time cultivating with him than all three of us combined. It ashames me to even say that." Liu Lanzhi sighed.

"I can see why Su Yang accepted you as his partner," said Sun Jingjing with a smile.

"Hehe…" Qin Liangyu's face was covered in redness after hearing their words, silently thanking her Heavenly Constitution for her incredible endurance.

A few more days later, when they were only a few hours away from the Profound Blossom Sect, Su Yang returned to their carriage.

"We should arrive in a few hours," said Liu Lanzhi.

Sometime later, the carriages suddenly stopped moving.

"What happened? Why did we stop? Did we arrive already?"

"No, we should still have a few miles until we arrive at the Sect." Liu Lanzhi shook her head.

The disciples were puzzled, so they opened the windows and took a peek outside.

"What in Heaven's name?!"

When Liu Lanzhi and the disciples saw the scene outside, they were all overwhelmed with shock and confusion.

"Why are there so many people lined up here?!" Sun Jingjing exclaimed after seeing the massive queue of people that stretched into the horizon before them.

Meanwhile, when the people in line noticed their carriage and realized their identity, their eyes widened with shock.

"It's the Profound Blossom Sect! The Profound Blossom Sect is here!" Someone suddenly shouted, causing everyone in the line to turn around and look at them.

"It's really the Profound Blossom Sect!"

In just a few short moments, hundreds of people surrounded the carriages like a pack of dogs before their food.

"What's happening?! Why are we suddenly surrounded?!"

The Junior Disciples were terrified by the scene outside.

Meanwhile, the Sect Elders and Liu Lanzhi left the carriage to understand the situation.

"Who are you people, and what do you want from us?" Elder Sun asked them.

"After hearing that the Profound Blossom Sect had won the Regional Tournament, everyone here decided to visit the Sect. However, we were told to line up and wait until their Sect Masters return, so we are now waiting."

"W-Waiting? From here? The Profound Blossom Sect is miles that way, you know?" Elder Sun spoke as he pointed to the horizon.

"We know that, but there's simply so many people waiting that the line extended all the way back here." One of them explained.

The disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect were dumbfounded by the situation. They already expected many visitors after winning the tournament, but they sure as hell didn't expect it to be this out of hand!

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