Dual Cultivation

Chapter 463 It’s Definitely Bigger Than Before! 18+

Chapter 463 It’s Definitely Bigger Than Before! 18+

After learning of Qin Liangyu's relationship with Su Yang, Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan stared at her with envious gazes. Any woman that gets to become his partner, even if only as a mere concubine, will surely be happy and satisfied for life.

Not only is he now recognized as the number one genius in the Eastern Continent, but he's also from the Su Family, one of the Four Great Families. Furthermore, there still seems to be many mysteries surrounding him. No matter what happens, his future has already been determined to be filled with grandness."

"By the way, His Majesty, Lord Xie, has given us the instruction to meet him at the Xie Family's household in five months' time to receive the rest of the rewards for winning the tournament. He also said that we should bring three disciples with us, as they will be entering the Celestial Pond for seven days.

"The Celestial Pond… how are we going to pick which disciples to go? There are only three very limited spots, but we have 10 people who participated in the tournament, and we cannot rule out the other disciples."

"You can exclude me from this Celestial Pond thing, Sect Master." Fang Zhelan suddenly spoke.

"Are you sure about that? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your cultivation will progress 100 times faster if you train there! And since you are allowed to cultivate there for 7 days, that's nearly 2 years of progression in 7 short days!"

 "I am content with my current cultivation, and I have already received more than enough from Su Yang, so you should pick someone else — someone with talent." Fang Zhelan was adamant on giving away her spot.

"I also don't need this spot, Sect Master." Sun Jingjing also refused this opportunity.

"Eh? You too?" Liu Lanzhi was dumbfounded.

Logically, Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan qualify the most to cultivate in the Celestial Pond, as they were the most talented amongst the disciples. And for them to reject this opportunity, it was simply a waste!

"Although the Celestial Pond seems very interesting and will no doubt benefit me greatly, I have no need for it." Sun Jingjing then said.

"Such an unreasonable reason…" Liu Lanzhi was speechless.

Suddenly, Su Yang spoke, "We have five months to decide, so let's think this through slowly. Our new disciple recruitment will be starting soon. We can give one of the spots to the most promising one at the end. After all, there's no reason why we can't give one of the spots to the new disciples."

"Furthermore, it can be used to lure in even more people to our Profound Blossom Sect."

"Using the Celestial Pond as a bait to recruit new disciples…? Only someone like you would dare to even think of such a thing…" Liu Lanzhi said with a dazed face.

"By the way…" Sun Jingjing suddenly spoke.

"It's been a while since we last cultivated together, Su Yang. We have plenty of time until we return to the Sect, so why don't we use this time to catch up?"

Hearing her words, Su Yang smiled, "It's only been a week, though?"

"A week too long!" she responded with a cute chuckle.

"Y-You want to cultivate now?" Liu Lanzhi looked at her with wide eyes. Just how shameless can this girl get?

"It'll be just like when we were going to Snowfall City!"

"Unbelievable…" Liu Lanzhi speechlessly shook her head.

"Um… are you going to cultivate… here?" Qin Liangyu asked with a baffled expression.

"That's right. Do you also want to join us?"


Qin Liangyu didn't immediately answer. It had only been one day since she experienced dual cultivation for the first time in her life and she's already going to do it before other people?! Things were progressing way too fast!

"I-I don't care. If Su Yang wants me to cultivate, I will cultivate."

She ultimately made Su Yang decide for her.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, you know?" Su Yang said to her.

"N-No! I don't mind it at all! After all, I have already experienced it with my eyes before!" Qin Liangyu said, referring to the time she spied on the thirty-two girls cultivating with him at the same time.

"Then without further ado!"

Sun Jingjing suddenly stood up and removed her clothes, revealing her eager body and already slippery wet little sister to everybody in the carriage.

"How shameless…"

Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan shook their heads as they also removed their clothes.

Qin Liangyu was the last one to strip, and when she eventually showed off her beautifully tanned skin, the other three girls stared at her unique body.

"What an amazing figure and beautiful pink color. It's almost like your body was created purposefully for dual cultivation. Do all girls from the Southern Continent have bodies like yours?" Liu Lanzhi praised her body with a somewhat envious gaze.

"I-I wouldn't know something like that…" Qin Liangyu blushed, as this is the first time that she's ever been praised in such a manner.

Meanwhile, Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan were entirely focused on the raging boner between Su Yang's legs, almost like they were mesmerized by it.

"It's only been a week, yet it seems to have grown even bigger than before?" Sun Jingjing mumbled.

Su Yang merely sat there with a smile and said, "Why don't you let your body confirm whether or not that's the case?"

Because of Qin Liangyu's Heavenly Constitution, it was not just his cultivation that increased. Even his little brother had somehow grown bigger after their cultivation.

"I won't be humble!"

Sun Jingjing immediately approached him and stood directly above his penis. She then lowered her hips and rubbed the fluid soaking her flower all over his penis, before inserting the giant into her cave.


Sun Jingjing released a sexy moan afterward, and she spoke with a charming smile on her bright red face, "It's definitely bigger than before!"

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