Dual Cultivation

Chapter 462 A Potential Partner

Chapter 462 A Potential Partner

The following day, the Profound Blossom Sect was prepared to leave the city and return to their own Sect.

"The majority of the other Sects have already left the city and returned to their own places, but the Burning Lotus Sect and the Heavenly Swan Sect said that they will be visiting us soon." Liu Lanzhi said to Su Yang as they prepared to leave the city.

"Then we should return before they decide to visit us." Su Yang said.

Sometime later, the disciples entered the carriages, and the Profound Blossom Sect departed from Snowfall City.

During their journey back, Su Yang explained more about the Profound Blossom Sect and their situation to Qin Liangyu, who was inside the same carriage as him, Fang Zhelan, Sun Jingjing, and Liu Lanzhi.

When he explained to her that they specialized in dual cultivation, Qin Liangyu reacted with disbelief. Not even in her wildest imaginations could she have possibly imagined that a Sect that openly encourages its disciples to practice dual cultivation could exist in this world.

However, the Eastern Continent has different ethics than the Southern Continent, so it wasn't too shocking, especially since she's affiliated with Su Yang.

"I know what you're thinking, but the Profound Blossom Sect is a one-of-a-kind place even in the Eastern Continent. We were even the first ones to introduce this kind of place to the world." Liu Lanzhi spoke with a prideful expression on her face.

"By the way, I am the Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect, Liu Lanzhi," she introduced herself to Qin Liangyu.

"Sect Master…? But I thought Su Yang was the Sect Master?" Qin Liangyu tilted her head. In the Southern Continent, each Sect could only have one Sect Master, unless things are different here in the Eastern Continent.

"Normally, there is only one Sect Master for each Sect. However, due to our nature, we have to maintain a balance and equality to protect our disciples. Therefore, we have two Sect Masters — one male and one female." Liu Lanzhi explained.

Qin Liangyu nodded with a face of understanding, "I see…"

"By the way, how old are you? You seem very young for someone at the Earth Spirit Realm." Liu Lanzhi suddenly asked her.

"I am twenty years old."

"T-Twenty?!" The girls in the carriage looked at her with a shocked expression.

"D-Did you help her, too, Su Yang?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him, who merely shook his head.


They became even more shocked upon hearing that Su Yang had no involvement with her cultivation.

The only reason Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan reached the Earth Spirit Realm was because of Su Yang. To have achieved that without him, it was an amazing feat that could not be fathomed.

"Because of our lifestyle and environment, we are always fighting with powerful beasts, almost every day, so we have to become strong in order to survive. Of course, we also eat a lot of spiritual meat from the beasts we hunt."

"Fighting beasts every day? That sounds like a harsh lifestyle… Does this mean the overall prowess in the Southern Continent is pretty high compared to our Eastern Continent?" Sun Jingjing asked.

"I-I wouldn't know something like that… sorry…" Qin Liangyu shook her head.

Su Yang then spoke, "Although the overall cultivation over there is much higher than this place, they lack techniques and the foundation. A normal Cultivator at the 1st level Profound Spirit Realm in this place could probably defeat someone around the fourth to fifth level of the same realm from the Southern Continent. I can't speak for the Cultivators that belong to a Sect though, since I haven't seen any of them during my trip there."

"Junior Sister Qin, do you have any intentions to join our Profound Blossom Sect?" Liu Lanzhi suddenly asked her.

"You will be immediately promoted to a Core Disciple, of course."


Qin Liangyu looked a bit dazed after hearing her question, then she turned to look at Su Yang for a moment before speaking, "I'm sorry, Sect Master, but I cannot join your Sect — or any other Sect for that matter."

"I see…" Liu Lanzhi looked a bit disappointed and spoke, "While it's unfortunate, can you tell me the reason for your decision?"

"Because I have already made a commitment to Su Yang, so I cannot allow myself to commit another person or place…" she responded with a blushing face.


The entire place turned silent.

"I-I have been meaning to ask, but what is your relationship? And why are you following him?" Sun Jingjing was the first to break the silence, asking the question on Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan's mind right now.

"O-Our relationship…?" Qin Liangyu's face suddenly blanked.

Now that she thinks about it, what is her relationship with Su Yang, really? Although she has cultivated with him before, so did the other thirty-two women in the Boar Tribe. How is her relationship with him any different from the others?

"She's my partner." Su Yang suddenly said, causing the people there to look at him with wide eyes.

"I have taken her Pure Yin Essence, and she decided to follow me, so we are now partners."

He then turned to look at Qin Liangyu and continued, "Although there are no serious commitments between us right now, in the future, once you are certain that you wish to be with me forever, I can make it serious. There's also no need to rush to your decision. Until then, we can still be considered partners."

"Su Yang…" Qin Liangyu was speechless, as she didn't expect that he'd actually see her as his partner.

Meanwhile, Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan stared at them with wide eyes, as he didn't strike them as the type of man to have 'serious' relationships with others.

Of course, Sun Jingjing's relationship with him still remains a secret between just the two of them, so in Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan's eyes, Qin Liangyu has suddenly become Su Yang's first potential serious partner — and not just dual cultivation partners like the two of them and the other disciples in the Sect — but a real partner! One that would follow him until the end of their time!

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