Dual Cultivation

Chapter 459 His Past With the Heavenly Emperor End of Vol. 8

Chapter 459 His Past With the Heavenly Emperor End of Vol. 8

"So the Mirror of Darkness belonged to that dog for the Heavenly Emperor, huh."

Su Yang calmly digested all of this information after listening to Tang Lingxi's explanation.

"It's no wonder why it looked so familiar to me. I have seen it before."

"You have finally recalled?" Tang Lingxi asked him.

He nodded and spoke, "The Mirror of Darkness is actually called the Silver Dimension Gate, and it is a Divine-grade treasure that has the ability to transport one to anywhere they have been to before. For example, if I use the Silver Dimension Gate, I can return to the Eastern Continent instantly, but I cannot go to the Western Continent, as I have never been to that place."

"How do you know about something like this?" Tang Lingxi raised her eyebrows.

"I have been to the Celestial Palace before, and I was even inside the treasury briefly." Su Yang said with a nostalgic expression.

However, Tang Lingxi's eyes widened with shock when she heard this.

"You what?! That's impossible! Unless you are the Heavenly Emperor himself, there's no way you could've stepped foot into the treasury! Just how did you enter such a place?!"

Su Yang showed a smile and said, "Besides the Heavenly Emperor, there are two other individuals who can enter the Celestial Treasury at their will. His wife and daughter."

"Don't tell me you…"

He nodded and continued, "His daughter was kind enough to give me a tour inside, even explaining some of the treasures there, and the Silver Dimension Gate happened to be one of those treasures."

"You are acquainted with the Heavenly Emperor's daughter?!"

Both Qiuyue and Tang Lingxi stared at him with wide eyes. It was more shocking to them that he knew the Heavenly Emperor's daughter than entering the Celestial Treasury!

"We are more than just acquainted." Su Yang showed a mysterious smile.

"S-S-Surely, you don't mean…" Tang Lingxi trembled in shock.

As the princess of the Asura God Clan, she has countless experiences, so there are very little things in this world that could shock her to such an extent, yet she was feeling exactly that at this moment.

"The Heavenly Emperor's daughter… the Heavenly Emperor's daughter… t-the Heavenly Emperor's… daughter.." Qiuyue continuously repeated these four words, almost as though she was trying to comprehend them but to no avail — or maybe she simply didn't want to believe it.

Not only the princess of the Asura God Clan, but even the Heavenly Emperor's daughter is involved with Su Yang? Why are there so many people with mind-blowing backgrounds associated with him? And in comparison, Qiuyue's status as the princess of the Sacred Moon Palace is not even worth mentioning. At this rate, she might as well be a commoner in some backwater place.

Before meeting Tang Lingxi and learning about all of these powerful and important individuals, Qiuyue has always believed that the Sacred Moon Palace was the strongest and that she was a special existence with an unshakable position in this world.

But alas, it turned out that she was but a mere frog in a well, and that the Sacred Moon Palace is only but a minor power in the grand scheme of things.

"I was invited by the Heavenly Emperor for tea one day, as he had intentions to make me work for him because I am a man with countless connections in the world, and he wanted to take advantage of the relationships I had forged throughout my life. It was also on that day when I first met her, the Heavenly Emperor's daughter."

"She was so beautiful and pure that I'd nearly fallen in love with her at first sight, something I didn't expect would happen for a second time in this lifetime. However, the Heavenly Emperor's daughter… perhaps it was due to her loneliness caused by her secluded lifestyle, but she actually fell in love with me at first sight."

"I never planned on working for the Heavenly Emperor, but when she spoke to me afterward, subtly begging me to work there with an irresistible expression, I unconsciously agreed."

"Thus, I started working for the Heavenly Emperor for some years, and during that time, my relationship with the Heavenly Emperor's daughter deepened."

"One thing led to another, and we somehow ended up crossing a line that was never meant to be crossed. When the Heavenly Emperor found out that I had screwed his beloved daughter, he was immediately enraged."

"If not for her, who begged him to spare my life, I would've died there and then. But no matter how much his daughter pleaded, he could not forgive me entirely, so he tossed me into the Eternal Retribution Cliff."

"That's how I ended up in that place and then in this world sometime later."

Su Yang revealed to them the real reason behind his imprisonment, something nobody else in this universe besides the Heavenly Emperor, his family, and the mysterious old man who helped him escape knew about. 

"Unbelievable! To think that was the reason why you got imprisoned! I had expected something else entirely! But knowing you, it also makes a lot of sense!" Tang Lingxi exclaimed with a dazed expression.

"And as expected, the Heavenly Emperor swept that incident under the rug so that it could never escape to the public. After all, it would cause a major uproar." Su Yang shrugged.

"Anyways, enough about my past with the Heavenly Emperor. The Silver Dimension Gate… it shouldn't have the ability to appear and disappear randomly, so I can only assume that it was damaged after entering the forcefully opened Dimension Rift with its owner, Han Xin."

"I see… that makes sense…" Tang Lingxi nodded.

"By the way, since we know about the Silver Dimension Gate now, there's no longer any reason for us to remain here. Let's return to the Eastern Continent."

Su Yang suddenly said to Qiuyue, who was still dazed by his little story.

Sometime later, when she finally snapped out of it, she controlled the flying ship to return to the Eastern Continent.

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