Dual Cultivation

Chapter 458 Parting Gif

Chapter 458 Parting Gif

After Qin Liangyu left the Boar Tribe, Lebao reluctantly accepted the position of Chief, and all of the tribesmen accepted him to be their new Chief without any problems.

"Chief Lebao! This is an emergency! Please come with me!" One of the tribesmen suddenly approached him with excitement on his face.

"What happened?! Are we under attack again?!" Lebao instantly became wary.

"N-No! It's quite the opposite, actually!"

The tribesman then led Lebao to a large hut in the middle of the settlement — the same one where Su Yang cultivated with the thirty-two women and Qin Liangyu.

By the time they arrived at the site, it was already filled with people. There were almost everybody from the Boar Tribe surrounding the hut.

"Take a look inside, Chief Lebao!"

The tribesmen made way for Lebao, who entered the hut a moment later.

"T-This is!"

Lebao's eyes and jaw opened widely after witnessing the scene inside.

On the large bed that appeared to be soaked in some kind of liquid, there was a mountain of Spirit Stones. Thousands upon thousands of Spirit Stones.

Then right beside the mountain of Spirit Stones, there was a pile of Spiritual Weapons from the Mortal-grade to the Earth-grade laid neatly there.

Furthermore, surrounding the bed, there were thirty-two small piles of treasures and resources with a note placed beside them.

Lebao went to pick one of these notes to read it.

"An Yanyan, thank you for your time. You may do as you wish with this small act of gratitude from me."

The piece of note was signed by Su Yang at the end.

After reading the first note, Lebao went to read another — and another — until he finished reading all thirty-two notes.

"C-Chief Lebao! There's another note hidden here!"

One of the tribesmen handed him the note, which read —

"Besides the thirty-two individual gifts, you can do whatever with the Spirit Stones and Spiritual Weapons I left behind. This is my way of showing gratitude for the tribe's hospitality. I will return to this place in two years, and if I learn that you have mistreated those thirty-two women, the entire Boar Tribe will have to answer me. Su Yang."

Lebao's body trembled after reading the note, and a perplexed feeling appeared in his heart.

While he despised Su Yang for taking away his woman, Su Yang also gifted them enough spiritual weapons to arm every warrior in the tribe and some more, and with that much Spirit Stones, they can easily become the number one tribe in the Southern Continent if given enough time.

Sometime later, Lebao announced to the tribesmen there, "Bring to me the thirty-two women who have their names written on these notes! They will be receiving what our Savior has personally left them! And if anyone tries to covet these items, they shall be executed!"

"Yes, Chief!"

The tribesmen there shouted. Even if he was not there, nobody in their right mind would dare to steal from Su Yang after everything he's done for their Boar Tribe. As for the thirty-two women, they were baffled by the riches Su Yang has left them, as it was enough for them to live comfortably for a lifetime.

Of course, amongst the thirty-two women, there were a few wives, and although their husbands were angry at first that their wives had screwed another man, after they saw the riches, all of their wrath disappeared and they immediately forgave their wives, even praising her for her actions.

After the thirty-two women received their portions, Lebao distributed some of the wealth to the other tribesmen, especially to the families that have suffered losses from the Lion Tribe's attack. He also geared all of the warriors in the tribe with the spiritual weapons, massively increasing the Boar Tribe's overall prowess.

At their current strength, even if the Dragon Tribe were to attack them right now, they would not be as hopeless as before and might even defeat them.

Meanwhile, a few miles away from the Boar Tribe, Tang Lingxi and Qiuyue silently stared at Qin Liangyu, who stood beside Su Yang like a sheep before wolves.

"So? Why is she here?" Qiuyue asked him.

"Because she will be following us starting today," he casually responded.

"What? What about the Boar Tribe? How will they operate without a Chief?" Qiuyue looked at them with a dumbfounded face.

"That has already been handled, since they now have a new Chief."

"I see that you've matured since the last time I saw you, which was only a few hours ago. What made you change your mind?" Tang Lingxi asked her with a teasing smile, almost like she was aware of what happened.

Speechless, Qin Liangyu merely glanced at Su Yang, and that was all it took for Tang Lingxi to understand.

"Anyway, why don't we reintroduce ourselves? I will even go first." Tang Lingxi suddenly suggested.

"My name is Tang Lingxi, and I am in sort of a particular situation, since this is not my real body, and I am only possessing it temporarily due to complicated reasons. The girl you are seeing now is called Hong Yu'er, and she's supposed to be Su Yang's fiance. That's all you should know about me for now. If you last long enough to see the real me, I will reintroduce myself then. You can just call me Sister Tang for now."


Qin Liangyu was baffled. Just what kind of background do they have and why is a simple introduction so perplexing and abnormal?

Qiuyue introduced herself next. "You may know me as the Goddess who slain the Great Calamity a thousand years ago, but my name is Qiuyue, and Su Yang is my guardian of sorts."

"G-Guardian?!" Qin Liangyu turned to look at Su Yang. To think he would be someone so important to the Goddess!

"M-my name is Qin Liangyu, and I have spent the majority of my life in the Boar Tribe! I do not know very much about the outside world, but I will try my best to not become a hindrance for any of you! Please take care of me!"

Qin Liangyu bowed to them with respect, as they were her seniors.

"Not bad." Tang Lingxi nodded in approval.

"Anyway, Su Yang, we have more information regarding the Mirror of Darkness. Perhaps this might jog your memories a bit." Tang Lingxi suddenly spoke and proceeded to explain to him what Qiuyue told her sometime ago.

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