Dual Cultivation

Chapter 460 Returning to the Eastern Continen

Chapter 460 Returning to the Eastern Continen

"We have arrived at the Eastern Continent," Su Yang said to Qin Liangyu, who expressed surprise upon hearing that.

They just left the Southern Continent a few minutes ago, yet they have already arrived at the Eastern Continent, which is hundreds of thousands of miles away? Just how ridiculously fast is this flying ship?

"Where are we right now?" she asked him.

"Snowfall City. It's one of the largest cities in the Eastern Continent. We are going to meet up with some people."

Su Yang then turned to look at Qiuyue and spoke, "You should return to the Sect first. I have a feeling that something big is going to be happening soon, and I want you to be there just in case it happens before I can return."

Qiuyue nodded.

A few moments later, Su Yang, Tang Lingxi, and Qin Liangyu departed from the flying ship, landing a few miles outside the Snowfall City.

"Let's go."

Sometime later, when they reached the entrance, Su Yang showed the guards the Xie Family's medallion, and they were allowed inside without any complications.

After entering the city, Su Yang went directly to the Snow Crystal Hotel, where the Profound Blossom Sect should be waiting if they didn't already return to the Sect yet.

"The Eastern Continent is so much different than the Southern Continent…" Qin Liangyu mumbled as she inspected every street and individual they came across, almost like she was on a tour.

Although the Southern Continent also has large cities, they were not as colorful and clean as Snowfall City, and everybody here seems to have light skin, in contrast to the Southern Continent, where the majority have tanned skin.

Furthermore, the atmosphere in this place could be described as peaceful and bustling, while the Southern Continent's atmosphere was wild and dangerous, where powerful and vicious beasts could attack at any given moment.

Qin Liangyu felt like she had walked into an entirely different world, and she was fascinated by her surroundings, almost like a child in an amusement park.

Of course, Qin Liangyu herself also attracted the attention of many as she walked the streets. Not only is her tanned skin unique and beautiful, but the person herself is also a top beauty.

There were even some people who wanted to approach her, but when they saw Su Yang and Tang Lingxi, they all froze on the spot, almost as though they'd seen a ghost.

Sometime later, they encountered an enormous crowd surrounding a building.

"W-What is going on here? There has to be at least a thousand people here…" Qin Liangyu was dumbfounded by the scene. Do people of this number often gather in the Eastern Continent?

"It appears that your Profound Blossom Sect has gained some popularity since the tournament." Tang Lingxi said with a smile, and she continued, "With the door blocked like that, I doubt they'll be going anywhere soon."

Suddenly, a familiar voice resounded in the middle of the crowd.

"How many times do I have to tell you all that our Sect Master will not be accepting any visitors until we return to the Profound Blossom Sect?!"

Elder Sun's voice echoed loudly as he blocked the door behind him from being bombarded by these people.

"I am the head of the Chen Family! If you tell your Sect Master that the Chen Family is here to see her, I'm sure that she'll make an exception!"

"I am the head merchant for the Silver Wing Establishment, and we would like to sponsor the Profound Blossom Sect! Please let me speak with your Sect Master!"

"My name is Fu Xuan, the Young Master of the Fu Clan, and I am only here for Fairy Fang!"

The crowd refused to leave despite Elder Sun's words.

However, a few moments later…

"Hey, can you make way? I am trying to get inside." Su Yang said to one of the people there.

"Can't you see that we are all trying to get inside? You are not special here! Who the hell do you think you are?"

That individual responded to him without even turning around to look at him.

"H-Hey! T-That's!"

Although the majority of the people there did not even bother to pay attention to Su Yang, a few people there noticed him from the corner of their eyes, and they stared at him with a shocked face.

"S-Su Yang! It's Su Yang! He has finally returned!" One of them suddenly shouted, instantly causing the people there to shut up and turn around.

"Y-You are…"

When the person who responded to Su Yang turned around and saw Su Yang's calm face standing behind him, his eyes widened with shock, and his body began to sweat profusely.

The people beside him that heard his words also swallowed nervously. To think someone would be unlucky enough to offend Su Yang, someone dubbed as the Number One Genius in the Eastern Continent after the tournament, these people were afraid that his misfortune would rub onto them if they stood too close to him, so those people instantly backed away with haste.

"S-Senior Su… T-This lowly one deeply apologizes for…"

"I don't care. Get out of my way." Su Yang quickly interrupted, as he did not want to continue standing around these clowns.

With that one sentence, the crowd split in half, creating a single path towards the Snow Crystal Hotel, allowing him to finally see the doors to the hotel and Elder Sun's dazed face.

"This is where to part, for now, darling." Tang Lingxi suddenly said to him.

"I have to return to my own Sect, as there's still work to be done for me, but I will be seeing you soon."

"Thank you for accompanying us." Su Yang nodded.

Before leaving, Tang Lingxi turned to look at Qin Liangyu and whispered to her, "Take good care of him for me."

Qin Liangyu silently nodded with a red face.

After Tang Lingxi left to return to the Azure Cloud Sect, Su Yang and Qin Liangyu entered the Snow Crystal Hotel with Elder Sun. 

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