Dual Cultivation

Chapter 455 Taking Her First Time 18+

Chapter 455 Taking Her First Time 18+

When Qin Liangyu asked Su Yang to allow her to follow him, she was prepared to be rejected, as Su Yang was someone from an exalted background while she was only a mere Chief for some declining tribe. She felt that even if Su Yang had rejected her, such a decision would be justified and perfectly normal, as she truly did not feel worthy to be by his side.

However, little did she expect that Su Yang actually nodded his head, allowing her to follow him.

A few moments after he accepted her, Su Yang beckoned her to come closer and began removing his clothes again.

Qin Liangyu blushed when she saw his actions and instantly understood the situation. However, she did not refuse this time and slowly approached him with a nervous expression.

Once she was close enough, Su Yang grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his embrace, and a sweet yet natural fragrance entered through his nose.

"Even though I originally refused to be here, I cleaned my body thoroughly just in case, as Senior Tang had instructed, like the other girls…" Qin Liangyu mumbled in a low voice, her body heating up like crazy from embarrassment.

"You're an honest girl, and I like that…" Su Yang lifted her chin, making her stare at his face and the handsome smile on it.


Qin Liangyu opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by a pair of soft lips on her mouth.


Qin Liangyu's mind instantly blanked out after experiencing her first kiss.

"Relax and follow my lead." Su Yang removed his lips for a moment to speak before he sealed her lips again.

Feeling his lips touching hers again, Qin Liangyu closed her eyes and relaxed her body.

Once she was calmer, she began to imitate Su Yang's lip movements and returned his kisses.

A few moments later, Su Yang raised the bar slightly by invading the inside with his tongue, causing Qin Liangyu's body to tremble. However, unlike her first kiss, Qin Liangyu did not freeze and even welcomed his tongue with her own.



The two of them continued to kiss each other for many minutes, filling the quiet room with soft kissing noises.

A few more moments later, Su Yang removed his lips and began removing Qin Liangyu's clothes.

Once she was fully naked, he laid her on the bed and spread her legs.

"Ahh…" Qin Liangyu released a low cry when she felt Su Yang's sharp gaze staring at the flower between her legs.

Although her skin was tanned light brown by the vicious sun above the Southern Region, her flower was beautifully pure and light pink, and it was dripping wet with a thick fluid that emitted a sweet scent.

Su Yang wasted no time shoving his mouth at this untouched flower, savoring everything it offered.


Qin Liangyu moaned loudly, her body twitched, and a load of divine water gushed from her vagina.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry! It came out so suddenly that I had no control over it!"

She panicked when she realized what she'd just done — spraying Su Yang's face with her Yin Qi.

However, Su Yang merely wiped his face, licked his lips, and said with a smile, "Don't hold it in and let it all out. You'll feel better that way."

After saying those words, he went back to exploring her soaking wet cave with his mouth.




Qin Liangyu released her Yin Qi a few more times over the next few minutes, feeling as though all of her strength was leaving her body afterward.

As Qin Liangyu gasped for air, Su Yang positioned himself to where his penis was directly in front of her vagina.


Qin Liangyu moaned loudly when she felt something hot and hard rub against her vagina.

She lifted her head with what little strength remained to see Su Yang's thick rod caressing her petals.

"I am going to put it inside now." Su Yang warned her.

"Go ahead… Make my body yours, Su Yang..." Qin Liangyu looked at him with a loving expression, her gaze filled with passion and love.

Su Yang nodded and slowly inserted the tip into Qin Liangyu's vagina, spreading it wide open and breaking the seal that had been untouched for twenty years.


Qin Liangyu closed her eyes and released a sharp cry when she felt her virginity being taken and the pain that came along with it.

Her virgin blood dripped onto the bedsheets, staining it red.

Qin Liangyu then prepared herself for whatever came next.

However, even after waiting for many moments, she couldn't feel Su Yang's movement, so she opened her eyes to look at why Su Yang had stopped.

"Su Yang… is there something wrong?" she asked him, who looked a bit dazed.


After a moment of silence, Su Yang looked at her and spoke, "You… You had a Heavenly Constitution?"

Hearing this unfamiliar term, Qin Liangyu made a confused expression.

"Heavenly Constitution? Does that mean there's something wrong with my body?" she asked him in a worried tone.

"N-No…" Su Yang shook his head and began to explain.

"A Heavenly Constitution is when one is born with a special body that has unique powers. It's an exceedingly rare situation, where only one person out of hundreds of millions of people have it."

However, Qin Liangyu still remained puzzled, as she couldn't understand what having a Heavenly Constitution had anything to do with what they were doing now and why he stopped.

Su Yang then continued, "And when somebody with a Heavenly Constitution has sex for the first time, their partner will gain a portion of its powers depending on what kind of Heavenly Constitution they have."

"When I took your first time just now, all of my Profound Qi recovered, even increasing my base Cultivation significantly. If I have to take a guess, your Heavenly Constitution has the power to boost your partner's strength during dual cultivation."


Qin Liangyu was speechless. While she was happy to learn that she had such a special body, there was only one thing in her mind right now.

"Um… are we going to stop cultivating because of my Heavenly Constitution?" she asked him with a worried face.

Su Yang smiled a moment later and said, "Of course not. I was just surprised that you had a Heavenly Constitution, which dazed me a little bit. I will begin moving again now."

Qin Liangyu nodded, and Su Yang began shaking his hips a little later.


Qin Laingyu screamed with pleasure as Su Yang's penis stretched the deepest part of her cave, causing an inexplicable sensation to spread all over her body.

As of this moment, Qin Liangyu's imaginations had become a reality, but she was too busy to realize this fact and continued to indulge herself in pleasure.

The pleasure she was experiencing was simply much better than she'd imagined or expected.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhh~"

As time passed, Su Yang got more passionate and aggressive with his movements, and Qin Liangyu was getting accustomed to the feeling at a frightening rate. Perhaps it was due to her Heavenly Constitution, but she managed to last four hours of Su Yang's techniques despite this being her first time.

When she first started, Qin Liangyu was moaning wildly and uncontrollably, but towards the end, her moaning had become soft and heavenly to the ears, almost like she was singing a beautiful song.

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