Dual Cultivation

Chapter 454 Can You Take Me With You?

Chapter 454 Can You Take Me With You?

Another five hours have passed since the number of partners Su Yang had lowered to ten, and during these five hours, Qin Liangyu peeked inside for a total of 2 hours.

Every time she found the courage to look away, she would go back to peeking again sometime later.

Meanwhile, inside the hut, the last ten women that lasted this long with Su Yang have also reached their limit. If they continue to cultivate any further, it could harm their body.

"Thank you for giving us these precious experiences. I will never forget my moments with you today for the rest of my life."

The girls kowtowed to him, giving him their utmost respect and gratitude before leaving the hut.

When Qin Liangyu saw these girls coming out and counted their number, she asked, "Are all of you finished?"

The girls nodded and replied, "Although we would love to continue cultivating, our bodies are at its limit, so we have no choice but to leave."

"W-What about Senior Su? Is he okay?"

"He's replenished almost half of his Profound Qi."

"Only half?"

Qin Liangyu was dumbfounded. He'd cultivated with so many women for so long yet only half of his Profound Qi was recovered? Just how powerful is he really?

"I understand. Thank you all for your cooperation." Qin Liangyu said to them.

"No, we should be thanking you for giving us this opportunity to cultivate with him."

The ladies bowed to her before leaving.

Once all the girls were gone, Qin Liangyu spoke loudly, "Senior Su, may I come inside?"

"Come in." Su Yang's calm voice resounded a moment later.

"Excuse me…"

Qin Liangyu lifted the curtain with her hand before walking inside.

However, when she saw that Su Yang was still fully naked and sitting on the bed, she immediately turned around with a blushing face.

"I-I am sorry! I didn't think you would still be…"

Su Yang chuckled at her reaction and spoke, "Isn't it a bit too late to be apologizing?"

"W-What do you mean by that, Senior Su?"

Still with her back facing him, she asked.

"You have been watching us cultivate for a while, right? It was so obvious I nearly laughed out loud when I noticed you. If you wanted to watch, you could've just asked, and I would've let you spectate all you want from a close distance without needing to go through the trouble of peeking from the outside."


Qin Liangyu's face exploded with redness upon learning that Su Yang knew of her actions all along, and her legs became powerless, causing her to fall on her buttocks.

"I-I am so sorry! If I had offended Senior Su in any way, I will gladly give you this worthless and shameful life as compensation!"

She kowtowed and began begging for forgiveness.

"I don't want your life." Su Yang shook his head.

"T-Then what do you want from me? I am willing to do anything!"


After a moment of pondering, Su Yang spoke with a smile on his face, "I want you to help me replenish my Profound Qi. You're interested in it, right? Dual Cultivation, that is. Or else you wouldn't have been staring so intensively."

Qin Liangyu stared at him with a dazed expression.

However, once she snapped out of it, she quickly shook her head, "Anything but that, please! That's the one thing I cannot do!"

"Hoh?" Su Yang remained calm and asked, "You were willing to give me your life, but you're not willing to give me your body? Or am I just not your type? Can I hear your reason?"

"It's because I am in the position of Chief, and I have a responsibility to give my body to whoever will become the next Chief — and only to him! If not for my position, I would definitely have accepted your request!

"Is that so..."

Because he was unconscious when Qin Liangyu first mentioned this, he was unaware of her situation.

"Even though I didn't know about your situation, I have to apologize for putting you into such an awkward position in the first place. I'm sorry for my inappropriate request, Chief Qin."


Upon seeing the regretful expression on his dreamy face, Qin Liangyu became speechless, and her mind blanked for a moment.

"Anyway, although I have not fully recovered, it's good enough for me to move around, so I will be leaving this place now. Thank you for your hospitality and everything the Boar Tribe has done for me." Su Yang said as he began dressing up.

"Eh? You're leaving now?" Qin Liangyu unconsciously asked him.

He nodded and said, "I don't dare to intrude your tribe any longer, and I have people waiting for me to return in other places. Though I will ask Qiuyue to remain here for a little bit longer to find more information on the Mirror of Darkness, so if you need anything, you can just go to her."

Qin Liangyu stood there silently as she watched him dress up.

"Will you return to the Boar Tribe again?" she suddenly asked him.

"I will return in two years for the Mirror of Darkness, but after that, I honestly don't know."


Qin Liangyu returned to being silent. However, her mind was filled with thoughts at this moment.

By the time Su Yang was half-dressed, Qin Liangyu had thought of many things.

And right as Su Yang was about finished, Qin Liangyu spoke in a low voice, "Senior Su, can you listen to my final request?"

"Hm? What is it?" Su Yang turned around to look at her.

"Can you take me with you?" Qin Liangyu spoke with a resolute expression, her voice as clear as an empty blue sky.


Su Yang looked a bit surprised after hearing her request, so she continued, "I don't care where you go, I want to follow you."

"Although this may sound very sudden, I have always despised being the Chief ever since I became one. I have disapproved of its traditions ever since I learned it, but because of my father, I had no choice but to accept it. My father… he died after being severely injured by a beast, and it was entirely my fault that it happened, so I felt like I had to take responsibility and continue the tradition."

"If I had never met you, Senior Su, I would've probably chosen Lebao to become the next Chief and as my partner. He's a powerful warrior, and everybody in the tribe likes him. I also respect him as a warrior, but that's the extent of my feelings."

"Since Lebao is qualified to become the next Chief of the Boar Tribe, I will make him the next Chief. However, it won't be because I make him my partner. No… he'll become the next Chief because I will give up my position as Chief and leave the Boar Tribe. As long as you nod your head, Senior Su, I will not hesitate to leave the Boar Tribe and come with you!"

"I know that it hasn't been very long since our first meeting, but I want to be with you, Senior Su! Even if I am only one of many of your partners, I am still willing to follow you!"


Silence ensued after Qin Liangyu revealed her real feelings and everything that was on her mind.

After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke, "Su Yang."

"Huh?" Qin Liangyu raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

"If you are serious about following me, then you should at least be able to say my name without any formalities."

Qin Liangyu's eyes widened, and she spoke with a bright expression — 

"Su Yang!"

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