Dual Cultivation

Chapter 453 You Will Only Become a Liability for Him

Chapter 453 You Will Only Become a Liability for Him

After Qin Liangyu took a peek inside the hut she was supposed to be protecting, it was almost as though time had stopped for her, as she stood there watching everything that happened inside with a frozen body.

If not for her panting, one could've easily mistaken her for a real statue.

From one girl to another, Qin Liangyu watched as Su Yang inserted his penis into the girls' body before fiercely shaking his hips, providing his partner with endless pleasure.

"W-What is the Chief doing?"

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that we shouldn't bother her…"

When the tribesmen noticed Qin Liangyu's strange behavior, they instinctively knew to ignore her and pretended they didn't see her acting like a peeping pervert.

Meanwhile, on the flying ship a few miles away from the Boar Tribe, Tang Lingxi approached Qiuyue and asked her, "Hey, did you learn anything new about the Mirror of Darkness from the Dragon Tribe?"

Qiuyue nodded and said, "Apparently, the Mirror of Darkness once belonged to an individual, but he lost it somehow."

"So it's not a treasure made by nature?"

"No, and I think I know who used to own the Mirror of Darkness."

"Oh? Tell me more about it."

Qiuyue proceeded to explain to Tang Lingxi about the Spatial Device that she and Su Yang found, before talking about the individual who owned it.

"He is someone from the Heavenly Order, and we found his remains inside the Spatial Device. Apparently he was injured in a war that your Asura God Clan was also involved in before he somehow appeared in this world and died here."

"Heavenly Order, huh?" Tang Lingxi did not show much of a reaction and continued, "The Asura God Clan went to war with the Heavenly Emperor to avenge Su Yang's 'death', and we fought each other plenty of times over the years. We also killed many from the Heavenly Order and injured countless others."

"As for how this guy appeared in this world… I have a guess…" Tang Lingxi suddenly said.

She continued a moment later, "During our last fight with the Heavenly Order, things got a bit heated, and we accidentally created a Dimension Rift, which sucked up many victims. Perhaps this guy was one of these victims and traveled to this world by chance."

"Y-You created a Dimension Rift by accident? How did you end up creating such a catastrophe?!" Qiuyue exclaimed with shock.

When an enormous amount of Profound Qi collides with another enormous amount of Profound Qi, there is a slight chance that a Dimension Rift could be born, and when that happens, it would consume everything in a vicinity, before tossing them out randomly around the universe.

"If he got consumed by a Dimensional Rift, it would explain how he ended up in this world," Qiuyue said.

"And if the Mirror of Darkness is owned by someone from the Heavenly Order, there's a very high chance that he'd received it from the Celestial Palace," said Tang Lingxi.

The Celestial Palace is sort of the headquarters for the Heavenly Order. It is also the Heavenly Emperor's treasury, where countless treasures are stored.

If someone from the Heavenly Order shows exceptional results or did something worthy of recognition, they would receive a treasure from the Celestial Palace. Perhaps this Mirror of Darkness came from the Celestial Palace.

"Even though we know its origins, we still do not know if it'll help us return to the Four Divine Heavens." Qiuyue sighed.

"We might not know anything, but Su Yang… he might have an idea."

"What? Why would you say that?" Qiuyue lifted her eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

"I can't say for sure, but he seems to recognize the Mirror of Darkness. He just hasn't fully recalled yet."

"I see…"

Once they were finished with that topic, silence filled the room.

However, a short moment later, Tang Lingxi spoke, "I know what Su Yang is going to do once he returns to the Four Divine Heavens, but what about you? You are currently wanted by the Sacred Moon Palace, right? Do you have any place to go, or will you continue to follow Su Yang?"


Before she could respond, Tang Lingxi continued, "I highly disapprove of you following him."

"W-What? Why?" Qiuyue was greatly surprised, even startled, by Tang Lingxi's words.

"Because it will be too dangerous for you to follow him, and you will only become a burden with your laughably low cultivation base." Tang Lingxi spoke with a cold expression.

"You may be the strongest individual in this place, but once you return to that place, your presence becomes no more than an ant. And if you follow Su Yang around while in that state, you will only become a liability for him."

"Then what am I supposed to do? He's the only reason for my existence now. Without him, I will return to being lost and without a purpose, just like how I had been for 2,000 years in this world before reuniting with him." Qiuyue spoke in a sorrowful voice.

Before she'd reunited with Su Yang, she'd lived a miserable and lonely life for 2,000 years in this place without a single friend or family. In fact, she wasn't even sure that she was actually living.

"If I didn't meet Su Yang, I would've probably killed myself after a few years, as I was feeling more trapped than a bird in a cage in this world, slowly wasting my life away since I could no longer improve my cultivation base with the Profound Qi in this world."


After a moment of silence, Tang Lingxi spoke, "If you want, you can come with me to the Asura God Clan."

"What?" Qiuyue looked at her with wide eyes.

"Although you are behind in cultivation for someone your age, your talents will never go away. If you come to the Asura God Clan, we can supply you with an almost endless supply of resources for your cultivation and even train you to become someone powerful enough to stand beside Su Yang no matter where he goes."

"The Asura God Clan can also provide you with protection. Even if the Sacred Moon Palace finds out that you are with us, they would not dare to touch you — unless they want to die, that is."

"Y-You would do that for me?" Qiuyue was speechless.

"Of course. We are a family now, after all. And if I willingly let someone Su Yang treasures suffer, I will not be able to face him afterward." Tang Lingxi smiled.

"With all that being said, I don't know if Su Yang has any plans for you, so I am just talking now. I doubt Su Yang will leave you alone once you return to that place, but if you ever want to come to the Asura God Clan, the doors will always be open."

"T-Thank you…" Qiuyue showed a warm smile, and she began seeing Tang Lingxi as a real family member — someone like an Elder Sister to her.

Although her family might only consist of Su Yang and Tang Lingxi for now, it will definitely grow even larger once she returns to the Four Divine Heavens and meets more of Su Yang's partners like Tang Lingxi.

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