Dual Cultivation

Chapter 452 Taking a Peek Inside

Chapter 452 Taking a Peek Inside

Exactly half a day has passed ever since Su Yang began cultivating inside the hut with his thirty-two partners.

In these 12 hours, he'd managed to cultivate with everyone inside at least four times, made them climax countless times, and recovered one-third of his Profound Qi.

And surprisingly, although some of them had to rest for a few hours, none of the thirty-two women inside have fully given up or left the bed yet.

However, it was clear to Su Yang that more than half of these women were either close to their limit or are already at their limit. If he continued to cultivate with them any further, it would not only harm their bodies but it might also burden their mind.

"I can tell that some of you are already at your limit. I greatly appreciate your company and assistance today, but you should leave before I harm your body." Su Yang said to them.

However, they were reluctant to leave.

"Su Yang, I want to continue to help you! Please! I can handle it even if it gets painful!"

"I don't want to leave your side yet, Su Yang… Let's continue to cultivate until you've fully recovered, okay?"

If Su Yang was a greedy individual or simply didn't care about his partners, he would not hesitate to continue cultivating with these women until their bodies become ruined. But as someone who respects all of his partners, Su Yang refused to bring them harm.

Thus, he shook his head and spoke, "I understand your feelings, and I would continue to cultivate with you if I can, but I know when to stop, and you should too. If we continue, I will definitely harm your body, and that is something I cannot bear, especially when you have helped me tremendously."

The women there exchanged glances with each other. A few moments later, they nodded.

"Although we were supposed to be the one helping you, we ended up being the ones who enjoyed it the most. Thank you, for accepting us."

The women bowed to him before they dressed and left the hut.

A few minutes later, the bed that supported thirty-two women now only occupied ten of them.

Once the room was quiet again, the remaining ten women returned to cultivating with Su Yang. They found themselves fortunate enough to remain by his side even if it was just a little bit longer than the others.

Meanwhile, on the outside, when Qin Liangyu noticed the women coming out, she asked them, "Are you finished with your business?"

They shook their heads and said, "No, we were kicked out."

"What?" Qin Liangyu was speechless. Why did Su Yang kick them out? Did they offend him by any chance?

"If any of you had offended him, I will…"

Before Qin Liangyu could even finish her sentence, she was interrupted by the women coming out, "You have misunderstood, Chief Qin. We didn't do anything wrong. We have cultivated with him for twelve hours straight, and our body is at its limit. Su Yang didn't want to harm our body, so he let us go early."

"That's right. If you also cultivated with him, you would understand how exhausting it is to moan for hours without rest."

"T-That's…" Qin Liangyu was speechless.

"By the way, are you okay, Chief Qin?"

One of the women suddenly asked her.

"Why do you ask?" Qin Liangyu raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

The woman then pointed at her nose and said, "Your nose is bleeding, Chief Qin."


Qin Liangyu quickly touched her nose. When she saw blood on her fingers, her body froze. The cause of this nosebleed was obvious, as she has been thinking of too many stimulating things in her head.

"I-I am fine…" she said as she wiped the blood off her nose.

"A-Anyway, thank you for your assistance. I will reward you later." Qin Liangyu said.

"There's no need, Chief Qin. We have already been rewarded plenty inside."

"If you say so…"

Qin Liangyu's urges grew even more intense after hearing such words. At this rate, she might really reconsider being Su Yang's partner as well.

A few minutes later, when she was alone again, Qin Liangyu stared at the curtain that was acting as a door before her.

'Behind this thin layer, Senior Su and the others are currently doing that with each other…'

Qin Liangyu forcefully swallowed and mumbled to herself, "It wouldn't hurt if I took a peek, right?"

Her hand slowly approached the curtain, trembling the entire way. Just a little more and she could see the inside.

"No! I shouldn't do something like this!"

Qin Liangyu suddenly jerked her hand back and returned to standing there silently.

However, her sexual desire only became stronger and stronger, almost as though she was possessed by a lustful demon.

'I can't suppress these desires! But if I took a peek, perhaps it might help me calm down! I will only look briefly!'

With this logic in mind, Qin Liangyu's hands began making their way back to the curtain blocking her view.

A few seconds later, with her entire hand trembling, she opened a slit in the curtains and peeked the scene inside the hut.


When Qin Liangyu saw the scene inside, her eyes opened wide with shock, and the flower between her legs tingled with a delightful feeling.

Through the small opening she made, Qin Liangyu was able to witness one of the women wantonly riding on Su Yang's raging erection with a lecherous expression. And although there was no noise coming out because of the sound-sealing formation, she could somehow hear the woman's blissful moaning resounding in her ears — even if it was just her imagination.

'Oh my heavens… they have been going at it like this for half the day? Just how energetic is he?!' Qin Liangyu was speechless.

Once she saw the hot scene inside, Qin Liangyu was instantly mesmerized, quickly forgetting about her own promise to only take a quick peek and continued to stand there for many minutes without realizing it.

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