Dual Cultivation

Chapter 451 Passionate Imaginations 18+

Chapter 451 Passionate Imaginations 18+

The moaning inside the hut behind Qin Liangyu only grew louder as time passed. In fact, it had gotten to the point where even the other people inside their own huts were able to hear the moaning very clearly.

'Good heavens, am I going to have to stand here and listen to this until they are done?! This is torture!' Qin Liangyu cried inwardly as she was powerless to stop the noises coming from behind her.

Half an hour later, the moans had affected Qin Liangyu so much that her mind was filled with nothing but perverted thoughts, imagining herself being in the position of whoever was moaning behind the covers.

In her head, she was being embraced by Su Yang, and they were both naked. He would lick all over her body, and she would do the same for him. Then she imagined her flower being caressed by Su Yang, and then it was her turn to rub his penis with her mouth. Finally, she imagined Su Yang inserting his penis into her vagina, becoming a single entity at that moment.

However, in the midst of her dreaming, Tang Lingxi appeared before her and said, "I forgot to surround this place with a sound-sealing formation."

A few moments later, an invisible barrier surrounded the hut, causing all of the moaning from the inside to die out.

"Are you okay? You are panting pretty heavily." Tang Lingxi said to her afterward with a mysterious smile on her face.

"I-I am fine!" Qin Liangyu hastily responded. She cannot let Tang Lingxi know that she was affected by the moaning and daydreamed about dual cultivating with Su Yang, especially after refusing to be his partner due to her position as the Chief.

"Then if you need anything, you can find me on the flying boat." Tang Lingxi said to her before leaving.


However, even though Tang Lingxi has prevented the moaning from continuing to escape the hut and torturing her mind, Qin Liangyu's body still could not calm down. In fact, she felt even more stimulated by the silence, as it made it easier for her to imagine things!

'Ah… this is not good… I cannot believe that I would have such vulgar thoughts about Senior Su!'

Even Qin Liangyu was surprised by her own capabilities and perverted mind, as this has never happened before. It was almost as if she had been a pervert all along, and hearing the moaning had awakened the pervertedness that had been sleeping deep within her nature.

At the end of the day, even if she holds the position of Chief for one of the top tribes within the Southern Region, Qin Liangyu is still a young lady in her early twenties with a healthy mind and body, and it is normal for young ladies around her age to have such desires, especially when they are in the presence of a dreamy man like Su Yang.

Meanwhile, inside the hut, Su Yang just inserted his penis into the 13th woman there.

"Oh my god! It feels even bigger inside me!" The woman moaned loudly upon feeling Su Yang's thick penis throbbing inside her wet vagina.

After penetrating the woman's closed gates, Su Yang began moving his hips, brushing his hard penis against her soft inner walls while making wet noises.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh~!"

The woman moaned wildly while her flower quirts out a fountain of Yin Qi.

Showered with Yin Qi, Su Yang silently absorbed it to replenish his Profound Qi. However, he did not stop moving his hips even as he absorbed the Yin Qi, which usually requires one's peak concentration.

This is something only achievable by those who can dual cultivate as easily and mindlessly as breathing — something only Su Yang can achieve.

"I-I can't take it anymore! Any more of this and I will really go crazy!"

It took less than five minutes for the woman in Su Yang's embrace to give up due to exhaustion, as the stimulation was too much for her body to handle. And once she retires to the side of the bed to rest, another woman takes her place in Su Yang's embrace, allowing him to cultivate continuously and without rest.

Three hours later, all of the thirty-two women there have experienced Su Yang's techniques at least once, and not a single one of them were unsatisfied by his divine touch.

However, Su Yang did not even break a sweat after cultivating with these thirty-two women. In fact, his Profound Qi had barely recovered by one-tenth of its full capacity.

At this rate, he'd have to cultivate with them at least ten times over the next two days before he's fully recovered his Profound Qi.

Of course, this was not a problem for Su Yang, who once handled over 30,000 women at once. Instead, the problem laid with his thirty-two partners, as it is almost certain that they would not be able to last for that long even if they rested in-between each session.

With that being said, he did not need to recover his Profound Qi entirely — only enough to stabilize his condition.

"I will now cultivate the Yin Qi I have gathered. Once you have recovered enough stamina and wish to go for round two, just let me know. If you do not wish to continue, then you may leave at any time."

Su Yang said to them before he closed his eyes to focus on recovering his strength.

An hour later, one of the women there approached Su Yang and spoke, "Su Yang, I am ready for round two."

The young lady was aware that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that it might never happen again once they leave this place, so she wanted to take full advantage of their current situation to cultivate with Su Yang as much as possible before he leaves forever.

Su Yang opened his eyes, looked at the petite young lady, and he nodded with a smile.

"Come here."

The young lady then proceeded to spread her legs and sit on his lap, shoving his majesty rod directly into the wet hole between her legs.


Once she could feel Su Yang's penis completely fill up her hole, she began riding it, indulging herself in the pleasure that quickly followed.

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