Dual Cultivation

Chapter 450 Thirty-Two Cultivation Partners 18+

Chapter 450 Thirty-Two Cultivation Partners 18+

A little over three days have passed ever since Su Yang collapsed after using Celestial Qi to defeat two Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators.

When he reopened his eyes, Tang Lingxi was casually sipping tea beside him.

"You're finally awake." Tang Lingxi quickly noticed his presence and placed the tea down.

"It's been three days since you collapsed."

"I see… I'm sorry if I made you worry." Su Yang sat up on the bed with a headache and a feeling of weakness in his body. Perhaps he'd overused the Celestial Qi in his body a little too much, hence this backlash.

"Anyway, you are lacking Profound Qi, right? I have already prepared for you a recovery method to replenish your Profound Qi."

"Oh? What do you have prepared for me?" he asked her.

Tang Lingxi then turned around to look at the exit and spoke loudly, "You can come inside now, ladies."

The next moment, the thirty-two women that had agreed to become Su Yang's partners entered the hut, and it quickly crowded the place.

"This is…" Su Yang looked at them with wide eyes.

These women all wore revealing clothes that barely covered their erotic areas, and they had a bashful expression on their faces. If he had to guess why these beauties were standing before him with such seductive appearances, they were definitely there to replenish his Profound Qi.

"What's the meaning of this?" Although he had a pretty good grasp of the situation, he decided to ask them anyway.

"When these women here heard that you were injured and required assistance, they gladly agreed to offer their body to help you recover. I would actually prefer it if I personally help you, but as you already know, my situation does not allow it."


After a moment of silence, Su Yang asked thirty-two women there, "Are you sure that you want to do this? Although I greatly appreciate you being here, you don't really have to do this."

"We want to do this, Savior. Please, allow us to do at least this much for you, who saved our tribe and the lives within."

"Even if you didn't save our tribe, I would be willing to be your partner, Savior!"

The thirty-two women there began to express their feelings to Su Yang until he nodded with a smile.

"I understand. I will cultivate with you girls. However, this place is a little bit too small and cramped to fit all of us comfortably," said Su Yang as he looked around the hut.

"You don't have to worry about that, since you will be cultivating elsewhere. We have already prepared a hut with enough room to fit all thirty-three of you comfortably." Tang Lingxi said.

"Then what are we waiting for? Lead the way." Su Yang quickly stood up from the bed.

The headache he had just moments ago had seemingly disappeared, and the weakness in his body became filled with energy.

Sometime later, Su Yang and his thirty-two partners transferred from the small hut to one that was three times larger. At glance, it was obvious that the hut had been created in a hurry, so it did not look as elegant as the existing ones. However, the interior of the place was extremely clean and simple. The lighting was not too bright nor too dark, it was perfectly dim. There was also a sweet fragrance inside the hut, making the already calm atmosphere even more pleasant.

In the middle of the room, there was a large bed that was made of wood from the nearby trees, and multiple large blankets stuffed with soft feathers covered the bed.

"At this size, it could even fit 50 people with ease." Su Yang nodded with a pleased expression.

While the place appeared to be simple and cheap, it had a certain wild feeling in the atmosphere that could not be replicated in the Eastern Continent.

"I will now leave all of you alone. Have fun." Tang Lingxi said to them before leaving Su Yang alone with thirty-two women in the hut.

"Before we start, why don't you girls introduce yourselves? I like to know a little bit about my partners before we cultivate."

"I will start with the introduction. My name is Su Yang, and I want you to address me as such when we cultivate. That means there will be no 'Savior' or anything of that sort while we are inside this place."

The thirty-two women there nodded in acknowledgment before they proceeded to introduce themselves.

Sometime later, when Su Yang became aware of the names of all thirty-two women, they began cultivating.

"Who wants to be first?" Su Yang asked them once they began.

A few seconds later, a petite girl with short black hair stepped forward.

"I will be the first to assist you, Su… Su Yang," said the young lady as she loosened the straps on her shoulders, allowing her one-piece clothing to slide down her slender body.

Su Yang also removed his clothes, revealing his well-tuned body, jadelike skin, and his fully erected penis.

"So… so big!"

The girls gasped in shock when they saw the beast for the first time. Not even the experienced women there have seen such a large monster before, and of course, none of them expected that he would have such a large package hidden underneath his robes this entire time. 

"Come over here." Su Yang invited the young girl with an enchanting smile and open arms.

The young lady nodded with a bashful smile and slowly approached him.

Once she was close enough, Su Yang grabbed her hand and pulled her petite body into his embrace.

"Since this is your first time, I want you to get used to the feeling first."

"How did you know?" The girl was surprised, as she does not recall ever telling him that she was a virgin.

"I just do." Su Yang said with a smile.

He then laid her body on the bed, before sliding his fingers down her smooth skin until it reached her slit and caressed it like a baby.


The young maiden immediately felt a shock circulate throughout her body, causing it to tremble.

"Relax your body and enjoy it…"

Su Yang mumbled in a gentle voice as his lips approached the exotic flower between the maiden's legs, licking the delicious sap that was trickling from her vagina.




The young maiden moaned loudly, feeling a heavenly sensation that she could not describe, allowing it to dominate her body without any resistance.

When the other thirty-one women saw the young maiden's blissful expression as Su Yang savored her body, they began getting impatient, their body temperature and sexual desires soared, and they even began panting.

Their cultivation session has only just begun, yet all of them couldn't wait until it was their turn to experience whatever that young maiden was feeling with Su Yang.

Meanwhile, outside the hut, Qin Liangyu guarded the scene. She wanted to make sure that nobody could disturb whatever was happening inside the hut even at the cost of her life.

However, when she started hearing sounds of pleasure coming from inside the hut, her mind was instantly overwhelmed by her own imaginations. Soon, she even began feeling a tingly sensation coming from the lower area of her body.

'If only I wasn't born as the Chief's daughter, perhaps I might be inside with the others right now…' she sighed inwardly.

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