Dual Cultivation

Chapter 449 30,000

Chapter 449 30,000

Sometime later, after making her way around the Boar Tribe's settlement and speaking with many women, Qin Liangyu finally returned to Tang Lingxi and Qiuyue with over 30 beautiful women by her side.

Qin Liangyu had recruited nearly all of the beauties within the Boar Tribe. From the young maidens who still have their Pure Yin Essence intact to mature women that already have partners, they all gathered there to help replenish Su Yang's Profound Qi.

"Senior Tang, I have finished gathering individuals who wish to help Senior Su. There are thirty-two women here, and 12 of them are still pure maidens. They are not only the most talented individuals in the tribe but they also have the best appearances and figures."

"You really went out of your way, huh…"

Tang Lingxi was surprised to see how many women Qin Liangyu had brought back with her.

"You can choose any one of these women to help Senior Su, since all of them are aware of the situation and have already agreed to help." Qin Liangyu said.

The thirty-two women there silently stared at Tang Lingxi, each hoping to be the one that Tang Lingxi chooses to be Su Yang's partner.

Ever since they have witnessed Su Yang's prowess, they have been thinking how nice it would be if they could serve a man like him. But little did anyone of them expect that such a dream would become a reality so quickly.

"Is there something wrong, Senior Tang?" Qin Liangyu asked her many moments later when Tang Lingxi still stood there without choosing any of them.

"If they are not suitable, I will try to find more…"

However, before Qin Liangyu could even finish her sentence, Tang Lingxi spoke.

"I don't need to choose one of them. All of them can help him at once."


Qin Liangyu and the women there stared at Tang Lingxi with a dumbfounded expression, and they remained dazed even many moments later.

No matter how talented or how strong Su Yang may be, there's simply no way that he could handle all thirty-two women by himself, right?

If someone really has the energy to Dual Cultivate with thirty-two women at once, he could no longer be considered as a mere man, but a beast instead — at least that is how the people from the Boar Tribe saw it.

"Why are you looking at me like I am lying? You don't believe me that he can handle all thirty-two of you with ease?" Tang Lingxi said to them after noticing the doubt in their stares. "He has Dual Cultivated with numbers ten times that amount in one go before in the past, you know."

"T-Ten times?!"

The people there dropped their jaws after hearing such a thing. Even Qiuyue couldn't help but stare at her with her eyes as wide as saucers. This is her first time hearing something like this, and it left an indescribably complicated feeling in her heart afterward.

"I only said ten times because I don't want to sound crazy, since his record is actually much… much higher than that…" Tang Lingxi chuckled.

"Anyway, if all thirty-two of you are willing to provide assistance, I want all of you to help him. There's no need to worry that you won't get a chance, since he will definitely not leave any women in the same room unsatisfied even if he dies."

The thirty-two beauties exchanged glances before nodding, accepting this weird situation much faster than Qin Liangyu expected.

'I can't believe it. Who could've thought that someone who appears as noble and pure as Senior Su would have such a side to him.' Qin Liangyu thought to herself, as she could've never imagined that such a bizarre method of cultivation would exist in this world.

"Good, then come back here in three days. He should be awake by then." Tang Lingxi said to them, and she continued, "In the meantime, you should clean your body, organize your appearance, and prepare your heart. It's going to be an experience you'll never forget for the rest of your lives."

Tang Lingxi spoke with a mysterious smile on her face, causing the thirty-two women to tremble.

Once the thirty-two women left, Qiuyue asked Tang Lingxi, "What you said just now… is it true?"

"What would you do if it was?" Tang Lingxi looked at her with a nonchalant expression.

"Su Yang… he rarely tells me anything about himself. I just want to know more about him, even if that information is not something I'd like to hear." Qiuyue spoke with a solemn expression.

Despite their relationship, Su Yang has never spoken to her about his past, so she knows almost nothing about him besides the secret relationship he had with her mother.

Hearing Qiuyue's words and seeing her face, Tang Lingxi smiled and spoke, "Su Yang… there was this one time when he was invited to a Sect as a guest lecturer. One thing led to another, and he somehow ended up cultivating with nearly every female disciple in that Sect."

"What?!" Qiuyue's eyes popped out from shock.

But Tang Lingxi was not finished.

"I forgot to mention this, but this Sect only accepted female Cultivators, so he essentially slept with the entire Sect, which had over 30,000 disciples at the time."

"T-T-Thirty thousand… disciples…?" Qiuyue staggered from shock, looking like a single breath from a mortal child could cause her to collapse.

"It's a bit funny talking about it now, but at that time, the incident brought Su Yang a lot of trouble, and he nearly stopped being a Dual Cultivator afterward." Tang Lingxi chuckled.

"And after Su Yang left that Sect, he disappeared for ten whole years. If I had to guess, he probably slept like a baby the entire time to recover his energy."

"C-Can I ask what was the name of this Sect?" Qiuyue asked her later.

"Past tense? This place still exists even today. In fact, they are even one of the top Sects within the Four Divine Heavens — the Heaven's Sacred Garden!"

"Wait, what?! Heaven's Sacred Garden?! Impossible! I was supposed to become a disciple at that place if I hadn't run away from the Sacred Moon Palace!" Qiuyue began to sweat profusely.

"Oh?" Tang Lingxi looked at her with a surprised look.

"But that place has a flawless reputation! I have never heard of such an incident in that place, and there's no way that such a massive event did not go down in history with the whole world knowing it!" Qiuyue was in disbelief.

"I don't know what to say besides that they have found a way to cover this incident and swept it under the rug. In fact, if Su Yang didn't tell me about it, even I would not have known about this story. It happened over twenty thousand years ago, too."

"U-Unbelievable… To think he would've had such an experience." Qiuyue wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Trust me, if this story is shocking for you, he has plenty more stories that will directly knock your eyes out of its sockets if you heard them. If you ask him, I'm sure that he wouldn't mind telling you one or two stories. However, if you continue acting so reserved towards him, you will never truly understand him."

Hearing Tang Lingxi's words, Qiuyue silently nodded.

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