Dual Cultivation

Chapter 448 Recruiting Bed Partners

Chapter 448 Recruiting Bed Partners

"W-What happened to him?! Is he injured?!" Qin Liangyu rushed to Qiuyue when she saw Su Yang collapsing into her arms.

"He'll be fine after some rest." Tang Lingxi explained to her like she did to Qiuyue. "Though, he will need to replenish his spiritual energy after he wakes up, or it might harm his body later."

"Something to replenish his spiritual energy, right? I will gather as much as spirit meat or spiritual herbs for him!" Qin Liangyu spoke with enthusiasm. She had been waiting for an opportunity to be helpful to him for once.

However, Tang Lingxi waved her hand and said in a calm voice, "Although ordinary resources will suffice, it's not the most effective, and you will need a lot to replenish the vast amount of Profound Qi inside him."

Qin Liangyu raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

"Then what would you suggest, Senior Tang? We only have spirit meat and medicine," she then asked.

"Do you know what Dual Cultivation is?" Tang Lingxi asked her.

"No, I do not." Qin Liangyu shook her head.

Meanwhile, Qiuyue looked at Tang Lingxi with wide eyes.

"Are you telling her to cultivate with him? You won't mind it?" Qiuyue couldn't help but ask Tang Lingxi, who did not seem like the type to share things, especially when it comes to her own man.

"If I were in the position to pick myself, I would rather be the one to cultivate with him. However, I am in Hong Yu'er's body, and I had promised her that I wouldn't defy it."

"As for you… unless you don't mind dying after cultivating with him, then you can go ahead and replenish his Profound Qi."

"You also know about the Sacred Moon Palace's curse?" Qiuyue was surprised, as even she wasn't aware of it until Su Yang told her.

"Of course. I know almost everything about the Sacred Moon Palace, and that includes the curse that enslaves its own people, forcing them to marry people from the same bloodline. And to be honest with you, I have always disliked the Sacred Moon Palace and its people. There were even times where I wanted to wipe them out."


Qiuyue was speechless. To think the Sacred Moon Palace was on the verge of destruction multiple times without being aware.

"However, I don't dislike you, since you are very different from the rest of the Moon Clan. Unlike those cold and emotionless bastards, you're cute, passionate, and my Junior Sister."

Qiuyue immediately blushed after hearing such words, even lowering her head slightly to her the redness on her face.

"Anyway…" Tang Lingxi returned to Qin Liangyu and continued to speak, "Dual Cultivation is when two people of the opposite sex share body warmth and their special Qi with each other. In other words, you're sleeping with each other."


Qin Liangyu was baffled after learning what kind of practice Dual Cultivation was. Does this mean Tang Lingxi wanted someone to have sex with Su Yang? This is the kind of situation that one would normally never expect.

"Even if it's for Senior Su… I can't do that! After all, I am still a virgin! And I am only allowed to give my body to whoever will become the next Chief of the Boar Tribe! Furthermore, even without that rule that has existed for hundreds of years, I am not worthy to be doing such acts with someone as excellent as Senior Su!" Qin Liangyu began to panic.

The only reason Qin Liangyu's position as Chief of the Boar Tribe is only temporary and not permanent is that only men are allowed to be the Chief.

And if the previous Chief only has a daughter, that daughter will give her body to whoever will become the next Chief, and that person is usually the strongest warrior in the tribe.

Currently, in the Boar Tribe, the best candidate for becoming the next Chief was Lebao, who is not only loyal to the tribe but also their strongest warrior.

"Ignoring whether you are worthy or not to be his partner, I never specifically asked for you to help him replenish his energy." Tang Lingxi spoke with a teasing smile on her face.

"There are plenty of other women in this tribe, and I'm sure that some of them will be willing to assist their Savior, especially when he's as handsome and strong as Su Yang."


Upon hearing Tang Lingxi's words, Qin Liangyu's face instantly blew up with redness. To think she'd make the mistake of assuming that Tang Lingxi was only talking about her — that she was the only woman in this place. Qin Liangyu felt like digging a hole and burying herself at this moment.

"By the way, while it's not necessary, it would be more effective if his partners are virgins, since their Pure Yin Essence is still intact."

"I-I will immediately ask around and make arrangements! E-Excuse me!"

Unable to bear her embarrassment, Qin Liangyu quickly left the scene to ask the women in the tribe for assistance.

Qin Liangyu then made her way around the settlement and recruiting bed partners for Su Yang, asking if they wanted to assist him while being pleasured at the same time.

"What? That handsome young man needs a sleeping partner to replenish his Profound Qi? Of course, I am willing to assist! He saved our tribe, after all! No — even if he didn't save us, I wouldn't mind giving my body to someone like him. This is the least I can do!"

"This is not a funny joke if you are joking with me, Chief Qin. What? It's not a joke and you are serious? Of course, I will gladly be his partner!"

"I get to share a bed with that handsome warrior who slaughtered the Lion Tribe all by himself? Why didn't you come to me sooner!"

Qin Liangyu was speechless. Although women in the Southern Region are all attracted to strong men, she didn't expect that it would be so easy to find people who are willing to offer their body to Su Yang. Even the maidens that have been very careful up to this point when choosing their partners did not hesitate when asked to give their Pure Yin Essence to Su Yang and were even delighted by such a request.

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