Dual Cultivation

Chapter 456 Announcing the Next Chief

Chapter 456 Announcing the Next Chief

The longer Su Yang cultivated with Qin Liangyu, the higher his cultivation base increased, and by the end of their session, his cultivation had increased by a few levels, reaching the sixth level Heavenly Spirit Realm.

Even though Qin Liangyu was only at the Earth Spirit Realm, because of her Heavenly Constitution, which has the power to strengthen her partners through dual cultivation, and because he'd taken her Pure Yin Essence, Su Yang's strength increased by leaps and bounds after cultivating with her.

"You are full of surprises, aren't you?" Su Yang smiled at Qin Liangyu, who laid on the bed with an exhausted expression, desperately gasping for air.

"To think you'd last 10 hours for your first time. And not even mentioning your Heavenly Constitution, you have talent."

"Is having a Heavenly Constitution really special?" Qin Liangyu asked him after taking her breath.

Su Yang nodded and said, "Like I'd said, only one in hundreds of millions of people are born with a Heavenly Constitution. And with your Heavenly Constitution that directly strengthens your partner through dual cultivation, it would surely attract countless attention from all of the dual cultivators out there. I'm sure many would even kill to get their hands on you."

"I'm glad…" Qin Liangyu showed a relieved expression.

"Glad?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

"My body has the power to strengthen others, right? If I continue to cultivate with you, your cultivation will grow stronger. This means that I can at least be of some use to you, and I won't be dead weight when I follow you..."

After hearing her words, Su Yang pulled her closer to his chest and spoke in a gentle tone, "Even if you didn't have a Heavenly Constitution, I would never look at you as dead weight."

"Su Yang…" Qin Liangyu nodded with a blushing face.

"However, because you have a Heavenly Constitution, it will complicate things a little."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I mentioned this earlier, but your ability to strengthen others is extremely valuable, especially for dual cultivators. If they learn of your existence, there will surely be people who would be willing to do anything to get their hands on you, and it won't be a small number of individuals. That's why you should never reveal your Heavenly Constitution to anyone else in order to protect yourself — unless you want to spend the rest of your life as a slave who's only purpose is to become another's plaything."

"Although your ability won't be as effective anymore because it's only at its strongest when you were still a maiden and you are no longer one, it will still greatly benefit whoever dual cultivates with you."

"With that being said, as long as you are by my side, I won't let any harm come to you even at the cost of my life."

Qin Liangyu nodded with a serious expression, "I won't tell a single soul about my Heavenly Constitution, I promise. After all, my body belongs to you and only you, Su Yang. I will kill myself before I allow anyone else to touch me."

Sometime later, Qin Liangyu asked him, "Su Yang, where will we be going after we leave the Boar Tribe?"

"The Eastern Continent," he calmly replied.

"You are from the Eastern Continent?" Qin Liangyu showed a surprised face. No wonder why his appearance and demeanor look so different than the people within the Southern Continent. He was actually from another Continent altogether! 

"Have you ever been to the Eastern Continent before?" he asked her.

She quickly shook her head and said, "That's impossible for us. It's simply too far away, and even if we had the means and time to travel, the Jade Sea is filled with powerful sea beasts. Only reckless or extremely powerful experts are able to travel across the Continents."

"I see…"

Many minutes later, once they were well-rested, Qin Liangyu spoke, "I am going to gather the tribesmen and announce Lebao as the next Chief. After that is all done, I will leave the Boar Tribe."

Su Yang nodded and did not say anything else.

Once they were dressed, Qin Liangyu went outside and summoned every tribesmen in the Boar Tribe, gathering hundreds of people in one place.

"What happened? The Chief would only summon so many people at once if there's an emergency or some big news."

The tribesmen mumbled to each other, trying to speculate the reason for their summoning.

Sometime later, after all of the tribesmen were there, Qin Liangyu cleared her throat and spoke loudly, "Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Although this may be sudden, I have decided on the next Chief of the Boar Tribe, and I am going to announce it in just a moment."

"The next Chief?!"

The tribesmen were dumbfounded, as this was truly unexpected and sudden.

After they grasped the situation, the tribesmen all turned to look at Lebao, who was standing somewhere in front of the crowd with a nervous expression. Even without needing to hear the announcement, they were certain that Lebao would become the next Chief, as he was the most qualified amongst all the tribesmen there.

Not only was he a powerful warrior at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, but he also assisted the previous Chief with many achievements, and everyone in the tribe approved of him in one way or another. It was not a matter of who would become the next Chief, but when.

The entire place was dead silent, and after taking a deep breath, Qin Liangyu spoke clearly, "I have decided that Lebao will become the next Chief. If you have any problems with my decision, speak your mind now."

Lebao's eyes widened with surprise, and his body trembled from excitement when he heard his name come out of Qin Liangyu's mouth, as he has waited many years for this moment!

The crowd remained silent, as nobody there had any problems with Lebao being the next Chief.

"Since nobody objects, Lebao will become the next Chief of the Boar Tribe..."

However, before anybody there could celebrate, Qin Liangyu continued to speak.

"The tradition of our Boar Tribe dictates that I become Lebao's wife after he becomes the Chief, and it has always been like that since our first Ancestors. However, this tradition can screw off by itself, as I will not participate in such a farce."

When Lebao and the others heard her words, they all stared at her with wide eyes and jaws, and they stood there with a dumbfounded expression, seemingly in disbelief.

"W-What do you mean by that, Chief Qin?!" Lebao was the first to break the silence, as he was the one that was the most confused out of everyone there.

"It means exactly what it sounds, Lebao. You will become the next Chief of the Boar Tribe, but I will not be your wife."

"W-Why?! Did I do something wrong?! If I offended you, I will do anything for your forgiveness!"

Qin Liangyu shook her head and said, "You did nothing wrong, Lebao. I am the one at fault here, so I should be the one apologizing."

"Then why?!" Lebao could not accept such an outcome and asked.

"Because I have already pledged my body and life to someone else." Qin Liangyu said to him with a clear voice, causing Lebao's face to turn pale, looking as though he'd died at that moment.

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