Dual Cultivation

Chapter 445 Black Dragon Axe

Chapter 445 Black Dragon Axe

'It's over for the Lion Tribe. They won't be of use to the Dragon Tribe any more.' Chief Long sighed inwardly.

He then glanced at Su Yang, feeling perplexed.

'This young man… he's obviously related to the Goddess. But what is their relationship?'

As much as Chief Long wanted to dive into the action and protect the Lion Tribe, Qiuyue's divine presence beside him prevented him from moving even an inch.


"Spare me!"

"Please, I will do anything you want!"

The Lion Tribe's people begged for Su Yang's mercy, but alas, he ignored all of their screaming like they ignored the pleas from the dozens of tribes they have destroyed.

And by the time Su Yang finished killing the last person from the Lion Tribe, Chief Shi's entire body was nearly covered in black, looking like he'd been burned in hell's fire.

"Don't worry, I won't go out of my way to kill the rest of your people currently inside the Lion Tribe."


Chief Shi stared at Su Yang in the eyes, his gaze filled with hatred, grief, and regret.

"Why… are you… doing… this…?" Chief Shi used the last drop of energy in his body to ask him.

"Why, huh…" Su Yang calmly spoke with a smile on his face, "It's simple — because someone requested for my help, and my nature does not allow me to ignore a cry for help from a beautiful lady, especially when there are tears in her eyes."

Chief Shi's eyes widened with shock and disbelief. He cannot believe that Su Yang's reason for slaughtering an entire tribe was merely to satisfy a woman.


Chief Shi suddenly screamed, before coughing a mouthful of black blood and collapsing on the floor.

After Chief Shi died, Su Yang casually yanked the Black Dragon Axe out of Chief Shi's hands and tossed it into his storage ring.

However, before he could move, a figure descended from the sky and landed right before him.

"Excuse me, young man, but I believe that axe belongs to the Dragon Tribe. I'd appreciate it if you could return it to us." Chief Long said to him with a friendly expression.


Su Yang slowly turned around and looked at Chief Long in the eyes and spoke, "Are you certain about that? If the axe belongs to the Dragon Tribe, then why was it in the hands of the Lion Tribe — the Chief, no less?"

Chief Long's eyebrows twitched upon hearing Su Yang's words, and he spoke, "Yes, because I was the one who lent him the Black Dragon Axe. Please, it's an irreplaceable treasure for the Dragon Tribe."

"It's unfortunate that your friend had lost such a valuable treasure." Su Yang said. "Next time, don't lend things that you cannot afford to lose to others, especially if they are not the trustworthy kind."


Chief Long was speechless. The only reason he had lent Chief Shi the Black Dragon Axe is because he was certain that he could retrieve it with ease. But alas, not even he could expect that someone like Su Yang would appear in this place and time to blatantly steal the Black Dragon Axe right before his presence.

However, with that being said, he truly cannot lose the Black Dragon Axe, the Dragon Tribe's heritage, much less to a stranger like Su Yang, even if he has to take some risks.

Chief Long then turned to look at Qiuyue, who was his only hope to retrieve the Black Dragon Axe, and spoke, "Goddess, although I do not know your relationship with this young man, he has blatantly stolen something important from the Dragon Tribe. Can you please do something about this?"

After a moment of silence, Qiuyue responded with a calm expression, "I won't intervene with your business. I thought that I have already made this very clear."

Chief Long's eyes widened with surprise. Does this mean she wouldn't intervene even if he tries to get the Black Dragon Axe back from Su Yang by force? Aren't they companions?

He then turned to look at Su Yang, who was also looking at him with a mysterious smile on his face.

"It appears that I have received approval to retrieve my Black Dragon Axe from you by the Goddess," said Chief Long. "This is your only warning. You may be exceptionally talented and even managed to defeat Chief Shi, but you are not my match."

"I just killed someone with the same cultivation base as you. What makes you think that you can do any better than him?" 

"Although I am also at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm just like Chief Shi, our abilities are not even close to being equal, so it's best if you do not underestimate me by comparing me to that weakling, Chief Shi." Chief Long spoke as he released his cultivation base, causing an immense aura to appear.

"Hmm… I guess you are slightly better than him. However, if you want to even have a chance to take the weapon back, you'll need to be at least a Sovereign." Su Yang could feel an invisible pressure trying to push him to the ground, but he remained calm and stood there without even budging an inch.

"You talk big for someone who only managed to kill Chief Shi because of your little tricks. Now that I know about the poison coated in that weapon, you will need more than that to defeat me..." Chief Long said with a confident grin on his face.

"Is that so…?" Su Yang looked at the Black Scorpion in his hands.

A moment later, Su Yang retrieved his storage ring and stored the Black Scorpion inside, dumbfounding Chief Long and the people there.

"What trick are you trying to pull this time?" Chief Long frowned.

"There is no trick here. Since you claim that I cannot defeat you without the Black Scorpion, I am going to defeat you without it." Su Yang responded with a calm expression.

"Hahaha…" Chief Long couldn't help but laugh at Su Yang's arrogance.

"That arrogance will be the death of you!" Chief Long shouted before suddenly rushing forward.

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