Dual Cultivation

Chapter 444 Where Did This Monster Come From…?

Chapter 444 Where Did This Monster Come From…?

Chief Shi jumped high into the air and pounced at Su Yang with the Black Dragon Axe emitting a tyrannical aura.

"Dragon Shattering Strike!"

When the Chief Shi swung the Black Dragon Axe, it was as though an invisible pressure had suddenly appeared in the Boar Tribe, causing the people there to feel as though they were being forced to their knees.

Seeing the large axe diving straight at him, Su Yang raised the Black Scorpion in front of his face and prepared to block Chief Shi's strike.

"You think you can stop my Black Dragon Axe with your puny dagger?!"

When the Black Dragon Axe was almost in front of Su Yang, his eyes flickered with an otherworldly light, and his aura exploded to an immense level.


The Black Dragon Axe and the Black Scorpion collided with each other, causing a shock wave that pushed everyone around them away and covered the place with dust and dirt.

A few moments later, when the dust settled and the people there were able to see their figures again, they were all shocked by the result of their collusion.

"I-Impossible!" Chief Shi exclaimed as he stared at Su Yang with wide eyes.

Forget about overpowering Su Yang, he didn't even manage to push him back even after using that much strength! It was almost like he'd struck an immovable mountain with his bare fists!

Chief Shi slowly walked backwards, distancing himself from Su Yang, who merely stood there with a calm expression.

"Was that your strongest attack? It appears that I have overestimated your strength." Su Yang spoke with a mocking smile.

"I do not know what little trick you'd used to block my move, but I am willing to bet that you have used all of your strength just now and that you will not be able to block another one of my attacks! Die for me!"

Chief Shi tightly gripped the Black Dragon Axe and rushed at Su Yang again but with an even stronger aura around him.

However, just like his previous attempt, Su Yang easily blocked his attack with a mysterious power that he cannot fathom.

It felt like he was fighting a wall — one that he cannot break.

"I do not believe that you can keep defending!"

Chief Shi roared, and his muscles grew larger and bulkier. His arms were almost as big as his head at this point, and his body was emitting a fearsome aura that was filled with killing intent.

A moment later, he pounced at Su Yang again.

"Mountain Severing Strike!"

Chief Shi cleaved the Black Dragon Axe with all of his might, and the axe made a sound that resembled a dragon's roar.

However, Su Yang did not move this time. In fact, he stood there defenselessly, almost like he was intending on taking the strike with his body.

"Hahaha! Did he finally use up all of his strength and cannot lift even a finger now?!"

Although the Lion Tribe warriors were shocked when Su Yang blocked two of their Chief's attacks just now despite the disparity between their cultivation bases and felt a bit nervous for the future, they laughed with relief when Su Yang stopped moving.

However, the laughter stopped a moment later, when Chief Shi also stopped moving.

He was only a few steps away from Su Yang, yet he suddenly stopped advancing and stood there stiffly, almost like he's turned into a statue.

"Looks like it's finally taking effect." Su Yang said as he slowly walked to stand in front of Chief Shi.

"Wha… What have you… done to… me…?!" Chief Shi squeezed these words out of his mouth, as he was having difficulties breathing, like there was something clogged inside his throat.

"It's simple, really." Su Yang pointed to Chief Shi's left abdomen, where a tiny one-inch cut existed.

This insignificant injury that would normally not even be considered a scratch for Chief Shi had somehow rendered him unmovable and powerless.

"My Black Scorpion is coated with a deadly poison that is strong enough to kill Cultivators at the Heavenly Spirit Realm even with a small scratch like that. It happened during your first strike at me, and it's finally taking effect now."

"Very soon, the poison will spread throughout your body, spoil your blood, dissolve your bones, before finally destroying your body from inside-out."

Su Yang spoke in a gentle voice as he paced around Chief Shi's body that was beginning to turn black.

"Since you are at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm and have a strong body because of the spiritual meat you have consumed throughout your life, you will have a few more minutes to live before the poison kills you."

Su Yang stood before Chief Shi again and stared at him in the eyes with a serious expression.

"In these few minutes, I will have you watch helplessly as I slaughter your tribesmen."

"You… you monster…" Chief Shi growled in a low voice, trying to suppress the pain in his body that was growing increasingly more painful.

Su Yang ignored his words and turned to look at the Lion Tribe's people, all of whom were staring at him with a horrified expression on their faces.

" The Chief has lost! R-Run away before he slaughters all of us!"

The Lion Tribe began scrambling about. All they had in their minds at this moment was to escape from Su Yang, whose presence was even scarier than the Goddess, Qiuyue.

However, before they could even make it outside of the Boar Tribe, Su Yang used Nine Astral Steps to follow and slaughter them.


Chief Shi screamed in pain and sorrow as he watched his men fall lifelessly onto the ground. Not only did he have to deal with the pain from the poison that was quickly destroying his body but he also had to deal with the pain of losing his tribesmen. It was a feeling that nobody there could imagine.

'W-Where did this monster come from…?' Chief Long watched the scene from above with a horrified face.

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