Dual Cultivation

Chapter 446 Ancient Movement Technique

Chapter 446 Ancient Movement Technique

"Bloody Dragon Claws!" Chief Long rushed at Su Yang with his hands made into a claw, and a sinister red aura emitted from his fingers.

Su Yang's eyebrows twitched upon seeing this aura. He could sense a dangerous feeling in this technique, and his instincts told him to avoid it.

Thus, he immediately used Nine Astral Steps to distance himself from Chief Long.

A second after Su Yang jumped away, Chief Long's claws struck at where Su Yang just stood, causing the earth to melt in an ugly fashion.

If such an attack had landed on Su Yang's skin, it would probably melt away instantly.

"Poison, huh." Su Yang quickly recognized the nature of Chief Long's attack. It was no wonder why Chief Long was acting so confident just now even after witnessing the Black Scorpion's deadly poison.

"Just like your dagger, my poison techniques can kill anyone below the Sovereign Spirit Realm with ease. It does not matter if you are a genius or a monster, if you touch my poison, you will die." Chief Long spoke with a grin on his face.


Su Yang remained silent.

'Father, can you deal with him? If not, I can kill him for you.' Qiuyue's voice suddenly resounded in Su Yang's head.

He turned to look at her, who wore a subtle but worrying expression on her peerless face.

'Don't worry. His poison is useless if he cannot touch me,' said Su Yang using spiritual sense.

He then turned to look at Chief Long and smiled, "Now that your element of surprise is gone, what will you do? As long I avoid your strikes, you will never be able to defeat me."

"But can you keep avoiding them?!" Chief Long rushed at Su Yang again while brandishing his claws at him as though they were swords.

"Are you even trying to hit me? You should put more effort into it, or you won't even catch my clothes," said Su Yang as he casually avoids all of Chief Long's attacks.

A few minutes of chasing later, Chief Long is still having difficulties hitting Su Yang, who was as slippery as an eel.

The people watching this were dumbfounded. It felt like they were watching two people playing tag rather than two people fighting.

"Che! What an annoying movement technique!" Chief Long snickered as he desperately tried to match with Su Yang's speed.

However, despite the vast difference in their cultivation base, Chief Long was unable to rival Su Yang's speed that was faster than even the wind.

'It's fine! Even if I cannot catch him, my spiritual energy limit is much higher than his! He will exhaust his spiritual energy before I am even close to running out!' Chief Long thought to himself.


Upon seeing the confident grin on Chief Long's face, Su Yang could easily guess what he was thinking and spoke, "If you are thinking that you can simply wait for me to exhaust my spiritual energy, then I will have to disappoint you since I have enough spiritual energy stored up to keep dodging like this for days without rest."

"W-What…? Impossible! As if I'd fall for such a trick! Even if you have more power than me, there's simply no way that someone at the 3rd level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm could have more spiritual energy than someone at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm!" Chief Long sneered. Not even a child would fall for this obvious lie.

"You don't have to believe me, since you will have to accept it later. In fact, why don't we speed up a little bit?"

Su Yang's leg movements suddenly changed, and his speed nearly doubled instantly.


Chief Long stopped chasing after Su Yang after seeing his ridiculous speed, which left not even a shadow behind. He felt like he was trying to catch a lightning bolt as a mortal — it was simply impossible.

"What kind of movement technique is that?" Even Qiuyue was surprised by Su Yang's new movements. Although they looked similar to the Nine Astral Steps, it was more profound and advanced.

"Although it may appear to be a different movement technique, he's actually still using the Nine Astral Steps, you know?" Tang Lingxi suddenly appeared beside Qiuyue and said.

"Senior Sister! What do you mean by that? Has he been using a fake technique all along?"

"This is supposed to be a secret that only those who have learned the technique can know, but since I consider you my family, I will let you know. The Nine Astral Step is known to be a single technique, but in reality, there are nine movement techniques hidden within," said Tang Lingxi.

"The Nine Astral Step is an Ancient Movement Technique that existed even before the Primordial Era, and as its name suggests, consists of nine levels of movement techniques, each stronger and faster than the next. Su Yang has only been using the first movement technique up to this point due to his lack of cultivation base, and now that he's reached the Heavenly Spirit Realm, he can finally use the second step of the technique."

After hearing Tang Lingxi's explanation, Qiuyue couldn't help but exclaim with a shocked voice, "If the second step is already this fast, just how fast is the ninth step?!"

Tang Lingxi smiled and said, "In my case, when I use the ninth step, I can traverse from star to star in the blink of an eye. It can even defy the laws of space and time and travel through the void — almost like the Dimension Rift."


Qiuyue was speechless. As one would have expected from the Asura God Clan, one of the strongest powers in all of Four Divine Heavens. Not only are their people ridiculously powerful but so are the techniques they practice.

"What are you, a damn cockroach?! Stop running away and fight me like a real warrior!" Chief Long was beginning to get irritated and tired of Su Yang's antics. At this rate, he will run out of energy before retrieving the Black Dragon Axe.

"If you are telling me to just stand there and let you touch me with poison, then I will have to decline your offer." Su Yang responded a moment later.

"Then you leave me with no other choice!" Chief Long suddenly stopped chasing after Su Yang and turned to look in a certain direction before running in that direction.

"?!?!" Qin Liangyu was baffled when Chief Long suddenly looked at her with a malicious gaze.

"Let's see if you save this young lady while dodging my attack!" Chief Long shouted as his poisoned claws approached the dazed Qin Liangyu.

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