Dual Cultivation

Chapter 436 Visiting the Dragon Tribe

Chapter 436 Visiting the Dragon Tribe

After handing the Boar Tribe's treasure to Tang Lingxi, Qin Liangyu led the two of them outside of the formation and said to the warrior waiting outside, "Lebao, I will be leaving the tribe for a while to show our esteemed guests the other tribes. While I am away, you will be the acting Chief in my place."

"You can entrust the tribe with me, Chief! I am willing to sacrifice even my life!" Lebao nodded with a serious expression.

"Good. Then I will leave everything to you." Qin Liangyu said before walking outside with Su Yang and Tang Lingxi.

"Are you okay with that?" Su Yang suddenly asked her. "Not telling him about giving us the treasure, that is."

"It's fine. He won't know unless I tell him or I bring him inside the formation. However, if the truth is revealed someday, I'm sure they'll understand why I made the decision." Qin Liangyu said.

"Anyway, which tribe will we be visiting first?" Su Yang then asked.

"The nearest tribe from here is the Firefly Tribe. It's only a hundred miles away."

"Then that's where we shall go first."

Qin Liangyu nodded and said, "Allow me to make some preparations before we leave."

"Take your time."

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away from the Boar Tribe, Qiuyue and the Dragon Tribe's Envoy just arrived at their destination.

"Welcome to our humble Dragon Tribe, Fairy Goddess." The Envoy said with a lowered head.

"Please wait here for a moment while I notify our Chief of your arrival."

The old man then descended from the sky and into one of the larger huts within the Dragon Tribe's settlement.

"Senior Zhan, you have returned already? What happened at the Boar Tribe? Did you meet the Goddess?" The Dragon Tribe's Chief stood up after seeing the old man enter the hut.

"Chief Long! This is an emergency!" Senior Zhan rushed in front of him and spoke in an urgent tone.

"The Goddess… She's the real deal! She's really the Goddess that killed the Great Calamity one thousand years ago!"

"What!? Are you sure about this information?!"

"I am 120% certain! My mind has been filled with nothing but her appearance every single day ever since I first saw her fight the Great Calamity on that day! Her otherworldly beauty… her exotic hair and peerless eyes that reflect the moonlight — it's impossible that I could have mistaken her for someone else!" Senior Zhan responded with passion, revealing his obsession for Qiuyue that was as clear as day.

Chief Long looked at Senior Zhan's eyes without a serious expression and slowly nodded. "I understand. I will trust your judgment. However, this will complicate things for us a lot."

"The only reason we even bother with the Boar Tribe is because of the treasure they possess — the Great Calamity's eyeball that holds a profound amount of power. If the Goddess is protecting the Boar Tribe, we will not be able to force them to hand the treasure over to us and can only hope that they will accept our negotiations."

"Of course, if the Goddess was here, I could also request for her to not interrupt our business with the Boar Tribe."

"Uhh… Chief Long, if you're worried about that, then there's no need to worry. Since the Fairy Goddess is actually waiting outside right now." Senior Zhan said.

"What?!" Chief Long's eyes widened with shock. "If she's already here, why didn't you say so first?! Hurry up and bring me to her before she gets annoyed! We don't know if she's any good with her patience!"

Chief Long quickly left the hut.

"Goddess! Please excuse this insignificant one for making you wait outside like this!" Chief Long lowered his head and body to her.

Qiuyue glanced at him for a moment before descending from the sky.

"What business do you have for me?" Qiuyue asked him in a cold voice, ignoring the people that were staring at her with wide eyes in the distance.

'What a beauty…' Chief Long thought to himself as he was stunned by Qiuyue's beautiful appearance for a moment. After seeing her for the first time, he instantly understood why Senior Zhan was so obsessed with her.

If not for her background and her unfathomable strength, he would do anything in his power to make her his own.

"This insignificant one only has but a single request for the Goddess." Chief Long then spoke, "The Dragon Tribe and the Boar Tribe are currently in negotiations over one of the treasures they possess, and we would like to request for the Goddess to not intervene with our business."

"Huh?" Qiuyue instantly frowned. He called her all the way over here just to say that?

"O-Of course, this is but a humble request. If the Goddess refuses, we won't pursue this matter any further." Chief Long misunderstood Qiuyue's facial expressions and trembled in fear.


After a moment of silence, Qiuyue spoke, "Why would I care about your business with another tribe? Even if you want to kill each other, I won't intervene."

"Eh? Really?" Chief Long was dumbfounded by her response, and he continued, "Then why did the Goddess protect the Boar Tribe when the Lion Tribe attacked them?"

"If you were peacefully drinking tea in someone else's house and someone suddenly disturbs your peace, would you just sit there and do nothing?" Qiuyue asked him.

"N-No… I would not…" Chief Long shook his head.

"Then why would you expect anyone else to?"

After a moment of silence, Qiuyue continued, "Even though I said all that, you are actually asking the wrong person."

"What do you mean?" Chief Long raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

"While it is true that I do not care about your business with the Boar Tribe or any tribe for that matter, I cannot say the same for my partners," she said.

"The Goddess's… partners?" Chief Long turned to look at Senior Zhan.

"Um… the Goddess must be referring to the two youngsters with her at that time…" Senior Zhan said.

"That's right. However, to call them youngsters… you cannot be any more wrong." Qiuyue showed a mysterious smile and said, "Not only are they older than any of us here but the two of them have more authority than me."

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