Dual Cultivation

Chapter 435 Rift Demons

Chapter 435 Rift Demons

"S-Senior Su…? How much do you know about that monster that nearly destroyed the Southern Continent — the Great Calamity?" Qin Liangyu asked him.

"That monster is a being that should exist only within the Dimension Rift — a Rift Demon. Rift Demons come in all shapes and sizes, there's not a single Rift Demon that looks exactly the same as another. The only thing similar about these Rift Demons are their strength. Because they are all born in the same harsh environment, they are all extremely tough and powerful."

"As for the Dimension Rift… it's basically a void-like place you must enter whenever you travel an extremely long distance from one place to another using teleportation, so there's a chance you might encounter a Rift Demon whenever you teleport somewhere very far."

"Of course, Rift Demons are not common encounters. In fact, they are very rare."

"Wait a second… If the Great Calamity originated from the Mirror of Darkness, what are the chances of another one appearing in the future?" Qin Liangyu asked with a worried frown.

"Although it's not impossible, it's also very unlikely," said Tang Lingxi. "Like I'd said, only very weak Rift Demons have a chance to escape from the Rift Dimension, but even then, most of them will die trying."

"By the way, you mentioned something about the Southern Region becoming more dangerous lately, right? This treasure you have here is probably the cause of that." Tang Lingxi said.

"What? Why would that be the case?!" Qin Liangyu responded with a baffled look.

"While you may not be able to see it, I can sense a sinister aura hidden deep within that eye, and it's probably affecting the nature around it. Furthermore, it's growing slightly with each passing day. After another hundred years, this place will probably become a nest that is filled with powerful spiritual beasts."

"No way... " Qin Liangyu mumbled in a distressed voice. "I-Is there any way to solve this problem?!"

Tang Lingxi nodded and said, "It's really simple, actually. Just destroy it or throw it away."

"T-That's…" Qin Liangyu became hesitant. Such a task was much easier said than done, as this treasure has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. If this tradition ended with her, she will never be able to sleep through this disgrace.

"There won't be any tradition to uphold if the Southern Continent gets crushed by countless spiritual beasts, right? How about this? I will take that treasure off your hand, since I actually have a use for it, unlike you guys, who will only keep it as a decoration." Tang Lingxi said with a mysterious light in her eyes.


After hearing Tang Lingxi's suggestion, Qin Liangyu closed her eyes to ponder in silence.

What Tang Lingxi said was correct. If they hold onto the treasure, it will only bring their tribe more chaos than benefits. Furthermore, the treasure originally belonged to Qiuyue, as she was the one who killed the Rift Demon in the first place.

"Of course, I won't take something that valuable for free. I'll compensate you. How does three Immortal-grade Cultivation Techniques sound? It'll surely be more useful to you than that eyeball."

"Im-Immortal-grade techniques?! And three of them?!" Qin Liangyu's jaw dropped to the ground.

Forget about Immortal-grade techniques, they don't even have a single cultivation technique at the Heaven-grade!

"What? Is that not enough?" Tang Lingxi raised an eyebrow.

Qin Liangyu quickly shook her head. "Of course not! It's more than enough! In fact, it's too much!" 

"Then are you willing to trade?"


After pondering for a few more moments, Qin Liangyu nodded. "The treasure originally belonged to the Goddess, anyway. I feel bad for accepting your compensation, too."

"Very well. I shall give you the cultivation techniques for the Rift Demon's eyeball once I have them prepared." Tang Lingxi said.

"T-Thank you, Senior!" Qin Liangyu bowed to her.

"Darling, lend me your storage ring." Tang Lingxi suddenly said to him.

Su Yang nodded and handed her his storage ring without hesitation.

Once she had the storage ring, Tang Lingxi approached the Rift Demon's eyeball and sucked it into the storage ring.

"Here. Keep this safe for me until you return to the Four Divine Heavens." Tang Lingxi said.

Because she has no way to physically take anything with her when she returns to her original body, she needed someone to transport it for her.

"What do you plan on doing with this eyeball, anyway?" Su Yang asked her with his eyebrows raised.

"The Asura God Clan will benefit from the chaotic energy within the Rift Demon's eyeball. After all, unlike normal cultivators that cultivate using pure spiritual energy, those who cultivate our Asura God Clan's technique must do so with chaotic spiritual energy. Other than that, Rift Demons are also exceedingly rare entities, so I want to add it to my collection. It will surely make it even more valuable."

"You are still filling up that dangerous collection? Why am I not surprised?" Su Yang showed a smile.

"Anyway, now that we are done here, let's head to the other tribes and see what information they have on the Mirror of Darkness."

Qin Liangyu nodded.

"By the way, if you don't mind me asking, Senior Su, why are you researching on the Mirror of Darkness? Do you plan on entering it?" she suddenly asked.

"That's right." He calmly nodded. "I plan on entering the Mirror of Darkness the next time it appears."

"Are you not worried that it might lead you to nowhere? If it were me, I would not have the courage to go inside, since I am afraid of the unknown."

"For Cultivators, sometimes… there are things in life that are more terrifying than even death itself." Su Yang said. "Or there are goals you must accomplish even if you might die in the process."

"This is especially true for me. If I fear death, then I will never be able to protect the things I value and the people I love. It's simple as that."

"Is that so…" Qin Liangyu mumbled in a low voice, seemingly speechless. Perhaps even mesmerized by his words.

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