Dual Cultivation

Chapter 434 Boar Tribe's Treasure

Chapter 434 Boar Tribe's Treasure

"C-Chief Qin! What are you thinking?! Even if they are our esteemed guests, we cannot simply show our treasure to strangers!" The warrior named Lebao pulled her to the side and said.

"You idiot!" Qin Liangyu suddenly slapped Lebao on the head, dumbfounding everyone in the room, and this was especially true for Lebao, who has never been hit by her before.

"Did you not hear a word the Dragon Tribe's envoy just said?!

"Our Savior is the real Goddess! The one who had slain the Great Calamity when every tribe couldn't defeat it even when they came together! And our treasure originated from the Great Calamity, so it originally belongs to the Goddess— them!"


Hearing her words, Lebao became silent, almost like a puppy that just got scolded by their owner.

"Please excuse our disgraceful behavior, Senior Su." Qin Lingyu apologized to them and continued, "I will now show you the treasure that was harvested from the Great Calamity."

Su Yang nodded and followed her to the back of the hut, where there was a door in the middle of the room.

"Hm?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow after seeing this door that was nearly transparent.

"That door is a formation. It's quite the powerful one too if you consider their situation." Tang Lingxi mumbled to Su Yang.

"You can see the door, too?" Qin Liangyu looked at them with a surprised look and continued, "In this entire tribe— no, the entire Southern Region, I should be the only one who can see and open this door."

"Well, if you know a thing or two about formations, anyone would be able to see it." Tang Lingxi said.

"Impossible…" Qin Liangyu mumbled in disbelief, as she believed that it was a hereditary kind of thing.

"If you don't believe me, how about I open it for you?" Tang Lingxi suddenly said with a smile. "It will only take a moment, too."


However, before Qin Liangyu could even say anything, Tang Lingxi took a step forward and stood before the door, silently staring at it.

Qin Liangyu watched with a nervous feeling in her body.

A moment of silence later, Tang Lingxi spoke in an authoritative tone, "Not even the Heavenly Emperor's goons dare to stand in my way, yet a mere formation created by an even inferior being dares to block my path?!"

'H-Huh? What is she doing? As if that would open the formation!' Qin Liangyu thought to herself inwardly.

However, a moment later, the transparent door reacted by trembling slightly.

Although the movement was slight and almost unnoticeable, Qin Liangyu was shaken to the core by it.

"I will give you three seconds to open, or I will destroy you!"

After saying those words, Tang Lingxi began counting.


The door trembled even more.


On the count of two, the door surprisingly opened slightly, shocking Qin Liangyu, who could've never imagined that the formation guarding their tribe's most valuable treasure would open just because it was threatened by someone!


At the final count, the door flew open, almost like it had been forcefully opened by a kick.

Once the door was open, the door began to disappear, before a portal appeared at where the door disappeared.

"See? It's actually quite simple." Tang Lingxi turned to Qin Liangyu and said with a smile.

However, Su Yang shook his head and sighed, "What do you gain with that little act of yours, Lingxi?"

"What? An act?" Qin Liangyu looked at them with a dazed look.

Tang Lingxi chuckled and said, "All that talking was just an act — a distraction. The door opened because I saw through the formation and cracked it open, not because it was threatened by me."

"No way…" Qin Liangyu was speechless.

"Anyway, hurry up and show me this treasure. I'm actually quite interested in it." Tang Lingxi said.

"R-Right away! Please, follow me!���

Qin Liangyu nodded and led them into the portal, teleporting them to another place.

"Although this space inside the formation is very small, it's not bad considering it was by someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm." Su Yang thought to himself as he looked around the room that had no borders. In fact, they were surrounded by darkness with only some flickering lights in the background. It was almost like they were teleported into the starry sky.

"Here's the treasure, Senior Su."

Qin Liangyu pointed at the large eyeball that was carefully positioned on a pole a few meters away from them.


Su Yang raised his eyebrows with surprise after seeing this eyeball that was larger than a boulder. If he had to take a guess, this Great Calamity entity must have been thousands of meters tall.

"Darling… this is…" Even Tang Lingxi held a serious expression after seeing the enormous eye.

"If I am correct, this thing that Qiuyue killed came from the Dimension Rift. It's a Rift Demon."

"What?! The Dimension Rift?!" Su Yang's eyes widened with shock. "Why would a being from the Dimension Rift be in this place? And aren't Rift Demons incapable of leaving the Dimension Rift? Even if a Rift Demon somehow escaped the Dimension Rift, Qiuyue should not have been able to kill it! Even Ancient Realm experts fear those things!"

Tang Lingxi then spoke, "Not many people are aware of this since it rarely happens, but the Dimension Rift is only capable of preventing the strong Rift Demons from escaping. The Rift Demon that was slain by Qiuyue was probably too weak, so it managed to escape the Dimension Rift somehow."

"If that's the case… then this thing probably came from the Mirror of Darkness, since the mirror is a portal of sorts, and all portals are connected to the Dimension Rift." Su Yang pondered.

"This is a great discovery. Now we are a step closer to unraveling the origin of the mirror." Tang Lingxi said.

"Dimension Rift? Rift Demons? What are those?" Qin Liangyu was lost in their conversation, as she has never heard of those terms before today.

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