Dual Cultivation

Chapter 433 A Dreadful Aura

Chapter 433 A Dreadful Aura

"G-Goddess! This lowly one greets the Goddess!"

The Sovereign Spirit Realm expert instantly kowtowed on the floor after seeing Qiuyue.

A thousand years ago, when he was but a young man, he had the grand opportunity to witness Qiuyue slay the monster that was later known as the 'Great Calamity' with his very own eyes. And ever since then, he was unable to forget Qiuyue's godlike powers and divine beauty. Even though hundreds of years have passed, he could easily recognize Qiuyue as the Goddess that had slain the Great Calamity and saved the Southern Continent.

"I-I can't believe it… that after a thousand years, I would have a second opportunity to bless my eyes with your graceful presence, Goddess!"

"Wow, he's saying some really embarrassing things about you without any shame, Qiuyue." Tang Lingxi chuckled.

"Embarrassing?! There is nothing shameful about showing respect to the Goddess! And who do you think you are to address the Goddess in such a manner?! A mere junior at the Heavenly Spirit Realm!" The old man glared at Tang Lingxi with narrowed eyes.

"Hoh? You think you are some bigshot just because you are at the Sovereign Spirit Realm? If I was in my original body, I could kill you without even lifting a single finger!" Tang Lingxi also narrowed her eyes, causing the atmosphere in the room to change.

"T-This is!"

Qin Liangyu and the male warrior could feel a suffocating aura emitting from Tang Lingxi — it was one filled with dread and despair. They have never felt such a terrifying aura before, feeling like they were standing before a god of death.

Even the Sovereign Spirit Realm expert couldn't help but express surprise on his look after feeling this dreadful aura from Tang Lingxi.

"Calm down, Lingxi." Su Yang placed his hand on her shoulders and mumbled in a gentle voice.

"Sorry, darling. The way he looked at me was filled with disrespect and felt unpleasant, so I got a little angry." Tang Lingxi retracted the killing intent in her eyes and casually cleared her throat, dumbfounding the people there.


Qiuyue silently swallowed and said to herself inwardly, 'She's definitely from the Asura God Clan all right…'

"You wanted to speak with me, right? Hurry up and say whatever you need. By the way, if you anger my Senior Sister again, I will become the one who will need to speak with you." Qiuyue said to him with a cold expression.

"S-S-Senior Sister?! Allow this lowly one to offer his greatest apologies!"

The old man's eyes widened with shock and he began knocking his head on the ground after hearing her words, as he did not expect someone weaker than Qiuyue to be her Senior Sister.

"Senior Sister, huh?" Meanwhile, Tang Lingxi looked at Qiuyue with a smile on her face.

"Enough! Hurry up and speak!" Feeling irritated by the old man's extreme reverence for her, Qiuyue raised her voice.

"Y-Yes!" The old man quickly stood up and spoke, "This lowly one came here as an envoy from the Dragon Tribe with the intent to invite the Goddess to the Dragon Tribe as an Esteemed Guest!"

"You want me to go to the Dragon Tribe? Why?" Qiuyue asked.

"Our Chief, Chief Long, wishes to speak with you, the Goddess."

After a moment of silence, Qiuyue spoke, "If your Chief really wants to speak with me, why didn't he come here with you? Yet you want to waste my time by making me go to him? Are you looking down on me?"

The old man began trembling after hearing her words and quickly responded, "T-This is a misunderstanding, Goddess! T-The Chief is currently busy with another business and cannot step away from the tribe at this moment, and we weren't certain if the Goddess was real or fake, or else he would've been here, too! However, you need not to worry, Goddess! This lowly one will immediately return and relay your message to our Chief!"

"Wait a second." Su Yang suddenly raised his voice.

The people in the room turned to look at him with raised eyebrows.

"Qiuyue, you should go to the Dragon Tribe and see if they have any information on the Mirror of Darkness."

"The Mirror of Darkness? Is the Goddess seeking knowledge regarding that mirror?" The old man asked.

"I am. Do you have any useful information?"

"Y-Yes! Although I cannot guarantee that we have answers to all of your questions, the Dragon Tribe has plenty of ancient scrolls regarding the Mirror of Darkness!"

Qiuyue nodded a moment later and said, "Su Yang, do you want to come with me to the Dragon Tribe?"

He shook his head. "I will be heading to the other tribes with Chief Qin and Lingxi after we are done here."

"Is that so…" Qiuyue mumbled, sounding a bit disappointed.

"If you desire, we can leave now, Goddess." The old man said to her.

Qiuyue nodded.

Before they left, the old man said to Qin Liangyu, "Chief Qin, do not forget about our matter. We will return at a later date to hear your decision."

However, before she could even reply, the warrior that had been standing there in silence suddenly spoke out loud, "Of course, we will decline! That treasure has been with the Boar Tribe for a thousand years! There's absolutely no way that we would give it to anybody — not even to the Dragon Tribe!"

"I wasn't aware that I was speaking to you and not Chief Qin, young warrior." The old man scoffed and said, "And it's not like we are asking you to hand it over to us without any compensation. As long as it's at a reasonable price, we will buy it from you. Anyway, you have until next week to come to a decision, Chief Qin. Now, I will excuse myself."

The old man then left the hut, and Qiuyue followed him a few seconds later.

"T-That old bastard!" The native warrior growled in a low voice, his eyes filled with contempt and anger.

"Calm down, Lebao!" Chief Qin said to him.

"But Chief! We simply cannot hand over the treasure!"

"Haaaa..." Qin Liangyu sighed and said, "I understand your frustration, but as much as I want to keep that treasure, we are not in the position to decline, as our tribe has been declining for a while now. If I don't make some tough decisions now, the entire Boar Tribe will be suffering in the near future."

"This treasure..." Su Yang suddenly spoke, "Can you tell me more about it? Perhaps I can be of some help."

"Senior Su... I think it would be easier to explain if I show you the treasure first," said Qin Liangyu.

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