Dual Cultivation

Chapter 432 Dragon Tribe's Envoy

Chapter 432 Dragon Tribe's Envoy

"Welcome back, Esteemed Guests. I hope you all had a pleasant rest last night." One of the natives greeted them by the entrance gates.

"Hm? Where's your Chief?" Qiuyue asked her.

"Uh…" The native suddenly showed signs of nervousness and spoke, "The Chief… she's currently in a meeting with an envoy from the Dragon Tribe that had recently arrived."

"Oh? The Dragon Tribe is here? Aren't they friendly with the Tiger Tribe who tried to attack this place not long ago?" Su Yang was intrigued by the purpose of their visit.

"I-I also don't know the purpose of their visit." The native girl shook her head.

"However, they have been inside for a while now, so they should be out very soon."

Just as the native girl said that, Qin Tiangyu walked out from one of the larger huts with a perplexed expression on her face.

Then she noticed Su Yang and the group standing by the entrance, which immediately brought a smile onto her face.

"S-Senior Su!" Qin Liangyu quickly ran towards them. "You have arrived at the perfect time! The Dragon Tribe, they're—"

"They are here right now, right?" Su Yang interrupted. 

"Y-Yes… that's right." Qin Liangyu nodded. "An envoy from the Dragon Tribe has arrived not long ago, and they brought along a few gifts."

Qin Liangyu then pointed at the twenty figures standing beside a large cart of spiritual meat and continued to speak, "Twenty servants, ten young men for labor and ten young maidens for our warriors to enjoy themselves, and finally, 500 pounds of spiritual meat."


Su Yang's eyes narrowed upon hearing such words.

"How unpleasant," he mumbled a moment later.

"E-Excuse me?" Qin Liangyu showed a dumbfounded expression. "Is there something bothering Senior Su?"

"I don't know how the tribes here operate, but treating humans as though they are farm animals… it's not something I like to see." Su Yang said.


Qin Liangyu quickly understood why Su Yang was not happy and immediately began explaining, "When a tribe defeats another tribe, the winners are allowed to take anything they want from the losers. Whether it be their food or their people, the losers cannot resist, as that will often lead to the annihilation of their tribe. In most cases, the males will be forced into labor and the females will be used to increase the tribe's population. That's most likely their situation right now. "

However, Su Yang shook his head and said, "It's not as though I don't understand. I have been to many places with a similar system lifestyle, and I am only a guest here. Therefore, you don't have to mind me. I was only speaking out loud."


Qin Liangyu became speechless. Even though Su Yang said to ignore him, she couldn't possibly allow something that is clearly making it unpleasant for their esteemed guest to exist.

A few moments later, Qin Liangyu called for one of their own people and said, "The twenty people brought here by the Dragon Tribe, they are now a part of our Boar Tribe, and not as servants but as a family. I want you to arrange it right now."


The girl standing before Qin Liangyu was puzzled. Why should they accept these strangers brought to them by their enemies into their family? What would they gain by doing such a thing?

"I do not want to repeat myself. Get it done." Qin Liangyu narrowed her eyes, causing the girl to shudder.

"R-Right away, Chief Qin!"

As the native girl scurried away, Su Yang spoke, "Like I'd said, you don't need to mind me. I am merely here as a guest — you don't need to do something that may inconvenience your entire tribe just for me."

Qin Liangyu shook her head and said, "I understand that, but as the Chief, I cannot allow my guests to feel uncomfortable when they are in our settlement, especially esteemed guests such as yourselves."

"By the way, I should have said this in the beginning, but the Dragon Tribe's envoy… he specifically asked to meet the Goddess," she suddenly said as she looked at Qiuyue.

"Hm? Why would the Dragon Tribe have any business with me?" Qiuyue raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know anything besides that he'd requested for an audience with you." Qin Liangyu shook her head.

Qiuyue turned to look at Su Yang, who nodded.

"Very well. Let's see what this envoy wants from me."

Qin Liangyu then led them to the hut she left from just a few minutes ago.

The moment they entered the hut, Su Yang could see two individuals staring at them.

One of them was a warrior from the Boar Tribe. He had a robust body and fierce appearance, whilst the other individual in the room was an old man with a skinny body. However, despite his fragile-looking appearance, his aura emitted a fearsome aura that surpassed everybody within the Boar Tribe's settlement — he was an expert at the Sovereign Spirit Realm.

Of course, Su Yang was able to sense his powerful presence even before he reached the Boar Tribe's settlement, so he was not surprised to see this expert here.

However, what intrigued him was the fact that the Dragon Tribe had sent someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm, an existence considered to be the peak of cultivation in this world, to this place as a mere envoy.

"Who are these young ones? Although they have some shocking potential, I came here today for the Goddess," said the old man when he only saw Su Yang and Tang Lingxi enter the room.

"These two are with me, or do you have a problem with that?" Qiuyue spoke as she entered the room last.

"Y-You are!!!"

The old man's eyes widened with shock when he saw Qiuyue. Although it was something that happened hundreds of years ago, it only took him a single glance at this beauty and her otherworldly aura for him to be convinced that she was the same Goddess that he'd personally witnessed slay the Great Calamity a thousand years ago!

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