Dual Cultivation

Chapter 437 The Wandering Immortal and His Missing Mirror

Chapter 437 The Wandering Immortal and His Missing Mirror

Both Chief Long and Senior Zhan stared at Qiuyue with a dazed look, speechless by her words, especially Senior Zhan, who witnessed the two 'youngsters' with his own eyes.

'They are older than all of us combined? What kind of nonsense is that? They were only at the early stages of the Heavenly Spirit Realm! How could someone like that possibly have more authority than the Fairy Goddess, who has unfathomable strength?!' Senior Zhan thought to himself, clearly in disbelief.

"Anyway, now that I have listened to your request, it's time for you to listen to mine." Qiuyue suddenly said to them.

"As long as the Dragon Tribe has the ability, we are willing to fulfill any request from the Goddess." Chief Long quickly said.

"Good. Then give me everything you have on the Mirror of Darkness," she said.

"The Mirror of Darkness?"

"I want all of your information on it."

"E-Everything?" Chief Long looked hesitant.

"You aren't willing?" Qiuyue narrowed her eyes.

"N-No! That's not the case, Goddess! It's just that we have a lot… an entire hut of scrolls, to be exact."

"The more the better. Show me the place."

"Please, come this way!"

A few minutes later, Chief Long led Qiuyue into a hut that was filled with scrolls and books.

"What would the Goddess like to know about the Mirror of Darkness? Although I don't know everything, the Dragon Tribe has spent the most time among all tribes studying and trying to figure out its origins."

"Do you know where it came from or where does it lead?" Qiuyue asked.

"Unfortunately, those are questions that every tribe is trying to figure out even as of this moment. Because nobody has ever returned after they stepped inside the Mirror of Darkness, we cannot know where it leads. As for its origins… there have been rumors that the Mirror of Darkness once belonged to an Immortal."

"Hm?" Qiuyue's interest instantly piqued, and she asked, "Tell me more about this Immortal."

Chief Long nodded and began to explain, "Nobody knows when the Mirror of Darkness first appeared in the world, but there are stories of this Immortal who wandered the Southern Region looking for a 'silver mirror'."

"According to a few of the witnesses who had encountered this Immortal, he was wearing some sort of beaten armor — looking like he'd just got back from a long and audacious war."

"Immortal… beaten armor… It can't be…"

An image appeared in Qiuyue's head as Chief Long spoke about the Immortal.

"This Immortal… he would ask all of his encounters if they had seen a silver mirror anywhere, and he was seen all over the Southern Region. However, many years later, this Immortal seemingly disappeared from this world and was never seen again."

'T-This Immortal… he must be that skeleton inside the Immortal's Treasury! The Heavenly Emperor's lackey!' Qiuyue was convinced that this Immortal's true identity was Immortal Han Xin, someone that works directly under the Heavenly Emperor!

"So this Mirror of Darkness is not a treasure created by nature but something he brought here from the Four Divine Heavens, huh…" Qiuyue mumbled to herself.

A moment later, she said to Chief Long, "I want to look through all these scrolls."

"Please take your time, Goddess! I will make sure that nobody will be bothering you while you are inside this hut!" Chief Long bowed to her before leaving the hut.

Once he left Qiuyue alone, Chief Long approached Senior Zhan and said with a grim smile on his face, "The Goddess has given us her word that she will not interfere with our business. I want you to relay this message to the Lion Tribe and tell them to take advantage of this situation and deal with the Boar Tribe!"

"What about our negotiation? Aren't we going to wait for their response?" Senior Zhan asked.

"I already know their answer. Unless their tribe starves to death, they won't part with the Great Calamity's eyeball. So instead of waiting around for a response like idiots, we should force their hands to hand us the eyeball. Furthermore, the Goddess is currently here at the Dragon Tribe. This will allow the Lion Tribe to move without needing to worry about her."

"I understand." Senior Zhan nodded, "By the way, what about the Goddess's partners? There were two of them. What should we do if they intervene? After all, the Goddess already said that she does not speak for them."

"If they intervene, then allow them. Let the Lion Tribe deal with them as they fit. If it angers the Goddess, we can just put the blame on the Lion Tribe."

"In the meantime, I will keep watch of the Goddess and try to keep her here for as long as possible."

Sometime later, when Senior Zhan arrived at the Lion Tribe, he commanded them, "Chief Long has spoken with the Goddess, and we have received her words that she will not intervene with our business anymore."

"What!? Really?!" As one would have expected, the Lion Tribe natives were surprised by this news, since they were chased away by her once already.

Senior Zhan nodded. "In fact, the Goddess is currently staying at the Dragon Tribe. I would suggest you start moving now before she leaves. Even if she won't interfere, I doubt any of you would want to fight before her majestic presence."

The Chief of the Lion Tribe nodded and commanded his people, "We are returning to the Boar Tribe as soon as possible! Immediately begin the preparations! Although they have managed to survive last time, they will not get away from us a second time!"

The people of the Lion Tribe roared viciously with the feeling of war in the air.


After hyping up the entire Lion Tribe, Senior Zhan silently disappeared from the scene without even warning them about Su Yang and Tang Lingxi. After all, his goal was to make them want to fight the Boar Tribe. If they knew that they might fight with the Goddess's companions, they would surely hesitate to attack them.

"Now that everything is prepared, we can just sit back and wait for the action." Senior Zhan chuckled to himself as he returned to the Long Tribe.

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