Dual Cultivation

Chapter 399 I Want to Pleasure You All Night With This Body 18+

Chapter 399 I Want to Pleasure You All Night With This Body 18+

"What an ordeal that was…" Sun Jingjing sighed after they finally managed to return to the hotel. "I never want to experience something like that again."

"Senior apprentice-sister Sun doesn't want to be popular?" The Junior Disciples asked her.

Sun Jingjing shook her head and said, "As long as the person I love looks at me, I couldn't care less even if the world ignores me…"

"Wow… so romantic…" The Junior Disciples looked at her with sparkling eyes, especially the girls.

"Does this mean Senior apprentice-sister Sun has a crush?! Who is it?!" One of the Junior Disciples asked.

"Is that even a question? Of course, that would be Senior apprentice-brother Su!" said another Junior Disciple.

"You guys! Keep your voice down!" Sun Jingjing blushed from listening to their words.

However, she took a peek at Su Yang's handsome a moment later and blushed even more.

"See? Senior apprentice-brother Su is the only male disciple in the sect that can cultivate with the female disciples, so it's only natural that it would be him!"

The Junior Disciples whispered to each other.

A few moments later, Liu Lanzhi gathered the disciples and said, "We are now down to 12 Sects in the tournament. Every opponent we fight from this point forth are all elites amongst the elites! Even though we have been doing amazing, we cannot underestimate them, especially the Azure Cloud Sect!"

"Don't worry about the Azure Cloud Sect and fight to your heart's content. Without Hong Yu'er, they're not any better than the Sects that we've already defeated." Su Yang suddenly said with a smile. 

Liu Lanzhi turned to look at him with a puzzled face but did not question him in the end.

After speaking with the disciples for a few minutes, Liu Lanzhi allowed them to return to their own rooms to rest for the day.

"Junior sister Sun." Fang Zhelan suddenly called for her.

"Is there something wrong, Sister Fang?" Sun Jingjing noticed a hint of hesitation in Fang Zhelan's eyes.

"Yes… I'd like a favor from you…"

'A favor from me? This is indeed unusual!' Sun Jingjing thought to herself. She has never seen Fang Zhelan looking so uncertain.

"If it's within my capabilities, I won't say no!" Sun Jingjing answered with a serious expression.

Fang Zhelan nodded and continued, "Then… I would like you to sleep with the other disciples just for tonight. There's something I must discuss with Su Yang alone."

Sun Jingjing looked a little bit dazed for a moment before saying, "That's it? I was worried for a second since you looked so hesitant. It's just one night. I don't mind it."

"Thank you." Fang Zhelan showed her a smile.

Many hours later, when nighttime arrived, Fang Zhelan entered her room.

Naturally, Su Yang was also in the room, as he'd been silently cultivating by himself for the entire day.

"Su Yang…" Fang Zhelan suddenly called for him.

A moment later, Su Yang opened his eyes that glowed a profound light for a second.

He turned to look at Fang Zhelan, who seemed a little bit different today.

"What's the matter?" he asked her.

"Regarding what I said earlier…"

'Did she say something to me earlier today?' Su Yang pondered but could not recall such events that would make her act like this.

"I had said that I wouldn't join any family… and I truly meant that." Fang Zhelan continued.

"Even before I was old enough to understand what dual cultivation was, I had discarded the idea of having a family, since I prefer being by myself and without having any complicated relationships."

"My resolution remained the same even after I joined the Profound Blossom Sect. I couldn't care less about my chastity or my body, and I cultivated to my heart's content without retaining any everlasting emotions even after meeting countless people."

"However, ever since I met you…"

Fang Zhelan suddenly began loosening her robes, revealing her smooth skin and slim body.

"Even though this body of mine is no longer pure, even though I'd promised myself that I will not belong to anybody, even if you do not want it, I just want you to know that this tainted body of mine is now yours and forever only yours, and you can do anything to it and I will not utter a single word."


Su Yang was speechless for a long moment before speaking in a soft voice, "Is this your way of repaying me for the Immortal-grade technique? Because if it is—"

"No!" Fang Zhelan suddenly interrupted him.

"This has nothing to do with the Immortal-grade technique! Even if I give you everything in my possession, including my body and soul, it would not even be worth half of the Immortal-grade technique's value!"

"I had given up my identity as a woman when I joined the Profound Blossom Sect! I thought I didn't want a family! However, you have changed my heart! After being in your embrace for hundreds of times, I cannot help but want to remain in your embrace forever! But I know that's all but an unrealistic dream. We live in different worlds, you and I. I am simply not worthy."

'I am not worthy'. It was a phrase that Su Yang has heard countless times in his lifetime from his partners.

"Whether she is the Heavenly Emperor's daughter or an insignificant disciple from a small Sect, only I can determine if she's worthy of me, so do not devalue yourself like this. As for your 'tainted' body, I cannot see anything dirty about it." Su Yang said as he pulled Fang Zhelan towards his body and made her sit on his lap like a little girl being spoiled.

"But I—"

Su Yang gently pressed his finger on her soft lips, momentarily sealing her ability to speak.

"Since you think you have a tainted body and I think otherwise, allow me to examine every nook and cranny of this body just to be sure…"

Su Yang gently caressed his fingers around her body, from her neck to her legs, causing her body to tremble.

"There's no dirt on my skin, so it must be something else, huh?"

Su Yang opened his mouth and gently kissed her neck, before moving down to her breasts.

"Ahhh…" Fang Zhelan moaned softly as her steamed buns were being teased.

"There's nothing wrong with the upper half, so it must be the lower half, huh?"

Su Yang laid her body on the bed before spreading her legs and giving her little sister a gentle kiss.


Feeling Su Yang's warm tongue splitting her flower petals, Fang Zhelan's little sister tingled with joy.

After many minutes of tasting Fang Zhelan's wet flower, Su Yang said, "I wasn't able to taste anything dirty, either. So what do you suggest I do next?"

Fang Zhelan responded with teary eyes, "I get it… I was wrong… I am not tainted… You… can do whatever you want… This body already belongs to you..."

Su Yang shook his head and said, "If I went by your logic, I would be this universe's dirtiest man..."

"As for your body, it's only mine during our cultivation. Otherwise, it's still your body, and I don't dare to claim it even if you forced me with a sword on my neck. Furthermore, if your body is mine during cultivation, then my body is also yours," said Su Yang as he removed his own robes, unleashing his awakened dragon that looked as though it wanted to tear a hole in the heavens at this moment.

"My body is yours, and your body is mine…" Fang Zhelan slowly pushed herself to sit on the bed with her face directly before Su Yang's raging dragon.

She then wrapped her fingers around it and opened her mouth.

A moment later, Su Yang could feel Fang Zhelan's soft mouth around the tip of his rod with her tongue pleasuring it on the inside.

It was an indescribable feeling — a heavenly feeling that would instantly melt one's mind.

After massaging the dragon's head with her tongue, Fang Zhelan proceeded to swallow the entire dragon in one go, allowing it to dive deep into her throat.

Sometime later, after many minutes of passionate sucking from Fang Zhelan, Su Yang released his first wave of divine liquid.

A large amount of Yang Qi flowed into Fang Zhelan's mouth, and she swallowed all of it without hesitation.

Fang Zhelan removed her mouth from Su Yang's rod afterward. However, as she'd expected, it was still raging and relentless, like a real dragon.

"Stick it in me, I want to pleasure you all night with this body." Fang Zhelan laid on the bed and spread her arms wide open.

Su Yang showed her a smile, and a moment later, he thrust his rod into her body.

"Ahhhhhh~" Fang Zhelan moaned loudly, feeling every nook and cranny of her tight hole being rammed by a mighty dragon.

Although they have cultivated many times before today, this is the first time Fang Zhelan's ever felt so passionate about their cultivation. It felt like this is her first-time dual cultivating, and it was with a man that she truly loves.

Thus, Fang Zhelan and Su Yang cultivated for the entire night. And if not for the sound-concealing formation that Su Yang had deployed beforehand, nobody in the hotel would've been able to sleep through Fang Zhelan's intense moaning.

Many hours of cultivation later, Fang Zhelan mumbled with a face of complete satisfaction, "They say you won't experience the real thing unless you love the other person. I guess this is what true dual cultivation really is…"

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