Dual Cultivation

Chapter 400 A Bunch of Cowards

Chapter 400 A Bunch of Cowards

Early in the following morning, the Profound Blossom Sect gathered at the hotel lobby.

"How did it go with Su Yang yesterday, Sister Fang? Did you manage to finish your business properly?" Sun Jingjing approached her and asked.

Fang Zhelan nodded with a bright smile and said, "Yes, it went perfectly."

She then continued, "Junior sister, if you want, you can share the room with him alone tonight. I will sleep in another room."

"Eh? There's no need, really." Sun Jingjing calmly shook her head.

"Even if you say that, my body needs to rest for at least a few days after cultivating with him for the entire night." Fang Zhelan said with a slightly red face. "Even now, I can barely stand properly."

"The two of you stayed up for the entire night?" Sun Jingjing looked at her with wide eyes. She cannot help but wonder what kind of business she had with Su Yang that ended up with cultivation for an entire night.

However, it was not as though they had never skipped a night of sleep to cultivate with Su Yang, so what was so different about this cultivation?

Unfortunately, Sun Jingjing did not dare to ask her.

After everyone gathered in the lobby, they left for the colosseum.

On their way to the colosseum, they kept attracting the pedestrians' gazes. It was almost as though they had become celebrities like the Elite Sects.

"Look! It's the Profound Blossom Sect! Despite being a low-ranking Sect, they have managed to remain in the tournament even now!"

"I heard there are two exceptional geniuses that have reached the Earth Spirit Realm in their place, and one of them is especially talented, reaching the seventh level!"

"Nobody would believe me when I said that they were near the brink of destruction half a year ago!"

"Even if they lose today, they'll surely attract numerous disciples in the future."

"I'm not too sure about that. After all, their practices are a bit…"

"You are underestimating the amount of perverts there are in this world! If I had a better-looking appearance, I would not hesitate to apply to their place!"

When the Profound Blossom Sect disciples heard the pedestrians' mumbling, their mouths curved into a slight smile, clearly happy to see their reputation slowly restore to its former glory.

Sometime later, when the Profound Blossom Sect arrived at the colosseum, they were greeted by the Heavenly Swan Sect.

"Hey, we will be watching your performance today," said Bai Lihua.

"Since we have already lost, there's nothing else to do." Su Yin shrugged her shoulders.


Bai Lihua looked at her with squinted eyes.

"Anyways, who will you be fighting today?" she then asked.

"Nine Beast Halls," said Liu Lanzhi.

"So you got lucky, huh."

"What do you mean by that?" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow.

"You were lucky enough to avoid the Azure Cloud Sect, after all."

"I guess you are right if you put it like that…"

The Profound Blossom Sect and the Heavenly Swan Sect entered the colosseum shortly later.

After an hour of waiting, Zi Dong finally appeared on the stage.

"Welcome to the fifth day of the Regional Tournament! We only have 6 matches today with 12 Sects fighting!"

Zi Dong proceeded to explain the rules one more time for those new there.

"With that being said, allow me to introduce our first match of the day, the Azure Cloud Sect and the—"

Zi Dong suddenly stopped talking before he even finished his sentence.

"Eh? Where's the Ancient Grave Sect?"

He realized that Azure Cloud Sect's opponent, the Ancient Grave Sect, was nowhere to be found.

"The Ancient Grave Sect has fifteen minutes to show up before they automatically forfeit the match!" Zi Dong loudly announced.


The audience was speechless.

"The Ancient Grave Sect must be absent on purpose, right?"

"It can't be anything else. They knew that they couldn't win against the Azure Cloud Sect and decided to run away."

"They'll surely be a laughing stock after this!"

"We can't really blame them. The Azure Cloud Sect — Hong Yu'er is simply too powerful. She's scaring away all of their competitors."

After waiting around for ten minutes, somebody approached Zi Dong and whispered something into his ears.

When Zi Dong heard this, he shook his head.

"I have just received information that the Ancient Grave Sect was spotted leaving the city last night, so they are no longer in the city! With that being said, due to the Ancient Grave Sect's absence, they automatically forfeit the match, and the Azure Cloud Sect wins this match by default!"

"An Elite Sect running away with their tails between their legs, what a disgrace to their title, and an embarrassment to the Xie Family." Bai Lihua sighed with contempt.

Right as Bai Lihua said those words, Lord Xie stood up and shouted loudly, "I could've never expected that the Ancient Grave Sect would be a bunch of cowards! Starting today, they are no longer an Elite Sect! Instead, I shall bestow this title to the Azure Cloud Sect!"

Hearing Lord Xie strip the Ancient Grave Sect of their elite status, the audience roared with cheering for the Azure Cloud Sect.

"Thank you, Your Majesty, for bestowing the Azure Cloud Sect this prestigious title! We will not disappoint the Xie Family!" Gu Guanting immediately kowtowed on the floor with tears streaming down his face.

He would've never expected that the Azure Cloud Sect would one day become an Elite Sect, and all because of one individual, Hong Yu'er.

"Unbelievable…" Liu Lanzhi was speechless.

"Well, considering the Azure Cloud Sect's current standing, it's not weird that they were given the title of Elite Sect." Bai Lihua said. "I'm actually more surprised that they didn't do it sooner.��

She then turned to look at the Profound Blossom Sect and thought to herself, 'You guys may be next in line to become an Elite Sect…'

Sometime later, the Azure Cloud Sect left the colosseum to celebrate their new status, and the matches continued.

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