Dual Cultivation

Chapter 398 Courting Fang Zhelan

Chapter 398 Courting Fang Zhelan

"Profound Blossom Art: Falling Petals!" Fang Zhelan unleashed a dozen devastating sword strikes within the blink of an eye, instantly blowing away her opponent.

Once the Mount Kai Sword Academy disciple flew off the stage, Zi Dong shouted in excitement, "Fang Zhelan defeats her opponent with ease, and the Profound Blossom Sect secures their fifth victory this match!"

"Although she's at the seventh level of the Earth Spirit Realm, it seems like she only has the strength of someone at the first level," said Xie Xingfang after analyzing the fights. "Another explanation would be that she's limiting her own strength to that level on purpose."

"This year's tournament is simply too crazy even for me." Lord Xie showed a weird smile. "Is this a new era for Cultivators?"

Meanwhile, the disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect watched Fang Zhelan dominate the rounds with envy.

"Even though her strength is restricted to the first level of the Earth Spirit Realm, she's still dealing with disciples from an Elite Sect with ease. The Immortal-grade technique might as well be in her hands now…" Sun Jingjing sighed.

A few more minutes later, Fang Zhelan defeated another disciple, bringing their total rounds won to six.

Another half an hour later, Fang Zhelan defeats the 10th disciple from the Mount Kai Sword Academy, securing the Profound Blossom Sect's victory for the day.

"I've defeated all of them." Fang Zhelan said to Su Yang afterward, who was casually smiling.

"Yes, you did." Su Yang opened his palm to show her a piece of jade. "Take it."

"T-This is an Immortal-grade technique?" Fang Zhelan raised an eyebrow, as she has never seen a cultivation technique hidden within a piece of jade before.

"Just pour some of your Profound Qi inside the jade and the technique will appear in your head as though it's already a part of your memories. It's much more convenient than carrying a scroll around, right?"

"T-Thank you…"

Fang Zhelan was speechless and unsure of how to show her gratitude properly, as she has never even dreamt of obtaining an Immortal-grade technique in her life.

When she accepted the jade slip, her hands were trembling, almost as though she was holding a priceless treasure that was as fragile as thin glass.

After giving Fang Zhelan her reward, he turned to look at the other disciples that were practically drooling at the jade slip in Fang Zhelan's hands.

"Once the tournament is over, all of you will also have a chance to cultivate an Immortal-grade technique."

His words that were akin to lightning during a clear sky caused all of the disciples to look at him with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

"R-Really?" Sun Jingjing couldn't help but ask him.

"Of course."

"I love you, Su Yang!"

"Me too!"

The disciples suddenly threw themselves at Su Yang and embraced him as though he was a doll meant for squeezing.

After the Profound Blossom Sect's victory, the Azure Cloud Sect went onto the stage, and as many have expected, their opponents immediately surrendered, as their efforts would only be pointless.

A few hours later, when all of the matches concluded, the remaining 12 Sects went to pick their next match.

"I pray that we won't get matched with the Azure Cloud Sect…" Liu Lanzhi silently prayed to the Heavens as she picked the number in the box.

A few minutes later, Zi Dong announces the matches.

"Number 5, Profound Blossom Sect and Nine Beast Halls!"

"Yes!" Liu Lanzhi tightens her fists in excitement when they don't have to fight the Azure Cloud Sect.

"Although the Nine Beast Halls is definitely stronger than Mount Kai Sword Academy, as long as they don't have someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, we should be able to win."

Once everyone knew their match for the next day, they all went home to prepare.

However, when the Profound Blossom Sect arrived at their hotel, they were instantly surrounded by people that watched their fight today.

"I am an Elder of the Gu Family from the Northern Region, and I would like to inform Fairy Fang that our Young Master requests for dinner tonight."

"Ignore the Gu Family! They are nothing in my Wan Family's eyes! Our Young Master Wan has been in a daze ever since he witnessed Fairy Fang's beauty on the stage and would like to have a word with her!"

"Fairy Fang! My name is Han Yifan, and I am the Direct Disciple of the Thunder—"

"I am Jiang Chen, and I have—"

Countless people approached Fang Zhelan with the intent of courting her, dumbfounding the Profound Blossom Sect disciples.

"Senior apprentice-sister Fang is suddenly very famous…" The Junior Disciples were in a daze.

 As time passed, even more people crowded them, and within a blink of the eyes, the entire street was filled with people trying to court Fang Zhelan.

Despite her status as a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, these people did not care whether or not she was pure, as her talent was simply too shocking to ignore, and they wanted to rope her into their family no matter the cost.

"Shut up!" Liu Lanzhi suddenly roared, silencing the place.

"If you want to speak with my disciple, you will have to go through me first. However, due to the ongoing tournament, I will not allow anyone to disturb her. If you still wish to speak with her, you may make an appointment after the tournament ends and we have returned to our Sect."

After a moment of silence, Fang Zhelan spoke, "Sect Master, there's no need for any of that."

She then stepped forward and spoke in a loud yet calm voice, "I have no intention of joining any family, as I have discarded that idea before I'd even become a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, so please forget about me."

"If you have something else besides that matter, you may visit the Profound Blossom Sect at any time after the tournament. Now if you'll excuse us, we have tons to prepare for tomorrow."

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