Dual Cultivation

Chapter 397 Fourth Day of the Tournamen

Chapter 397 Fourth Day of the Tournamen

"Nng… what happened to me?" Su Yin slowly opened her eyes, still feeling pain on both her arms and half of her body.

"You're finally awake? Hong Yu'er knocked you off the stage." Bai Lihua was right beside her when she woke up.

"Sect Master… so I lost?"


"Damn it!" Su Yin gnashed her teeth.

While she was upset that the Heavenly Swan Sect had lost the tournament, it couldn't compare to the pain of losing to Hong Yu'er as a woman, or at least that's how Su Yin saw it.

"There's no need to be frustrated. Hong Yu'er had fooled everybody and turned out to be at the Heavenly Spirit Realm. There was no way you or anyone else could've defeated her. Even I am not confident that I could defeat her." Bai Lihua thought Su Yin was upset because they had lost the tournament and tried to soothe her.

"By the way, why are we inside the hotel? And where's my Elder Brother?" Su Yin asked her.

"The tournament has already concluded. And since the Profound Blossom Sect has won, they should still be at the colosseum, waiting to find their next match."

"I see…" Su Yin nodded.

Meanwhile, inside the colosseum, Liu Lanzhi looked at the paper she'd just picked.

"This is…" Liu Lanzhi showed Su Yang the piece of paper and the number 1 on it. "We'll be fighting first tomorrow."

Sometime later, once everyone had picked their number, Zi Dong began announcing the matches.

"We'll be fighting Mount Kai Sword Academy, huh.." Liu Lanzhi sighed after hearing their name.

"Never heard of them." Su Yang shrugged.

"The Mount Kai Sword Academy is said to be the second-best in terms of swordsmanship in this world, only below the Divine Sword Sect. They are quite famous within the Northern Region."

"Only the second best? How are they compared to the Heavenly Swan Sect or the Million Snakes Sect?"

"They're only slightly behind them, I guess."

"Then there's nothing to worry about."

"N-Nothing to worry about?" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow. "Well, since we did beat the Burning Lotus Sect, the Mount Kai Sword Academy shouldn't be much of a problem…"

An hour later, when the Profound Blossom Sect returned to the hotel, Su Yang gathered the disciples and said, "For tomorrow's fight, I want Fang Zhelan to fight all 10 rounds."

"W-What?" The disciples looked at him and Fang Zhelan with wide eyes.

"Do you think you can do it?" Su Yang asked her.


After a moment of silence, Fang Zhelan nodded. "I am the only one who's yet to fight a single match since day one. I was beginning to wonder if I'll ever get a chance to enter the stage."

"And to make it more exciting, if you manage to win all ten matches in a row, I will reward you with an Immortal-grade technique," said Su Yang.


The disciples showed a shocked face after hearing his words, and even Fang Zhelan couldn't help but stare at him with a dazed expression.

"I-I won't let you down!" Fang Zhelan spoke with a serious expression a moment later.

The following morning, the Profound Blossom Sect made their way to the colosseum for the fourth day in a row.

And although there were less than 30 Sects fighting today, the crowd was much larger and rowdier than the previous days.

"Welcome to the fourth day of the Regional Tournament! For our first match today, we have the Mount Kai Sword Academy versus the Profound Blossom Sect, this year's second most surprising dark horse!" Zi Dong said.

"We are only second? The Azure Cloud Sect must be first, huh..." Sun Jingjing guessed.

"There's no helping it. Hong Yu'er being at the Heavenly Spirit Realm is simply too shocking." Fang Zhelan said.

"Speaking of Hong Yu'er, did you hear about what had happened yesterday? Thousands of people flooded the Century Jade Hotel after the tournament yesterday because they wanted to meet with Hong Yu'er. There were even some big families trying to court her with extremely expensive treasures." Liu Lanzhi said while looking at Su Yang.

Hearing that such a thing had happened, Su Yang smiled and said, "Is it that shocking? Hong Yu'er is a real beauty and has unparalleled talent in this world. If I didn't know any better, I would've also tried to approach her."

"If you didn't know any better?" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow, puzzled as to why he would use such a phrase.

A few minutes later, when Zi Dong called for the fighters to enter the stage, Fang Zhelan began approaching the stage with a serious expression on her face.

"Good luck, senior apprentice-sister!" The Junior Disciples cheered for her.

"Beat them down, Sister Fang!" As did the other disciples.

Meanwhile, the audience expressed surprise for Fang Zhelan's appearance. Because she hasn't fought a single round ever since the first day, they thought that she was the Profound Blossom Sect's final trump card. Now to have her enter the stage on the first round, what does it mean?

"The Mount Kai Sword Academy has sent out Disciple Du, who is at the seventh level of the True Spirit Realm!" Zi Dong introduced Fang Zhelan's opponent.

"Meanwhile, the Profound Blossom Sect has chosen Disciple Fang to be their fighter, who, shockingly, is at the seventh level of the Earth Spirit Realm!"

After learning of Fang Zhelan's cultivation base, half of the audience gasped in shock.

"What?! How is that even possible?! The Profound Blossom Sect also had someone this talented amongst them?!"

"Although it's not anywhere near Hong Yu'er's level of shock, this is still pretty baffling!"

"Why are there so many peerless geniuses appearing this year? Where have they been hiding? Why appear now?"

"S-Seventh level Earth Spirit Realm? Are you kidding me?"

Even the Mount Kai Sword Academy's disciple couldn't believe it. How is he supposed to fight someone that's an entire realm above him? He wouldn't even last a single strike from her! Hell, he might as well be fighting Hong Yu'er right now!

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