Dual Cultivation

Chapter 396 I’ll Speak With You Soon, Su Yang…

396 Til Speak With You Soon, Su Yang...

This can't be possible...' Lord Xie frowned. 'The Spiritual Totem reported her cultivation base to be at the True Spirit Realm, but she's clearly exuding the cultivation of the Heavenly Spirit Realm! The Spiritual Totem has never been wrong even after a thousand years!'

A moment later, Lord Xie suddenly realized something.

Wait a minute! She's not the only one! That Su Yang is reported to be at the Profound Spirit Realm, which is clearly bullshit! What does this mean? Do they have a method to hide their real cultivation base from the Spiritual Totem?'

While Lord Xie pondered, Su Yang stared at Hong Yu'er with a mysterious smile on his face.

"S-Su Yang! W-What is going on here?! How's she suddenly at the Heavenly Spirit Realm?!" Liu Lanzhi asked him with a bewildered expression.

"What do you mean suddenly? She's always been at the Heavenly Spirit Realm. It's just that she had hidden that fact and pretended to be at the True Spirit Realm this entire time."

"Eh? But that's even more confusing. She should've been tested with the Spiritual Totem..."

"A little toy like that will only work so much. There's plenty of ways to get around it."

"Then..." Liu Lanzhi realized something and looked at Su Yang with wide eyes. "Don't tell me you also did something to your cultivation base? After all, it's a little bit hard to believe that you are only at the Profound Spirit Realm when everyone else is at least True Spirit Realm."

Su Yang merely shrugged and said, "Perhaps."

Meanwhile, Su Yin stood on the stage with a dazed expression, seemingly losing all of her confidence and desire to fight Hong Yu'er, who was actually an entire realm above her.

"Haha... what kind of joke is this? How am I supposed to win this fight?" she mumbled to herself.

"Do you finally understand the difference between us and why you cannot win against me, Su Yang's little sister? Even if there's ten of you, I will still win this fight." Hong Yu'er suddenly said to her.

After a moment of silence, Su Yin lifted her head and stared at Hong Yu'er with a serious expression.

"We won't know that until I try! My Elder Brother is watching me right now! I cannot surrender without even trying!" she shouted.

Hong Yu'er showed a slight smile and said, "You have really matured, Su Yin. How admirable."

Very well. Then allow me to fight you to the end."

Su Yin immediately straightened her posture and prepared to clash with Hong Yu'er.

"Third Heavenly Form — Heavenly Aura!"

A powerful and divine glow suddenly enveloped Su Yin, raising her cultivation base by three levels.

I just learned this yesterday, so I'll only be able to use it for a minute at most...' Su Yin thought.

"As expected of someone from the Su Family. They are people with unwavering hearts."

Although the audience did not believe Su Yin could defeat someone that's an entire realm about her, they admired Su Yin for not withdrawing despite the clear difference in their power, even cheering for her.

"Even if she loses this one, nobody would blame her."

"Forget about Fairy Su, even the Heavenly Swan Sect's Master might not be able to defeat her. Fairy Hong is simply too strong."

"Su Yin, if you can remain standing even after this strike of mine, I will admit defeat. How does that sound?" Hong Yu'er suddenly said to her.

"Really?" A glimmer of hope appeared in Su Yin's eyes.

"Of course." Hong Yu'er nodded and imitated Su Yin's movements again.

"The Second Heavenly Form, again?" Su Yin raised an eyebrow.

"Here I come!"

Hong Yu'er suddenly dashed towards Su Yin, who felt like she was watching an unstoppable dragon rush at her.

"Second Heavenly Form — Heavenly Spiral Fist!"

Hong Yu'er thrust her fists forward, but unlike previously, it was supported by her Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivation base, making the heaven-grade technique's strength resemble that of an Immortal-grade technique.

Deciding to focus purely on defense, Su Yin held her arms before herself and prepared to block the attack with her entire body.


The moment Hong Yu'er's fist clashed with Su Yin, a powerful ripple that was filled with Profound Qi swept the arena, causing a small earthquake within the colosseum.

As for Su Yin, she was unable to resist the blunt force of the strike and directly flew off the arena, before hitting the wall and falling unconscious.

"F-F-Fighter Su Yin has fallen off the platform and been rendered unconscious! The winner of this fight is Hong Yu'er, and the Azure Cloud Sect wins this match!" Zi Dong announced after snapping out of his daze.

After defeating Su Yin, Hong Yu'er turned to look at a certain individual within the spectators and showed a mysterious smile on her face.

"I'll speak with you soon, Su Yang..." she mumbled before leaving the stage, leaving behind a graceful aura.

"I can't believe it... The Heavenly Swan Sect also lost to them..." Liu Lanzhi mumbled after witnessing their loss.

"D-Do we really have a chance against them?" Sun Jingjing sighed in a gloomy voice. "Someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm can easily deal with a dozen experts at the Earth Spirit Realm. Unless we also have someone at that level, I doubt we'll be able to defeat Hong Yu'er. What do you think, Sister Fang?"

"Who knows..." Fang Zhelan calmly shrugged her shoulders.

"How can you remain so calm? Is it confidence or something else?" Sun Jingjing raised an eyebrow.

"Trust... I guess it would be trust," she replied.

"Trust? In what?"

"No what, but whom..." Fang Zhelan smiled.

"S-Since when did you reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm?! You could've at least told me, your own Master!" Gu Guanting said to Hong Yu'er when she returned to them.

"Oh? I didn't? Then I must have forgotten." Hong Yu'er said in a nonchalant voice.

"Y-You forgot? Listen here—"

"I'm tired, so I'll retire for the day." Hong Yu'er interrupted him and quickly walked away.

"Haaaa... always doing whatever she wants..." Gu Guanting sighed.

Although he wanted to lecture her, he didn't have the courage despite being the Sect Master. There was something about Hong Yu'er that makes him nervous whenever he's around her, almost like he's in the presence of a supreme being.

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