Dual Cultivation

Chapter 375 Devil's Empowermen

Chapter 375 Devil's Empowermen

\"Ahhh! S...Stop! I give up! I give up!\"

The disciple before Hong Yu'er shouted loudly after receiving her beating for many minutes straight.

\"Hahaha! This fairy has finally managed to make one of them surrender before knocking them unconscious!\"

The spectators burst with cheering after Hong Yu'er's grand achievement.

\"The Million Snakes Sect can only send one more disciple to the arena after this one! The Azure Cloud Sect has managed to crawl back from an impossible situation, and it's all because of this fairy!\"

\"Which family is this fairy from?! How come I have never heard of such a shocking character before?!\"

\"That's Fairy Hong Yu'er from the Hong Family! Although they do not bear the title of a 'Great' family, they sure as hell have the capability to compare with them! In fact, they have close relationships with one of the Great Families, the Su Family!\"

\"If I recall correctly, Fairy Hong is currently engaged to the Young Master of the Su Family.\"

\"That would be Su Yuhan, right? It's been a while since I last heard of him.\"

\"It's not just you. There hasn't been any news of him for almost a year now; it's like he'd suddenly disappeared from this world.\"

\"The last I heard about him was regarding some kind of injury he'd received, so that's probably why he's been so silent.\"

While the spectators spoke with each other, Fu Kuan looked at his last disciple and said with a fuming expression, \"I don't care if she's from the Hong Family! She dared to humiliate our Million Snakes Sect in front of so many people and the Xie Family, I want her dead! Do you hear me, Mao Yijun?!\"

He then extended his arms and secretly handed a red pill to Mao Yijun.

\"This is a divine pill that will significantly boost your strength for a short period of time. It is something I personally discovered a few years ago and have never revealed to the public. It will also disguise your Profound Qi, making it look natural and unchanged, almost like it's your normal strength. But in reality, your strength is actually much higher than it appears!\"

\"The Million Snakes Sect will have to surrender 10 million Spirit Stones if I kill her.\" Mao Yijun said with a serious expression.

\"I don't care! Although it will hurt us for some time, it will be worth it if I can get rid of a monster like her, who will surely threaten us in the future if we allow her to grow stronger!\"

While Fu Kuan is still clueless about Hong Yu'er's reason for targeting them, he was sure that she will become an incredible Cultivator in the future given her monstrous talents, something he cannot allow to happen.

If he does not take care of Hong Yu'er today and she becomes that powerful figure, who knows what she will do to the Million Snakes Sect. However, judging from her actions and animosity she has shown them today, it is very likely that she will try to destroy them if given the chance.

After a moment of silence, Mao Yijun nodded and stealthy swallowed the red pill.

The instant he swallowed the pill, Mao Yijun could feel his Dantian expand and fill with Profound Qi.

\"What a profound pill! What a refreshing feeling! I can get used to this feeling!\" Mao Yijun showed a wide smile after feeling an immense amount of power rushing into his body. If he had to take a guess, his cultivation level would be comparable to someone at the ninth level of the Earth Spirit Realm, nearly a whole realm higher than his actual strength.

After stretching his muscles that were screaming for action, Mao Yijun stepped onto the stage.

Hong Yu'er's calm expression changed for the first time after sensing Mao Yijun's aura.

\"Devil's Empowerment, huh? I didn't think that this kind of pill would exist in this world, too.\" Hong Yu'er mumbled in a low voice.

Mao Yijun frowned when he heard her words. How did she figure out that he'd taken a pill? Didn't Fu Kuan just say that it's impossible to tell?

\"Don't worry, I won't say anything.\" Hong Yu'er showed him a mysterious smile. \"After all, even if I don't do anything, you will still lose.\"

\"Look! Fairy Hong is actually smiling! What do you think caused her to smile?\"

Many spectators were immediately enchanted by her smile.

\"Devil's Empowerment…\" Su Yang also noticed the situation.

\"What did you just say?\" Bai Lihua turned to look at him after hearing its ominous name.

\"They are playing dirty as usual. Devil's Empowerment, it's a pill that will increase your cultivation level to the peak of its realm for a short time before its backlash that will rob you of all your cultivation and kill you. That disciple is currently feeling its effects.\"

\"What? But he's clearly still at the first level of the Earth Spirit Realm.\" Bai Lihua said to him.

\"You will understand once he starts using his techniques.\" Su Yang didn't bother to explain.

Bai Lihua did not say anything else and turned her head to focus on the stage, where Zi Dong just announced the start of the final fight for the day.

\"Where are you going?! Aren't you going to beat me up like you did to my fellow disciples?!\"

Mao Yijun chased after Hong Yu'er, who immediately began running the opposite direction at the start of the fight.

\"Like I'd said, I will win even without lifting a single finger against you.\" Hong Yu'er said as she continued to evade Mao Yijun like she's running away from a bug.

Hong Yu'er's actions baffled the spectators and confused them at the same time, as all of them had expected her to beat Mao Yijun up from the start like the previous fights.

\"What's Fairy Hong doing? Why is she avoiding Mao Yijun?\"

\"Maybe she's trying to recover some strength before confronting him? After all, she's been fighting without rest.\"

They all speculated the reason for Hong Yu'er's weird behavior.

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